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Product News

Pressure transmitter

The flush-diaphragm C290 pressure transmitter is equipped with a 1/2-inch NPT conduit fitting and cable strain relief allowing for conduit piping to the unit. For non-conduit installations, the C290 will withstand washdown environments.

Packaged in a welded stainless-steel housing, the C-290 provides insensitivity to clamping effects, vibration, thermal shock, and other environmental extremes. Thermal shock, in particular, does not affect the performance of the C-290, which will withstand the low- to high-temperature extremes and subsequent vacuum pressures that result from clean-in-place procedures.

Setra Systems Inc., 159 Swanson Rd., Boxborough, MA 01719, FAX (508) 264-0292.

Front plate

A universal front plate is now a standard feature for the company's Monorail guideways in sizes 35, 45, 55, and 65. The front plate offers improved lubrication distribution, tighter sealing, and improved wiping action on the rail surface. A lubrication manifold provides passageways for lubricant to flow from any of the input ports towards the reversible sealing and distribution plate. Independent lubricant flow is recommended for applications where the guideway is mounted on its side, to prevent lubricant from migrating downward due to gravity.

Schneeberger Inc., 11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730, FAX (617) 275-4749.


The S-29XX1A and S-29LXX1A Series of three-wire CMOS serial ICs are pin-for-pin compatible with the most popular 93XX Series. The units are capable of protecting the memory against error or malfunction of the CPU, 50% of which can be protected starting from address 00. Both ISO 9001-certified Series are high-speed, lower-power, lower-operating voltage E2PROMS with wide operating voltage ranges which makes them suitable for telecommunications applications. Each IC is capable of sequential read, and addresses are automatically incremented in 16-bit blocks.

Seiko Instruments USA Inc., Electronic Components Div., 2990 W. Lomita Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505, FAX (310) 517-7792.

Profile cutting

The capability to perform custom multi-axis profile cutting on both open- and closed-cell materials in shapes up to 60 inches long is available. Profile cutting can combine what would have been three or four parts into one seamless product giving users greater freedom in the design process. Applications include shock absorption and noise reduction in the electronics, off-road construction, appliance, and aeronautics markets.

Lundell Mfg. Corp., 2700 Ranchview Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55447, FAX (612) 559-4118.

Spray valve

Model 780S precision spray valve lubricates coil stocks 4 inches or less and dies used in high-speed punching and stamping operations without drips or overspray. Simple design and precision-machined components ensure high reliability and millions of cycles without maintenance. The compact unit can be mounted in any position to accurately spray lubricant onto metal stock or die set.

EFD, 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914, FAX (401) 431-0237.

Sheet molding

EnduronTM is a compression- and transfer-moldable material that consists of thermosetting phenolic resin and high-performance fibers. It provides high modulus, toughness, and flammability advantages in thin-walled electronic-products enclosure applications. The material is available with carbon, aramid, or fiberglass reinforcement. High stiffness and inherent strength allow designers to specify wall thickness as thin as 1.0 mm (0.040 inch).

Fiberite Inc., 501 W. Third St., Winona, MN 55987.

Cords and cordsets

Molded cords and cordsets are manufactured with the IEC 320 C-13 connector in straight and all four angles. UL Listed and CSA Certified, these cords and cordsets are available with SVT 18/3, SJT 18/3, SJT 16/3, and SJT 14/3 cordage. Depending on the cordage used, the cords and cordsets are rated for service up to 15A at 125V ac. A double-shot molding feature encapsulates the crimp connections before they are over-molded in PVC. This eliminates any possibility of an uncrimped strand protruding through the PVC and causing a shock.

Panel Components Corp., Box 115, Oskaloosa, IA 52577, FAX (515) 673-5100.


The Guardian 5000 hipot/safety analyzer incorporates four electrical safety tests in a single unit and allows for any combination of up to 15 tests to be automatically performed in sequence. The Guardian 5000 performs ac and dc hipot, insulation resistance, and high-current ground bond compliance measurements on motor-operated tools, appliances, coils, transformers, and a variety of electrical components and devices. Features such as a wide-range of test voltages, remote interfaces, continuous leakage current monitoring, pass/fail threshold detection, automatic high-voltage shutdown when breakdown occurs, and storage of 50 memory groups makes the analyzer suitable for integration into automated test and production environments.

