Lordstown Releases Technical Details for its Truck

EV startup Lordstown has finally released details of its Endurance commercial pickup truck.

Dan Carney, Senior Editor

October 21, 2022

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While Lordstown Motors has begun construction of its innovative Endurance electric pickup trucks in the former General Motors Lordstown assembly plant in Ohio, the company hadn't released much technical information on it.

While we did know that it incorporates in-wheel electric motors, as described by vice president of engineering Darren Post in our Q&A with him, now we have actual numbers for the truck's specifications.

It is easier to gauge Lordstown's chances of success now that the truck's price, power, towing, and range have been revealed.

The company says that it anticipates ending 2022 with approximately $110 million in cash and cash equivalents, excluding both any additional capital raises and funding of any contingent liabilities.

Click through the gallery for details on the truck.

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