Drivers can now employ the charging network's app directly on-screen in their cars using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Dan Carney, Senior Editor

October 5, 2021

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Electrify America

The Electrify America EV charging network has announced the support of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which will allow drivers to use the company’s mobile app through their vehicle’s infotainment system rather than only on their mobile device.

This will let drivers see crucial network information such as the locations of charging stations directly on their car’s screen while they drive.

The support will work the same for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the mobile app was recently redesigned with this usage in mind to improve functionality.

The apps main features include:

  • Locate a Charger: Drivers can easily navigate to charging stations while on the go. Electrify America’s nationwide network allows users to plan out everything from a grocery store run to a cross-country trip – showing how many charging stations are nearby, how many of each type of chargers are at the station and which chargers are currently available.

  • Remote Start and Stop: Drivers can initiate or end a charge session through the vehicle infotainment screen.

  • View Plan Details: Access details of charging plans, including pricing and any free charging which may be included with the purchase of your vehicle.

“We are really excited to be launching Auto and CarPlay as part of our app,” Electrify America manager of infrastructure planning, Micheal Buff told Design News. “The experience with our app has worked really well for our drivers,” he said. “It has made the charging experience really seamless.”

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But there is really more to it than simply mirroring the mobile app on the car’s display screen. That’s because of the app’s integration with other services on the driver’s phone, Buff explained. In the future, that could even include support for voice commands.

“With something like navigation you want to be able to say ‘Where’s the closest charging station?’” Buff said. “It then links to your favorite navigation provider for the directions.”

This connection with the car provides the potential in the future to add features to the app, as the phone can gather data from the car while it is connected to help keep drivers informed. We think there is a lot of potential once you have charging in the car. “You can use that information coming off of the car to provide information to the driver,” Buff said, without providing any hints of Electrify America’s plans for the mobile app.

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