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Design applications

For mechanical CAD

Alibre Design 6.0 and the new advanced Alibre Design Professional are 3D parametric solid modeling applications for CAD. Alibre Design Professional is an extended version that includes several advanced add-ons such as Alibre Part Library, Alibre PhotoRender, Bundled ALGOR DesignCheck FEA software, and Bundled MecSoft VisualMill 3.0 CAM software. Alibre Design 6.0 features an integrated sheet metal design enhanced tool to analyze and heal imported sketches, and rich NURBS curves, including import and export support. Alibre Inc. Enter 652


Integration into TEDDS

TEDDS, a toolkit consisting of a comprehensive library of pro-forma calculations, reportedly downloads calculations quickly and easily as soon as they are created. Calculations for flitch beam design and SAP energy ratings are available now. Engineers create calculations within Microsoft Word(TM). CSC Ltd. Enter 653

InCAD technology

For direct CAD/CAE data exchange

InCAD technology, including full associativity with each design change for Autodesk Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks, reportedly enables any changes to the CAD geometry to be reflected in the associated FEA model for each design iteration. Geometry changes made in a CAD solid modeler create a new mesh, and any surface-based loads or constraints, element types, material properties, and analysis parameters are automatically updated with each change. This makes performing multiple iterations to optimize product designs possible. Algor Enter 654

Vibro-acoustic simulation

Solves noise and vibration problems

Virtual acoustic prototyping is reportedly the most comprehensive solution for vibro-acoustic simulation. It includes RAYON, a low-frequency vibro-acoustic software suited for the prediction of trimmed vehicles' acoustic performance, and AutoSEA software for control of broadband airborne noise and sound-induced vibrations. Noise and vibration are key attributes in the perceived quality of consumer and commercial products. ESI Group Enter 655

LCD monitor

Simplifies image adjustment

The FlexScan L985EX, a 21.3-inch LCD monitor, consists of 2 Mpixel (1600 x 1200) native resolution, analog, and digital inputs. ScreenManager Pro software reportedly completes this package of image, quality, usability, and performance. With its advanced Super In-Plane Switching (S-IPS) panel that minimizes color shift and provides wide 170 degrees viewing angles, images are clear and bright. Monitor has a brightness of 250 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 400:1, and a fine pixel pitch of 0.270 mm. Eizo Nanao Technologies Enter 656

Manufacturing assembly solution

Upgraded single solution

EM-Assembly Expert 2.0, a complete solution for electronics new product introduction, reportedly enables manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce costs, and transfer and share jobs between different plants. Integrated with eM-POWER(TM) for electronics solutions, including eMPower Execution Systems, it uses real-time access to shop-floor information and performance monitoring. Tecnomatix Technologies Enter 657

Data translation

Unigraphics to IGES Translator

IGES/UG V3.0, Unigraphics to IGES Translator, reportedly supports the latest version of Unigraphics-NX and UG Solids, which is mapped to IGES Solids or Trimmed Surfaces. IGES/UG is a standalone Windows (NT, 2000, XP) product that does not require access to Unigraphics systems to read UG data. Product includes translation filters to enable selective data translation. CADCAM-E Enter 658

Client-, server-based software

Features new file format support

Imagenation 7.2 provides power users with a full client tool that enables them to manage the entire document lifecycle through a single, common user interface. Imagenation can reportedly help companies to broadly share information throughout the enterprise to design products more effectively, achieve regulatory compliance, procure supplies more quickly, and increase productivity and profitability. Imagenation is available in several editions and offers a robust API for tight integrations to EDM, ECM, PDM, and ERP systems.

Spicer Corp.

Enter 659

Power solids and translators

Significant new functionality

V1.5 of Power Solids and Power Translators plug-in, supporting the creation of both solids and surfaces, brings solids modeling to 3 ds max. Power Solids 1.5 includes blend curve cross section fillet, extended surface shelling, import of RHINO 3.0 files, export to STEP, IGES, SAT, and Rhino, site licensing, max modifier support, profiles with multiple loops, and quad meshing. Users have the option of generating a more organic fillet with the new blend curve fillet.

nPower Software Inc.