QuadTech Inc., 100 Nickerson Rd., Marlborough, MA 01752, FAX (508) 485-0295.

Cabinet coolers

Cabinet coolers cool and purge overheated electrical control panels while maintaining sound levels of less than 75 dBA at 3 ft. Incorporating a vortex tube that cools ordinary compressed air to 20F, the coolers circulate air through the enclosure to eliminate high-temperature malfunction. The panel remains sealed so it is protected from washdown and dirt. Compressed-air filters assure no moisture or dust is introduced inside the panel. The units are compact, install in minutes, and have no moving parts to wear out. All NEMA 12, 4, and 4X models are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and are available in cooling capacities to 2,000 Btu an hour.

EXAIR Corp., 1250 Century Circle N., Cincinnati, OH 45246, FAX (513) 671-3363.


Series CA NFPA mounting-interchangeable medium-duty cylinders are available in bore sizes 11/2 to 12 inches with standard hard-chrome and polished piston rods for use with up to 250 psi air or oil. Equipment can be mounted to the four tapped holes at each end of the cylinder; these same four holes can also be used to add a detachable mounting. End caps and tubes are manufactured from high-strength aluminum; the tubes are hard anodized for wear resistance. Options include cushions, stop tubes, stainless-steel materials, and proximity sensor switches.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., 2500 Latham St., Rockford, IL 61103, FAX (815) 962-6483.

Energy chain

The Twister Energy chain is for rotary applications used in the manufacturing industry. Snap-open crossbars on both the inner and outer radii provide support for the Twister. The corresponding inner side-plate is thermoformed at an angle to create the appropriate circle radius. The interior side of the carrier is comprised of a narrow connecting piece that is held in place by the crossbars. This independent side part, along with the ability to vary the crossbar width, provides the Twister with flexibility and maintains enough strength to run unsupported lengths.

igus inc., Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914, FAX (401) 438-7270.


Co-extruded tubing products were previously available only on a custom basis. The tubing is available in two formulations--low-density polyethylene-lined EVA or Hytrel-lined PVC--and offers natural translucency for visual contact with the flow, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals and radiation. The EVA tubing is produced from Class VI, FDA-sanctioned ingredients for use with food and beverage contacts.

NewAge Industries Inc., Box K, Willow Grove, PA 19090, FAX (215) 657-6594.

Pneumatic valve

Series 590TM four-way directional control air valve is entirely corrosion proof and protected against the effects of immersion. This makes the valve useful for washdown applications, without the need for expensive waterproof enclosures. Features include 24V dc operation, plug-in electrical connections, flow of Cv 0.8, modular valve banks, integral flow controls, and operation with or without line lubrication.

The Rexroth Corp., Pneumatics Div., 1953 Mercer Rd., Lexington, KY 40511, FAX (800) 489-4188.

UPS family

The 1,000 to 3,000 VA PowerWorks ET UPSs are for power environments where severe overvoltage and brownout situations occur. Multiple battery packs and Cell SaverTM technology minimizes battery usage during normal operation to assure extended run times. By extending the input voltage range, the PowerWorks ET regulates the power in a power surge or sag situation without using the UPS batteries. Battery modules can be hot-swapped allowing users to replace or add modules without powering down connected loads.

Deltec Electronics Corp., 2727 Kurtz St., San Diego, CA 92110, FAX (619) 291-2973.

Tool dispenser

The Micro ATD tool dispenser provides self-service access to replacement machine tooling and industrial supplies in small work areas. This 36- x 24- x 31-inch model can be placed on a tabletop, workbench, or desktop; mounted on wheels for portability; or bolted to the wall or a single machine. The Micro ATD can be configured as a 540-item helix-based dispenser able to handle 18 different items in quantities of 30 each, fully equipped with Multi-Item Retrieval Modules that have the ability to dispense up to 405 items in quantities as small as one, or as a helix/MIRM combination. Four small locker-style compartments handle the dispensing and return of tools.

Vertex Technologies, 1329 E. Kemper Rd., Building 400, Suite 4102, Cincinnati, OH 45246.

Software options

FLASH software factory-installed options for the GPD 515 ac adjustable-speed drive include 1,000 Hz output frequency, traverse control, master/follower ratio control, and PID loop for trim control. The PID loop trim control processes feedback signals such as dancer or tension trim controls. The master/follower ratio control provides the ability to accept a digital frequency reference and multiply by a pre-set ratio value for accurate speed control in textile, wire/cable, conveyor, printing, and web-handling operations. The Traverse Control software option provides the ability to modulate output frequency and modulate the drive's speed reference without a special interference card.

