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VIDEO: How a Mercedes-AMG Engine Is Built

The Mercedes-AMG motto of "One man, one engine," isn't literal; women build the engines too!

Dan Carney

January 8, 2024

The heart of each AMG vehicle is right under the hood - this is why host Cornelius takes you on a journey through the process of engine building at AMG in the latest Episode of INSIDE AMG.

Cornelius meets several experts and experiences how the engine builders are trained and qualified at AMG. Cutting-edge technologies like computer learning and AR are utilized as a part of this process. Cornelius even dares to try his hand at screwing on the control housing. Cornelius’ next stop is the Four-Cylinder Engine Manufactory, where engine building supervisor David is waiting. Together, they prepare everything they need to begin the engine assembly process.

Cornelius gets hands-on, applying the knowledge he learned from Qualification Island to understand and participate in every step of the engine’s creation.

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