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Chevrolet has announced that it will discontinue the zoomy Camaro sport coupe after the 2024 model year, so we look back at the car over the decades.

Dan Carney

March 28, 2023

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Chevrolet will retire its current sixth-generation Camaro sport coupe following the 2024 model year, with the final car rolling off the assembly line in January 2024. Dodge has already announced plans to replace its combustion-powered Challenger model with an electric model, and it appears that Chevrolet is headed in the same direction with the Camaro. Chevrolet's competitor has been the slowest-selling coupe among the Camaro, Challenger, and Ford Mustang.

“As we prepare to say goodbye to the current generation Camaro, it is difficult to overstate our gratitude to every Camaro customer, Camaro assembly line employee, and race fan,” said Scott Bell, vice president, Global Chevrolet. “While we are not announcing an immediate successor today, rest assured, this is not the end of Camaro’s story.”

Chevrolet will send off the Camaro with a Collector’s Edition package on the 2024 Camaro RS and SS and on a limited number of ZL1-equipped vehicles available in North America. The company rolled out the first 1967 Camaro on Sept. 29, 1966, launching a 2+2 alternative to the pure-sport Corvette two-seater for drivers who had more than one passenger.

“Through the course of its iconic 50-year history, Camaro has been a reflection of the times, forging in passionate influences from customers, development teams, and racing technology,” said Tom Peters, director of exterior design, Chevrolet Performance Cars, on the occasion of the car's 50th anniversary in 2016. “What has remained consistent is the beautifully simple and powerful sculpture that has stayed instantly recognizable to our customers and enthusiasts of all ages. I have the same passion today as when I saw a Camaro for the very first time. It just makes you smile!”

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