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How Lamborghini Returned to Building SupercarsHow Lamborghini Returned to Building Supercars

Lamborghini shut down when Italy was hit by COVID-19, but the supercar manufacturer has come back strong thanks to rigorous safety procedures.

Dan Carney

August 12, 2020

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Italy’s industrial region was an early epicenter of the COVID-19 virus, and it hit the country’s famous sports car makers hard. Lamborghini hit back, repurposing its manufacturing capacity for personal protection equipment and developing protocols to reopen its supercar assembly lines at the earliest possible opportunity on May 4th.


Lamborghini chief manufacturing officer Ranieri Niccoli

Lamborghini’s rigorous approach allowed the company to resume production and serves as an example to other manufacturers looking to get back in business. Chief manufacturing officer Ranieri Niccoli outlined the company’s procedures and policies.

Click through this gallery to read Niccoli’s explanation of all the steps Lamborghini took to permit safe mass production.

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