Trucks, delivery vehicles, scooters, and surfboards are just some of the conveyances now using electric power.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

July 7, 2022

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Much of the buzz in recent years has been the rise of long-anticipated rise of electric cars. Antics aside, Elon Musk has made Tesla into the world’s largest seller of electric cars, and the company’s sales model has overhauled the practices of traditional automotive sales. Practically all major automakers are either already offering or planning to bring out electric vehicles in the next few years.

But it’s more than cars (and soon, pickup trucks) that are becoming electric. Mounting concerns over greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs are driving both mass transit agencies and other fleet owners to convert their fleets to all-electric power. The sight of an electric bus or delivery vehicle is becoming a more common sight on streets of many cities, in airports, and on college campuses. And, full electric trucks for heavier-duty hauling are starting to emerge as well.

Perhaps equally important, consumers have begun availing themselves to the advantages of electric power for personal transportation and recreational devices such as motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, and even surfboards. In some cases, the small, battery-powered motor on these devices provides an energy boost and makes the device easier to control.

The following gallery looks at the diverse range of vehicles that can now be electrically powered.

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