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The winner is...

DN Staff

December 4, 2000

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The winner is...

Orange, CA-The neat looking mystery car we asked readers to identify in the annual auto issue of Design News (DN 10.02.2000, p. 34) is the Saab Quantum III roadster, seen on the cover of the July 8, 1964 issue. Of the two surviving copies (only three were made, with the first serving as the sacrificial fiberglass mold-master for the others), one is owned by Bud Clark of J & B Imports ([email protected] ) and the other, which is for sale, by an associate of his.

Design News flashlights go to the only three readers to correctly identify the car before press time-Ken Butcher, Ralph Semonian, and Joe Clift. Many sharp-eyed readers noticed the subtle differences in hubcaps and rearview mirrors between the two pictures we ran. The reason: the best photos were of the front of one of the surviving cars and the back of the other.

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