MagneTek, 16555 W. Ryerson Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151, FAX (414) 782-1283.


Model 347 electrostatic voltmeter makes noncontacting, surface voltage measurements in the range of 0 to plus or minus 3 kV dc or peak ac on conductive or dielectric materials such as plastics, paper, and ceramics. A field-nulling technique achieves dc stability and high accuracy even if the probe-to-spacing changes. This permits measurements of either stationary or moving surfaces without the need to establish fixed spacing to maintain accuracy. The probe design eliminates the need for close-tolerance components, significantly improving noise and drift performance in the presence of contaminating particulates and under conditions of high humidity and wide temperature ranges.

Trek Inc., Box 728, Medina, NY 14103, FAX (716) 798-3106.

Evaluation board

Motion chipset evaluation board shortens the amount of time required to build systems using off-the-shelf motion-control chips. Supporting servo, brushless, and stepper motors this product provides up to 4 axis of motion control and includes features such as S-curve profiling, over-travel limit input, feed forward, and electronic gearing. This PC board accepts incremental encoder inputs with index pulse, and provides either Pulse Width Modulation output, 16-bit analog output, or pulse and direction output. The software package provides low-level direct access to the chipset as well as more advanced functions such as continuous multi-axis contouring and servo tubing.

Performance Motion Devices Inc., 97 Lowell Rd., Concord, MA 01742, FAX (508) 369-3819.


The helical ribbon, cantilever beam, and slant coil springs are for various applications. The helical spring applies a high unit load making it useful for many static face seals or slow-speed reciprocating applications. The cantilever beam spring is for high-speed reciprocating applications or for moderately fast rotary applications, involving cryogenics or gas-tight sealing. The slant coil spring for both rotary and reciprocating applications has a spring force that is virtually constant over a wide range of deflection. This spring automatically compensates for normal tolerances in the gland and for wear.

American Variseal, 510 Burbank St., Broomfield, CO 80038, FAX (303) 469-4874.

Conduit system

This flexible, liquid-tight conduit system offers double protection from fluids through an internal Buna-N grommet and external twist-lock fitting. In addition to resisting various chemicals, the 150 psig rating assures extreme temperature compatibility. The conduit fitting is suitable for industrial and machine applications, such as liquid-filled gear boxes or storage tanks that require sealed feed-through cable. Threads are 3/8 to 3/4 inch NPT and European Pg 9 to 21. Various conduit fittings and more than 3,500 different styles and sizes of strain-relief fittings are available.

Sealcon, 14853 E. Hindsdale Ave., Suite D, Englewood, CO 80112, FAX (303) 680-5344.


Model 122 intelligent meter/controller offers a 7-inch square standard switchboard housing that contains analog and digital signal conditioners for direct inputs of TC, RTD, VDC, RMS, strain-gage, resistance, four relays, open-collector transistors, 4-20mA and 0-5V dc analog outputs, RS-232C/422/485 I/O, and dc-dc switcher to power the unit from either 5 or 8-32V dc. Features of the meter include 41 bargraph segments, six-digit seven-segment display, dual-channel differential analog multiplexer, and isolated analog outputs.

OTEK Corp., 4016 E. Tennessee St., Tucson, AZ 85714, FAX (520) 790-2808.


EZ-TTM Flex-Toggle fastener offers a flexible cross-member that is folded against the stem for insertion and then automatically springs back into perpendicular position against the back side of the substrate. After tightening, the stem may be trimmed flush with the nut. The EZ-T Flex-Toggle requires only 1/2-inch clearance on the blind side of the hole and the hole size is the same diameter as the fastener. Available in 3/16- and 1/4-inch sizes, this non-corrosive, non-conductive, rust-proof fastener is made of tough Zytel(R) nylon in white or UV stable black material.

T-Plastech Corp., 2700 S. Raritan, Englewood, CO 80110, FAX (303) 761-6004.

