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Chevy Volt Revealed: Teardown VideosChevy Volt Revealed: Teardown Videos

DN Staff

March 14, 2012

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Chevy Volt Revealed: Teardown Videos

We drove a Chevy Volt across the country, and then we took it apart.

Over a recent three-day period, EE Times, working with the benchmarking consultants Munro & Associates, tore down the car. Brian Fuller, editorial director of the EELife Community for EETimes, had been driving the Volt across the country and blogging about it on Drive for Innovation, a partnership between Design News parent company UBM and Avnet Express.

The objective of the teardown was to learn more about the engineering that went into the Volt's design internals. The three days it took to take the Volt apart produced 11 videos. We're going to present them in three separate articles. Below are the three videos of the teardown team in action during Day 1.

Our first video is a five-minute elapsed-time look at the deconstruction of the Volt.

The next two videos are short takes, in which Al Steier of Munro & Associates gives Brian Fuller his initial observations about what the teardown revealed and then shows the Volt's service disconnect plug.

Come back next week to see the four teardown videos from Day 2.

Our Chevy Volt teardown will also be discussed at the DESIGN West conference March 26-29 in San Jose, Calif.

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