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Check our roundup of our favorite social media accounts for automotive engineering.

Dan Carney

September 27, 2023

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Gorodenkoff via Getty Images

Social media is justifiably criticized for accelerating the spread of misinformation, but it does also help spread information.

For gearheads who are interested in information about cars, mechanical engineering, and physical science, there are some really cool accounts out there to keep an eye on.

Some of these are very specific, such as Bozi Tataravic’s focus on race engineering and the trackside experience of a pit crewman, while Nature, is obviously very broad.

But they all consistently provide nuggets of great information that can inform, make you scratch your head, or just amuse.

Check out our favorite accounts to see whether you agree and please offer your own favorites in the comments!


Engineering Explained

How do cars work? It's a simple question, without a simple answer. 


Driving 4 Answers

Let's learn, build and explore the amazing world of mechanics, engines, cars and bikes.


Bozi Tataravic

I run in front of race cars professionally and occasionally create motorsport content. IMSA and NASCAR Race Mechanic.

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Dan – EngineMode11

Ex-F1 Senior Systems Engineer for 6 years.

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Munro Live

Sandy Munro is a world leader in reverse engineering, teardown benchmarking, and new product development.


Weber Auto

Weber State University's videos contain highly technical content related to Hybrid and Electric vehicles, Automatic Transmissions, Manual Drivetrain, and Vibration Diagnostics.


Craig Scarborough

Everything technical in Motorsport.

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Research, News, and Commentary from Nature, the international journal of science.

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World of Engineering

The most fun way to learn something new everyday.

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Curating pictures and videos trying to add context, source, and explanation to science, tech, art, and weather topics

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Science Girl

A round-up of impressive photos and videos from the worlds of engineering and science.

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