Control valve

A motorized flow control valve features high flow rates for applications requiring cost-effective, electric remote flow control. The MFC-16 valve is a cartridge-style unit that uses a 12V dc motor to open or close a rotary spool valve. The unit is designed for size 16 valve cavities and can be built in three configurations for zero to 20, 33, or 55 gpm bi-directional flows. Manual override is now a standard feature on the MFC-16. The valve features two speeds, 3.5 or 7 seconds, for full open to full close.

Source Fluid Power Inc., 331 Lake Hazeltine Dr., Chaska, MN 55318, FAX (612) 448-3392.


EnSight 6.0 postprocessing software allows engineers to visualize larger analysis problems and offers a simple graphical interface that users can adjust according to their preferences and levels of experience. The distributed architecture within Ensight 6.0 allows the system to handle models containing millions of nodes, while optimizing memory use. In one test, a complex 10-million-node model required only 109 Mbytes of memory. Large engineering analysis files can be postprocessed on the same computer server in which they were created. Postprocessing can be done on a desktop workstation, allowing users to reserve more powerful computers for compute-intensive functions.

Computational Engineering Int'l., Box 14306, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, FAX (919) 481-4306.


Ball-joint bearing interconnect options provide linkage solutions for less than half the cost of rod ends. All four male/female interconnect options are available for maximum installation flexibility with highly reliable, low-cost ball-joint bearings. Bearing surfaces of the shell cavity and ball are close tolerance machined for long life. A precision ball is inserted into the shell, and a precise crimping process retains the ball while providing sufficient movement of the ball without excessive endplay. Maximum angularity and compact size allow ease of installation and broad application parameters in a wide variety of motion-force and motion-control uses.

Tuthill Corp., J.J. Tourek Div., 1800 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, FAX (847) 640-0158.


Accel32, the DAP driver for the Windows NT operating system, is for the a-Series data acquisition processor boards. Accel32 enables real-time data acquisition and control applications to run under NT. Apart from allowing native 32-bit applications--using the provided 32-bit dynamic link library--Accel32 also supports existing 16-bit DOS and Windows applications. Every model in the entire range of DAP boards has its own on-board intelligence implemented as DAPL.

Microstar Labs, 2265 116th Ave Northeast, Bellevue, WA 98004, FAX (206) 453-3199.

Thermoelectric modules

QualityTEC(TM) thermoelectric modules offer a limitless range of applications at temperature ranges from -150 to 200C. Specially doped ceramic plates assure optimum performance of the TEC under stringent requirements. Maximum current for the single-stage modules varies from 3.3 to 60A. The differential temperature is standard at 64C on all single-stage modules. Dimensions of the modules range from 5 to 55 mm, with heights from 3.3 to 5.8 mm. Modules can be square, rectangular, circular, or have any desired configuration. More than 500 types of standard and custom-designed single- and multi-stage thermoelectric modules are available.

HiTech Technologies Inc., Box 535, Newtown, PA 18940, FAX (215) 321-6067.


Super Quick exhaust valves improve air-cylinder cycling speed permitting the use of smaller, often less-expensive control valves. Small and lightweight, the exhaust valves feature a molded shuttle design and a full-formed seating surface for high exhaust capacity and long cycle life. Available in sizes from 10-32 to 3/4-inch NPT pipe thread, the units offer lubrication in air cylinders by stopping the back-flow of lubricant, which is common in conventional exhausting through directional control valves.

Humphrey Products Co., Box 2008, Kalamazoo, MI 49003.

Cable carrier

The Twister energy chain cable carrier is for rotary applications, such as articulating robots used in the manufacturing industry. Snap-open crossbars on both the inner and outer radii provide the majority of support for the unit. The exterior, outer side-plate construction is similar to that of the E4/100 modular family of carrier, with application-specific applications. The corresponding inner side-plate is thermoformed at an angle to create the appropriate circle radius. The interior side of the carrier is comprised of a narrow connecting piece that is held in place by the crossbars. This independent side part, along with the ability to vary the crossbar width, provides the Twister with greater flexibility while maintaining enough strength to run unsupported lengths.

igus inc., Box 14349, East Providence, RI, 02914, FAX (401) 438-7270.


The line of cast-iron BLUE MAX(R) motors includes totally enclosed fan-cooled inverter-duty motors designed for trouble-free operation at just 1/20 of base speed. High-performance windings and other improvements enable these motors to operate at the slower speeds often required by inverter drives, without the need for auxiliary blowers. As a result, the BLUE MAX 20:1 constant-torque motors are built in their normal NEMA frame sizes, making retrofits easy.

