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Santa Meets Subaru

In this YouTube video, Santa ditches trudging through the frozen tundra by foot for a Subaru WRX to make his rounds.

Spencer Chin

December 21, 2023

Kmonroe2  iStock / Getty Images Plus
In this commercial shown in a YouTube video, Santa Claus discovers the joys of driving a Subaru WRX. Kmonroe2 iStock / Getty Images Plus

Suburu is best known for its all-wheel drive vehicles that provide go-anywhere capability in all types of weather, including snow. Their models are often best sellers in mountainous regions with four seasons, such as Vermont and Colorado.

While Subaru’s commercials normally use everyday people looking for added traction in bad conditions, this promotional YouTube video, which is unnarrated but appears to take place in a European country, touts the vehicle’s capabilities to a more discriminating winter traveler─Santa Claus. You see, Santa has been trudging through the snow with his bag to deliver presents. In the commercial, St. Nick suddenly stumbles upon two vehicles, both under covers, in the middle of the snow-covered wilderness.

One vehicle is an Audi, many of whose models have all-wheel drive. The other vehicle is Subaru WRX, the sportiest Subaru which is better known for its hair-raising performance on the track but still has all-wheel drive to navigate through tough terrain. After taking a quick look at the Audi, Santa chooses the Subaru and starts her up. He then takes the WRX through its paces like a sports car driver, testing the vehicle’s cornering acumen in the snow.

At one point, Santa stops to cut down a small Christmas-looking tree in the wood with a chainsaw that happens to be in the Subaru’s trunk. He plants the tree at one house, then stops at another house to deliver presents, leaving them under an outdoor tree. The house’s residents, seeing Santa’s visit, come out to see the gift, which is a small box with a Subaru logo.

You need to see the video for yourself to see the clever advertising message.

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