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KetaSpire Medium Viscosity Resin

DN Staff

March 30, 2011

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KetaSpire Medium Viscosity Resin

Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC'sKetaSpire KT-851 NT is a medium-viscosity resin designed for use in meltextrusion-based wire and cable insulation layers and for the production ofmonofilaments and high denier multi-filament fibers. Cleanliness is achievedthrough Solvay's proprietary filtration process and allows for production ofarticles that are low in gel content and other particulate contamination.

The new PEEK gradeexhibits long-term oxidative thermal stability for use in high-temperatureenvironments over prolonged durations. KT-851 NT can be used for melt extrusionof thin films down to thicknesses as low as six microns, supportingapplications such as capacitors, speaker membranes and aerospacethermal-acoustic insulation blankets and bagging materials. Other demandinguses are in the medical industry for components like thin-walled medicalcapillaries and tubing. KT-851 is available in two versions: KT-851 NTincorporates a trace level (0.01 percent) of a lubricant dusted on the pelletsto facilitate conveying in extrusion screws while KT-851 NL is the pure polymerwith no lubricant.

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