Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Cobot Supplier

As the cobot market booms and new models proliferate, manufacturers have to become good consumers. This free webinar teaches how.

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July 20, 2022

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Image courtesy of Universal Robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, comprise the fastest-growing segment of the robotics industry. The attraction is the affordability and fast deployment of these machines. Traditional robots have followed a much slower development cycle. But how do you choose the right cobot for your applications? How do you even find out what these evolving machines are capable of?

Manufacturing requirements and processes vary greatly. Yet many manufacturers and warehousing operations share common challenges. Join the experts from Universal Robots as they explore the fast-paced cobot developments in the free webinar, Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Cobot Supplier. The “Top 10 Questions” format shows how you can effectively evaluate suppliers. An interactive Q&A session follows.

Key topics you’ll learn when you attend: 

  • Hardware and software features to look for in your automation projects.

  • Business benchmarks manufacturers should look for in their installations.

  • Valuable tips for finding the right cobot supplier for your needs.

Meet Joe Campbell

jle campbell.jpg

The webinar is moderated by Joe Campbell, the head of strategic marketing
at Universal Robots. Campbell is a long-time veteran of the robotics and automation industry. After executive assignments in sales, marketing, operations, and customer service with industry-leading robot-based system integrators and engineering companies, Campbell heads up strategic marketing for Universal Robots. Campbell is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. He is a regular speaker, lecturer, and author on manufacturing labor issues, and the technology and economic benefits of robots and factory automation.

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