Marathon Electric, Box 8003, Wausau, WI 54402.


The Ledex AG100PSSI multi-turn absolute encoder is for automated material handling, industrial and plant machinery, foundry equipment, and automated test stands. This unit offers fully programmable 24-bit resolution and is suitable for applications requiring a specific resolution or where electronic offsets are desired. Featuring a maximum of 4,096 steps and 4,096 resolutions, the encoder can have a total resolution of 16,777,216 steps, or can be programmed to meet specific resolution requirements. Output codes are available in gray or natural binary. The rugged design provides a high degree of resistance to shock, vibration, electromagnetic and environmental contamination and has an extended temperature range of -20 to 70C.

Lucas Control Systems Products, Box 427, Vandalia, OH 45377, FAX (937) 898-8624.

Application system

Tungsten-carbide application system applies the material to tools and wear surfaces and parts, extending the life up to 100%. The Carbitron 300 System, consisting of an adjustable power supply and vibration hand-tool, is a heavy-duty unit. Typical uses include stamping punches and dies, cutting tools, forming tools, collets and chucks, forging dies, and machine parts.

Hunter Products Inc., Box 6795, Bridgewater, NJ 08807, FAX (908) 526-8348.


A-max 16-mm-diameter motor features a rhombic-moving coil design for long life, low electrical noise, fast acceleration, and high efficiency. The ironless rotor allows for zero cogging and simple accurate control. Available with either precious metal brushes or graphite brushes, the power rating ranges from 1.2 to 2W. The motor is available with a single shaft or with a passing shaft. Other standard options include all ball bearings/sleeve bearings and terminals/leads. The motor is 25.4 mm long and weighs 23 g. Ambient temperature range is from -30 to 85C, while the maximum efficiency is 77% depending on the winding.

Maxon Precision Motors Inc., 838 Mitten Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010, FAX (415) 697-2887.

Solder terminals

Solder terminals are manufactured in various styles including turret, feed-thru, bifurcated, and tubular types. They are made from ASTM-16 brass for use with 0.032-, 0.062-, 0.093-, and 0.125-thick PC boards.

Keystone Electronics Corp., 31-07 20th Rd., Astoria, NY 11105, FAX (718) 956-9040.

Autodialing system

This cellular autodialing system can be used as a permanent or temporary alarm-reporting-link when conventional telephone lines are not available. Features include the Guard-ItTM Alarm Autodialer, a cellular phone transceiver, and antenna--all housed in a heavy-duty, weather-resistant NEMA-4 enclosure. Upon detection of an alarm condition, the system automatically calls a list of up to 8 pre-programmed phone numbers until it gets a response. When a connection is made, the system reports the station identity and the specific alarm condition through a digitally pre-recorded voice message. In addition to standard phones, the alarm calling sequence also includes cellular phones, pagers, and voice mail.

RACO Mfg. & Engineering Co., 1400 62nd St., Emeryville, CA 94608.


Miniature couplings, u-joints, and precision-machined springs with integrated attachment components are available. Included are couplings with an unlimited variety of customized ends. All products utilize the HELICAL Flexure. The configuration of attachments can be as simple as a plain bore or as complex as a pinion gear. The proper attachment will enhance system quality; minimize assembly production time; reduce the total number of parts purchased, inventoried, and assembled; and result in an overall production cost savings. Flexured couplings and u-joints are backlash free and provide constant velocity rotation regardless of misalignment.

Helical Products Co. Inc., Box 1069, Santa Maria, CA 93456, FAX (805) 928-2369.

Motor-driver packages

The UMK family of high-torque motor-driver packages provides six basic two-phase hybrid step motors matched with compact full-step/half-step stand-alone drivers. Divided into two frame sizes of three models each, these step motors develop holding torques ranging from 22 to 187 oz-inch. Constant continuous torques are available from 50 to 1,000 pps with usable torques available to 20,000 pps. The UMK stand-alone drivers are powered by 115V ac 60 Hz for ease of use on the factory floor. Special circuitry reduces vibrations and an automatic current cutback feature protects the step motor from overheating.

Oriental Motor USA Corp., 2580 West 237th St., Torrance, CA 90505, FAX (310) 325-1076.