Enter 670

3D design

Create and share digital design

Inventor Series 7 and Streamline 5, combined with AutoCAD 2004 and AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 software, help customers solve critical business challenges by giving them the tools to innovate, increase productivity, optimize processes, and bring higher quality products to market faster for less cost. Heavy design data can be viewed in seconds rather than the 10 to 15 minutes it would take on a personal computer.

Autodesk Inc.

Enter 671


Eliminates barriers to 64-bit computing

AMD Opteron(TM) processor, the world's first 64-bit processor compatible with the industry-standard x86 architecture and the highest performing 2- and 4-way processor for servers, is also the first processor in a new class of computing called AMD64. The existing and new software can run side-by-side creating the foundation of the industry's first unified 32- and 64- bit information technology infrastructure. AMD Opteron models available for up to 2-way servers, including 240, 242, and 244. AMD Enter 672

Script processing

Queries on the fly

DwgBase Pro V2.10 can now read text filter and retrieval list files for command line (script/batch) processing and ad-hoc processing. This processing capability means queries can be composed more quickly and processed similar to SQL or ODBC processing. The program currently may be sent to a runtime package on a WINTEL system for execution, though only one instance may run at a time. CADATA Enter 673

OEM software

Part costs reveal savings and efficiency

Costimator(R) OEM Software reveals true part costs for all types of manufacturing applications including machining, fabricating, as well as assembly, allowing OEMs to realize savings. Easy to use and preloaded with thousands of industry standard time/cost elements, the Costimator OEM also has three estimating levels: detailed (by operation), feature-based (part features), or configurator (part families). According to the company, Costimator OEM's IQ Builder(TM) Database is the engine that drives the parametric estimating functionality with the software. MTI Enter 674

Simulation Software

Embraces VHDL-AMS

Designed for digital prototyping of multi-technology systems used in automotive, aerospace, and power-electronics industries, SIMPLORER 6.0 reportedly enables engineers to accurately model systems comprised of analog, digital, mixed-signal electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, and controls without having to choose between proprietary modeling languages. It allows all of these technologies to operate simultaneously. SIMPLORER's features include VHDL-AMS, Spice compatibility, dc and ac analyses, hydraulics and automotive libraries, and Maxwell(R) and Open Environment Interoperability. Ansoft Corp., Enter 675

Visual processing

Dual pipeline architecture

Wildcat(R) technology powers the Sun(R) XVR-1200 graphics accelerator. The Sun XVR-1200 card, with 416 Mbytes of total onboard memory, is available for Sun-Blade(TM) 2000 workstations and Sun Fire(TM) 6800 servers. It achieves up to five times the geometric performance and over four times the texture mapping performance of its predecessor, the Sun(R) Expert3D graphics accelerator. Sun XVR-1200 is suited for geographic information systems (GIS), MCAD, digital content creators, and visual simulation professionals. 3Dlabs Inc. Enter 676

Prototyping combined

Solves two design issues at once

Flotherm and Flo/EMC V4.1 software allows engineers to collaborate in a common virtual prototyping environment. Flotherm V4.1 provides automatic sequential optimization, localized grid, and an integrated thermo-mechanical stress module to predict reliability directly from a common data model. Users can specify a design and system parameters that can change to achieve the goal. Flomerics Inc. Enter 677

CADKEY software

Simple-to-use solution

CADKEY Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering software, bundled with the Metronor Solo system, enables customers to integrate data acquisition, manipulation, and rendering in reverse applications without the constraints of feature-based parameters. For maximum reliability, the Metronor Solo uses a digital camera designed with custom optics and filters in solid-state housing with no moving parts. Customers measure using a free-standing carbon fiber light pen with embedded light sources. CADKEY Enter 678

PhotoRender add-on

Better images faster

The PhotoRender Industrial Pack is LWA-enabled, giving users access to a wide range of real-world materials and light studio plug-ins. When creating high quality rendered images, PhotoRender gives users increased realism, ease-of-use, and productivity. Downloadable LWA files include light studios for instant lighting setups; a wide range of metals, plastics, leathers, and woods; exclusive Mold-Tech surface finishes; and industry standard color libraries for accurately specifying colors for design and manufacture. Alibre Inc., Enter 679

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