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Is the Ferrari Portofino M the World's Most Exciting 2+2 Sports Car?

2021 Ferrari Portofino M
The M means "Modificata," which in Ferrari-speak refers to models that have undergone significant performance improvement.

While Ferrari’s specialty is high-strung mid-engine supercars design for slicing and dicing both Apennine mountain passes and race tracks, the company also does a good business with front-engine grand touring models like the Portofino M.

It is a tricky balance to provide such cars the sporting character that their Prancing Horse emblem demands while infusing a dose of everyday practicality and livability. Trickier still, perhaps, is the art of mid-life upgrades to such models which could potentially upset the delicate balance between “sport” and “touring.”

Ferrari evidently found that the Portofino, a front-engine twin-turbocharged V8 hardtop convertible could still benefit from upgraded dynamic capabilities, so the Maranello company has introduced the Portofino M. The “M” stands for “Modificata,” which in Ferrari nomenclature refers to models that have undergone significant performance improvement.

The company knows well where to find the hardware for these improvements because the parts are already in use its’ sharper-edged mid-engine models like the SF90 Stradale. That means the adoption of the sportier car’s 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, engine upgrades, and Race mode control software.

Click through our slideshow to learn more about this lovely machine.

Dan CarneyFerrari Portofino M 21.JPG

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