Standard and custom manifolds for use with media isolation valves can accommodate aggressive, ultrapure, or temperature-sensitive media in any application. These multi-layered acrylic manifolds feature check valves, pressure controls, regulators, and a variety of fitting and tubing to simplify liquid, air, or vacuum media requirements. Isolation valves include direct, rocker, and toggle styles, available in two- and three-way configurations. To protect the working components of the valve an elastomeric diaphragm provides a physical barrier between the media flow path and the operating areas of the solenoid valve.

KIP Inc., 72 Spring Lane, Farmington, CT 06032, FAX (860) 677-4999.

Motion controller

PMAC2TM multi-axis motion controller features 40 MHz encoder count rates, 18-bit analog outputs, 18-micro-second-per-axis servo update time, a 60 MHz CPU, 120 MHz PWM clock frequency, 10 MHz maximum pulse and direction output frequency, 10 MHz position-compare output update rate, and 100 Mbit/sec optical-ring network update rate. PMAC2TM supports popular controller-to-drive interface standards including plus or minus 10V analog velocity command, plus or minus 10V analog torque command, plus or minus 10V analog sinusoidal phase commands, and direct digital commands for PWM "power block."

Delta Tau Data Systems, 9036 Winnetka Ave., Northbridge, CA 91324, FAX (818) 998-7807.

Cord grips

Liquid-tight PVDF cord grips have Viton(R) form seals, resist most chemicals, and can handle temperatures from -30 to 300F and pressure up to 150 psig. The splines allow for a substantial cable range for each of the 10 basic sizes and cable diameters from 1/16 to 13/4 inches. Threads are 1/4 to 11/2 NPT and European Pg 7 to Pg 48. To install, feed the cable through the fitting and tighten nut for a liquid-tight connection.

Sealcon, 14853 E. Hindsdale Ave., Unit D, Englewood, CO 80112, FAX (303) 680-5344.

Power supply

PW101 family of ITE single-output-switching power supplies provide 25-36W of regulated power and are packaged in a low-profile non-vented case. Output voltages are 9, 12, 15, 16, 18, and 24V dc. No minimum load is required and the unit has both overcurrent and short-circuit protection. The power supplies are useful for Information Technology equipment applications.

Ault Inc., 7300 Boone Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55428, FAX (612) 493-1911.

Mechanical conveyor

FILTERVEYOR mechanical chip conveyor has a rotating drum-fine filter that removes large volumes of stringy turnings or chips from the coolant, and filters contaminants down to 50 microns in size. This conveyor performs a two-step process that separates the majority of chip volume. Any fine contaminates missed by the conveyor flow by gravity into the rotating drum-filter unit, where the dirty coolant is filtered, passed into a clean coolant tank, and pumped back to the machine. The FILTERVEYOR can accommodate flow rates of 30g per minute or more and is useful for removing troublesome aluminum fines.

Jorgensen Conveyors Inc., 10303 N. Baehr Rd., Mequon, WI 53092, FAX (414) 242-4382.


Contrinex(R) inductive proximity switches are self-contained position sensors. The Series 600 offers cylindrical housing switches in either three-wire versions with cable or connector connection options, or two-wire ac models. The square housing units include a terminal box for ease of connection. Series 620 carries all the basic features of the 600 models but can handle increased operating distances. Both Series offer protection against short circuits, overloads, full voltage reversal, and output over-voltage.

Locon Sensor Systems Inc., Box 789, Holland, OH 43528, FAX (419) 865-7756.

Dc servo motors

Brushed dc servo motors with optical encoders are available in 1.5-, 2.25-, and 3.13-inch diameters. Output torques range from 5 oz-inches to 64 lb-inches peak. A variety of integrally mounted rotary optical encoders are available including 200, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 pulse/rev resolutions; index pulse; line drivers; and complementary output signals.

Dynetic Systems, 19128 Industrial Blvd., Elk River, MN 55330, FAX (612) 441-5217.

Paddle latch

No. 3-7921 two-stage rotary paddle latch provides positive vertical and horizontal latching. The latch is offered in a key-locking version, with either carbon steel or 304 stainless steel for the paddle and housing. Used in applications such as door panels made of steel or fiberglass, this latch is recommended for use with the No. 240-52U striker.

Eberhard Mfg. Co., Box 368012, Cleveland, OH 44136, FAX (216) 572-2732.

