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Overhyped Technology (and some actual success stories)Overhyped Technology (and some actual success stories)

We see tons of promises for new technology. Some are overhyped; some are truly game-changing. Here’s our take.

Rob Spiegel

March 8, 2022

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Our job at Design News is to attempt to blow away the chaff and reveal the kernels of truth in emerging technology. Sometimes we’re overcritical, sometimes we're overly ga-ga. We try to hit the Goldilocks spot by identifying the technology that is likely to make a difference in your work life.

Here’s our take on what technology is getting overhyped and what technology delivers on its promise.

About the Author(s)

Rob Spiegel

Rob Spiegel has served as senior editor at Electronic News and Ecommerce Business, covering the electronics industry and Internet technology. He has served as a contributing editor at Automation World and Supply Chain Management Review. Rob has contributed to Design News for 10 years.

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