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Strategies to Reduce Noise and Vibrations in Vehicles

Vibration and noise can kill the car experience. This free webinar offers ways to minimize the problem.

DN Staff

May 25, 2022

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Design News will present a free webinar, Reducing Noise and Vibrations in Vehicles on June 6 at 2:00 pm Eastern. The webinar will run 30 minutes and it will be available on-demand once the webinar is completed.

Reducing Noise and Vibrations in Vehicles will look at how bearings made of engineered composite plastic materials can help reduce noise inside vehicles. The speakers will also look at why reducing vibrations is important.

Controlling Vibrations and Noise Matters

With the introduction of electric vehicles, consumers have started to become more and more familiar with quietly-running vehicles. Even automobiles with internal combustion engines are being built more often with increasingly high-quality insulation to ensure that the interior of the vehicle is as quiet as possible.

Noise has always been an interesting challenge for bearing manufacturers since a moving vehicle experiences an enormous amount of mechanical loads over its lifetime. Consequently, engineers are focusing more on minimizing system noise than ever before.

Although permanent noise usually has no relevance in regard to safety, it is still a massive priority for bearing manufacturers since it is crucial for customer satisfaction. Often, a customer will resort to another vehicle brand due to the acoustics of the interior—after all, nobody wants to have to endure a permanent rattle or buzz when they are driving. 

Webinar Attendees Will Learn:

  • Why noise reduction in automotive design is increasingly important

  • How plastic bearings help reduce BSR and NVH noise

  • When polymer bearings are more cost-effective than traditional metal bearings

Expert Speakers:

The webinar will be presented by the North American product manager and the automotive industry specialist from Igus GmbH.


Nicole Lang, iglide Product Manager at igus North America

Nicole Lang is the iglide® Product Manager for igus® North America. She has more than 23 years of experience working with industrial products and is highly skilled in technical support, sales, project management, product marketing, and international business.


Sebastian Bloechl, automotive sales manager at igus GmbH

Sebastian Bloechl is the Automotive Sales Manager for igus Germany. He assists various global subsidiaries, including igus® North America, Korea, Spain, India, and Portugal, in developing strategies to increase sales and marketing within the automotive sector. He's also responsible for project management of new and ongoing applications.

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