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3D CAD library

Conveyor system apps

The company's 3D CAD library, available for free downloading off its website, features the 2200 Series conveyor line. Users need only to insert dimensions and measurements pertaining to their material handling application in order to gain access to reportedly hundreds of files to design conveyor systems. Also included in the CAD library are the 3100, 4100, 6100 (industrial and sanitary), and gravity roller series conveyors, aluminum support stands, steel support stands, single post support stands, sanitary single post support stands, and fully adjustable aluminum support stands. Dorner Manufacturing Enter 638

Product development

Advanced filleting capability

I-deas(R) 10 NX Series CAD/CAM/CAE software solution offers a number of new features, including: Part Component technology, which enables users to work on part designs separately or in context of the overall part; advanced filleting capabilities; Assembly Reflect for quick symmetrical assembly design of components; and advanced interoperability between I-deas NX Series and Unigraphics NX. The software also advances CAE capabilities by improving on its Section Meshing feature and enhancing its Model Checking Display function with a persistent display for visualizing the model within the meshing context. Enter 639

Composite design

Finite element pre- and post-processing

SAMCEF Field for Composites enables designers and composite engineers to predict the structural performances of their composite products early on, due to SAMCEF Field users being able to perform advanced linear and non-linear composites analysis. This composite design tool features a single user interface for geometry definition, composites data definition, and finite element pre- and post-processing. It is intended for design and analysis activities in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and construction industries. Enter 640

Modeling software

Design application libraries

MSC.EASY5 Version 7.0 virtual product development (VPD) tool features libraries complete with already built components targeted for specific engineering disciplines, including internal combustion engines, pneumatics, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, and environmental control, among others. The simulation software also exchanges data with MSC.Nastran and co-simulates with MSC.ADAMS for combined dynamics and controls applications. Configurable components allow for efficient modeling, while new tools simplify optimization of model parameters and design of experiments. MSC.Software Enter 641

Casting design

Hybrid modeling

The Power Solution range of software is engineered for quick design and manufacture of cast metal components. Users can achieve fast, reliable toolpath generation with PowerMILL for machining patterns or dies. PowerSHAPE offers hybrid modeling for flexible design combining solid and surface modeling. PowerINSPECT enables inspection throughout prototyping and manufacturing because of its ability to process detailed reports from a range of inspection equipment. CopyCAD, made for reverse engineering applications, is a comprehensive toolkit that gives users control and flexibility when generating surfaces from digitized data. Delcam International Enter 642

2D enhancement

Profile management

Improving upon the design aspects of mechanical CAD systems, the Profile Geometry Manager (PGM) operates on profiles, which contain one or more open or closed loops, as opposed to the unbounded geometries of 2D DCM. The software supports operations using offset profiles like removal, insertion, merging, and splitting of edges. PGM may also perform a capping operation, whereby new edges are added or existing edges are extended for contiguous offset loop. D-Cubed Enter 643

FEA add-on

Initial engineering analysis

Alibre Design Professional is an extended version of Alibre Design 6.0, featuring ALGOR DesignCheck FEA software as an add-on. With the new FEA software, users can perform linear static stress analysis, create professional design reports, and evaluate results. Users may choose between a limited version of DesignCheck that runs indefinitely and a 90-day version with extended capabilities. The CAD software also includes integrated sheet metal design, Alibre Part Library with standard and manufactured parts, Alibre PhotoRender, and VisualMill CAM software from MecSoft. Alibre Enter 644

Simulation technology

Fast design verification

Advanced Design System (ADS) 2003A features automatic verification modeling (AVM) which enables design verification of communication circuits and systems up to 1,000 times faster than other methods. According to the company, with the fast verification, engineers can speed-up the full-scale production process and hence the time-to-market. AVM allows engineers to perform rapid performance checks during the verification process with reportedly up to 99.9% accuracy. A new version of the company's communications electronic design automation (EDA) software, the simulation software has been used to design pagers, cellular phones, wireless and broadband networks, and radar and satellite communications systems. Agilent Enter 645

CAID tool

Workflow enhancement features

StudioTools(TM) 10.1 computer-aided industrial design (CAID) software combines 2D and 3D into one design environment for faster product development. The paint tool set also has improved color, brush, and layer editors, and the addition of texture brushes. New tools contribute to overall modeling efficiency. The software supports PTC(R) Granite(TM) ONE Interoperability Kernel, Unigraphics(R) NX 1.0 on Windows(R) and SGI(R) IRIX(R) platforms. Alias/ Enter 646

Virtual modeling

Writes to DWG file format

Envisioneer is designed with the ability to write to the native DWG file format for use with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. According to the company, an intelligent behavioral connectivity engine in the virtual modeling program makes elements and drawing objects aware of their surroundings, making them react according to their building application. Other features include: customizable quantity report templates and assemblies; strip and monolithic footings; landscaping features including a 3D terrain editor and plant library; and automatic dimensioning and annotation features. Models may be exported to such applications as, for example, Abvent's Artlantis, Affinity for Residential, and Lightscape. Cadsoft Enter 647

CAD add-in

Extended solid modeling

The company's Mold/Tool/Die Design has added Capvidia's FaceWorks 2003 to add more powerful surface operations and structure the mold design process. Intended to simplify tooling and manufacturing, it incorporates a Draft Advisor for mold opening possibilities; Split Animation function to assign faces to folders in the graphical window; Enhanced Parting Surface Generation, which controls sharp edges around parting lines; Smart Assignment of Zero Draft Faces, which automatically assigns faces with zero draft to the appropriate folder. SolidWorks Enter 648

Industry solutions

Built on PLM portfolio

The company's industry solutions in the product lifecycle management Teamcenter include: Teamcenter Aerospace and Defense, which features a web-native environment with PLM capabilities for scheduling, audit management, document management, CDRL/SDRL data management, and program-driven change; Teamcenter High Tech Electronics, which uses digital collaboration and systems integration; Teamcenter Automotive Supplier, used for product design, business procurement, and standards compliance; and Teamcenter Consumer and Packaged Goods, which accelerates artwork and package design and the concept approval process. Enter 649

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