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Product News

Brushless motors

The electronically commutated "EC" brushless "pancake" motor series has a longer life span with less electrical noise, due to the addition of ball bearings and the absence of mechanical brushes. The motors weigh 0.5 oz and offer 1.5W of continuous output power to reach a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. Motor temperature ranges from -40 to 100C.

Maxon Precision Motors,

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Thermocouple meter

The DP24-T digital panel meter offers MAX or MIN temperature selection with thermocouples J, K, T, E, R, S, N, or J DIN. Plug-in screw terminal connectors are used for power or external display hold switch and thermocouple input. A 104-mm compact panel depth permits mounting in areas of restricted panel depth. Options include a locked-out keypad for security, and a front bezel button cover.

OMEGA Engineering,

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High-powered contacts

The RADSOK(R) low insertion force contacts are designed to carry high amperature current while maintaining a low millivolt drop and reducing temperature rise. Available in 50-1,200A current capacity and 3.6-40 mm sizes, the contacts are best used, according to the company, in repeated mating cycles. Applications include generators, alternators, base stations, battery connections, stationary power sets, and petrochemical installations.

Amphenol Corp.,

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The latest SOIC-packaged HEXFET(R) power MOSFETs are made for low cost, low power (less than 2A) applications and back-plane power module systems in distributed power architecture circuits. The company states that lower conduction losses allow for low gate charge and low Miller charge, thus limiting switching losses and permitting high-switching frequency operation.

International Rectifier,

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Linear actuators

The company reports no maintenance for these hybrid linear actuators, and 10-100 times motor improvement over bronze nut configurations. Available in NEMA sizes 17 and 23, and in captive, non-captive, external, and linear/rotary configurations, the actuators may be applied in situations requiring rapid motion, precise positioning, and high forces.

Haydon Switch & Instrument, .

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Model 7225X1-50 servoamplifier's plus or minus 50A peak current suits it for high acceleration applications which reduce positioning time in linear motors and increase productivity in robotics, semiconductor fabrication, and automated assembly equipment. The I2t heat monitoring circuit allows the motor to operate at peak level without overheating. Vibration is minimized by sinusoidal motor commutation, which provides constant velocity control.

Copley Controls,

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CNC turning center

The TC-25A CNC turning center features a high torque, 20 hp, 3,500 rpm spindle, producing minimal noise. Angular contact ball bearings and the 30 degrees MEEHANITE cast slant bed achieve rigid cutting. A 12-station, servo-driven turret is de-signed for accurate tool position and rigidity. Additions include a 40-gal high-capacity coolant system, a swivel-designed control panel, and automatic lubrication system.

YCI Inc.,

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Laser sensor

The LV-H42 Digital Laser Sensor is a definite-reflective, area-detection sensor for use where the detection area is too large to use a small spot sensor or where the use of fiber sensors is too complex. It produces a clear, linear spot beam through a proprietary lens system that converges the laser element output to minimize beam expansion. A rear panel, received light level, bar LED display is standard on the LV-H42 sensor head.

Keyence Corp. of America,

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TIC-7500(TM) thermal interface compound is designed to provide low thermal resistance for use with faster and hotter microprocessors without the need for evaporators, bigger fans, or channeled air flow for extra cooling. The product is said to provide thermal conductivity of 7.5 W/m-K, which tests out to half the thermal resistance as the best silicone grease on 950 MHz and 1 GHz chips.


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The PM76 Five Valve Power Manifold incorporates two block valves, one equalizing valve, and two vent valves. It uses a wafer design that directly mounts to the differential pressure transmitter via standard instrument side-flanged connections. Process connections are available threaded .50 inch npt. Vent connections are threaded .25 inch npt and vent plugs are provided as a standard feature.

Hex Valve,

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