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2023 Los Angeles Auto Show Regains Traction2023 Los Angeles Auto Show Regains Traction

Auto shows might not be back, but the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show was a step in the right direction.

Dan Carney

November 17, 2023

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While other auto shows are losing participation by carmakers, the LA show had a solid roster of world and U.S. debuts of both production vehicles and concept cars.

Subaru pulled out all the stops with an exhibit that would have been eye-catching even during the heyday of auto shows, with a National Park theme, evergreens, a cabin, and forest floor-style carpeting.

Honda played the old auto show card of springing an unannounced surprise reveal by showing the Prelude concept car that made its world debut at Tokyo’s recent Japan Mobility Show.

That atmosphere was upbeat and there were new cars to see, so click through the photo gallery to see for yourself.

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