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Design software

For injection molding design

MPA 6.0, Revision 3 plastics design software includes support for SpaceBall and SpaceMouse 3D motion controllers by 3Dconnexion. MPA 6.0 predictive analysis software supports Solidworks 2003 and Solid Edge v12 integration. It is designed for injection molding industry professionals to more quickly bring products to market. Moldflow Corporation, Enter 638

Freeform modeling

Multiple surfacing options

Workshop v21 modeling software offers users a variety of freeform solids and surface modeling. Create complex assemblies with surfacing functions including skinning/lofting, draft, swept, filleting, surface editing, and trimming. Software also features automated generation of fasteners and structures, all in freeform without constraints, in a package including drafting, wireform, and mechanical libraries. CADKEY Corp., Enter 639

Total modeling

Free movement between file types

CAD .75 Total Modeling includes triangle and surface modeling, reverse engineering, and decoration techniques, allowing free movement between types. Users can include logos and textures more rapidly into designs and modify complex designs more quickly, according to the company. Applications include packaging, footwear, ceramics, and toys, where complex decoration adds value and users must add small changes quickly for specific customers. Delcam; Enter 640

Graphics software

Accelerate graphics production

DESIGNER(TM) 10 technical graphics software uses specific tools for technical drawing and features seamless file sharing, precision snapping, editing tools, robust illustration tools, and wide compatibility. The Transformation Docker tool allows precise movement, rotate, flip, skew, and scale of objects, while the illustration tool enables users to add call-outs. The company's TRACE(R) v11 is included to convert imported images to editable vector format. Corel Corp; Enter 641

Visualization solution

Supports Plot3D, STL, and TecPlot

ACUITIV v3.2 CFD visualization software operates completely in 3D and adds support for Plot3D function files, STL and TecPlot data formats, and sub-geometry grouping within the original model. Features include improved GUI and navigation, Linux enhancements, and user-selectable isosurface colors. This software reportedly lets users move into their data, view it in the first-person perspective, improve designs, and accelerate the process. ACUITIV, Enter 642

Network publisher

Efficient design collaboration

ISIGHT v7.1 network publisher gives remote clients access to design optimization applications. Developers publish to a server; end-users run applications from remote client; and tasks are done with an easy user interface, the company says. Features include simplified tools, design collaboration, and custom services using iSIGHT's add-on module. Reportedly, end-users need no expert knowledge. Engineous Software, Enter 643


For faster assembly modeling

VX v7 offers many new tools and enhancements to boost performance, efficiency and faster assembly modeling, according to reports. Enhancements include fast generation of complex shapes, optimized package design, productivity elements, a graphical CAM approach, and SpaceMouse and SpaceBall support. It builds assemblies with alignment constraints automatically and creates a subassembly bill of materials. Offering a new 3D design constraint manager, the software reportedly saves time using burst technology to build large, complex assemblies. VX Corp.; Enter 644

CAD viewing technology

Stores CAD on mobile phones

The AB wireless viewer for Nokia camera-equipped mobile phones is available for accessing and viewing technical drawings. Used with Nokia's 7650 and 3650, the viewer is reportedly the only CAD viewing application for mobile phones. A synchronization capability makes sure only the latest drawing version is downloaded from the unique server-side drawing archive, the company says. Viewers include a zoom and pan function. VISIARC, Enter 645

Engineering simulation

Virtual prototyping, final testing

A design process applications company makes products that support all of the Hewlett Packard AlphaServer systems, the latest server technology to come from that company, reports say. As a result, advanced engineering simulation will reportedly run faster on the systems. Features include virtual prototyping, stage and final testing, overall scalability, and increased performance capabilities, the company says. Ansys, Enter 646

Modeling software

Specializing in water utilities

H20NET v4 for high-performance AutoCAD modeling is a standard product for water distribution engineering and large water utilities. Features include integrated real-time network modeling, GIS data exchange, spatial database query and analysis using many file types. Engineers can access and extract data, and design and construct network models. The system helps managers comply with water quality issues at the point of distribution. MWH Soft Inc.; Enter 647

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