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Single Board Computer with 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors

Single Board Computer with 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors

GE Intelligent Platforms' SBC324 3U OpenVPX rugged single board computer has a quad core processor operating at up to 2.1GHz with up to 8 GBytes of DDR3 1,333MHz memory for performance in size-, weight- and power-constrained applications in harsh environments such as unmanned vehicles. This is the second in GE Intelligent Platforms' planned family of new products that use the 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 processors - formerly codenamed 'Sandy Bridge'.

Supported by GE's 3U VPX capabilities - including NVIDIA CUDA-based GPGPU functionality, graphics, switches, high density storage and rugged chassis - the SBC324 can be installed in traditional 3U VPX applications such as command/control and in ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar/sonar and signal processing. The SBC324 also provides an upgrade for GE's MAGIC1 Rugged Display Computer which combines the throughput of a second generation Intel Core i7 processor with the parallel processing of an NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPGPU.

The SBC324 has a range of PCI Express backplane configurations, an XMC site with I/O, two 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, VGA graphics, HD audio, two SATA channels, four USB 2.0 ports, a PS/2 keyboard/mouse port and two RS-232/422 COM ports.

Software planned for the SBC324 includes Deployed Test Software (BIT and BCS) plus operating system support for Windows 7, Open Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS and LynxOS-SE.

Single Board Computer with 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors
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