Die cutters

Heavy-duty, flat-bed, roller-press die cutters are for production die cutting from sheet stock, trimming of thermoformed and other molded parts, or for proofing of flat-bed steel rule dies. The EconoPress units, which utilize standard flat-bed steel rule dies, are capable of die cutting a wide variety of materials at production speeds of up to 800 blanks per hour. Die-cutting capacities of standard EconoPress models range from 42 x 44 inches to 115 x 144 inches. Features include both fully automatic and manual controls, easily changeable plastic cutting sleeves, heavy-duty drive motors, and a variety of safety features.

CORfine Inc., Box 2525, Muncie, IN 47307, FAX (765) 288-9552.

Vacuum pumps

M Series vacuum pumps are for applications where the vacuum source may be exposed to caustic environments. They are constructed of Polyphenylenesulphide which provides extreme corrosion resistance against chemicals including acetone, sulphuric acid, and toulene. The lightweight composite body style is suitable for end-of-arm tooling. The pumps are available in three sizes and provide high vacuum pressure up to 27 inch-hg and vacuum flow capability up to 22.5 scfm.

PIAB Vacuum Products, 55 Accord Park Dr., Rockland, MA 02370, FAX (617) 792-0574.


PX Series process controllers employ fuzzy logic algorithms with PID autotune. These controllers "learn" the user's process, using the PID parameters as a starting point for all decisions made by the controller. With a NEMA 4X faceplate as a standard feature, these controllers can withstand hosedowns with water as well as caustic chemicals and harsh environments. Features include 24V ac/dc or 85 to 265V ac input power on most models, configurable menus through a number of display parameters, universal input, eight segment ramp/soak programming, and multiple levels of security to prevent unauthorized use.

TTI, Box 1073, Williston, VT 05495, FAX (802) 863-1193.

Linear-motion system

The Werner Domino Slide linear-motion system is for holding precise locations, and is hand adjustable. Features include high repeatability and a precision micrometer adjustment of 0.5 mm. This system is suitable for precision applications such as inspection equipment, adjustable cameras, and ink-jet heads. The ACME screw-drive mechanism minimizes backlash.

Pacific Bearing Co., Box 6980, Rockford, IL 61125, FAX (815) 962-3818.


The 5.5-inch-square MS Series ultra-thin axial flow fan develops air flow up to 78 cfm @ 2,800 rpm in a razor-thin 0.79-inch axial length. Noise levels do not exceed 40 dB (A), the unit's service life exceeds 320K hrs under normal operating conditions, the redesigned 5-blade propeller uses a plastic resin, and static pressure will reach 0.18 inches in H2O. A built-in capacitor for the 14W MS14F-BC fan with 115V 60 Hz can operate safely and efficiently with 100V ac 50 Hz or 100V ac 60 Hz inputs.

Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp., 2580 West 237th St., Torrance, CA 90505, FAX (310) 325-1076.


Hypersignal HAppI (Hyperception Application Interface) creates stand-alone, DSP-based applications for Windows 95 and NT, from visually designed real-time DSP worksheets. These applications may then be used internally or shipped to an end customer. This product leverages many off-the-shelf DSP/Acquisition boards supported by Hypersignal RIDE such that overall product development time for a given project is extremely short. HAppI is useful for creating virtual instruments and sharing simulation/test results.

Hyperception Inc., 9550 Skillman, LB 125, Dallas, TX 75243, FAX (214) 343-2457.


Medium-duty repairable cylinders range from 11/8- to 5-inch bore. Pressure ratings are 150 psi air and 500 psi hydraulic. All cylinders are available in 300 Series stainless steel and standard industry materials. Cylinders are for corrosive environments including food, marine, chemical, paper, and pharmaceutical applications. Cushions, flow control, and magnetic pistons with reed or hall switches are available.

Airoyal Mfg. Co., 1355 Rte. 23, Butler, NJ 07405, FAX (201) 838-2638.

Inspection system

Vision Inspection System-Base is for use in the production of PET containers. It performs on-line inspection of plastic containers for base-related defects. The VIS-B can automatically detect common quality problems such as base folds and off-center gates on containers immediately after exiting the blow-molding machine. The unit, a single-camera vision system, performs non-contact inspection of containers at speeds up to 32,000 per hour.

AGR Int'l Inc., Box 149, Butler, PA 16001, FAX (412) 482-2767.

Screw cleaning

Pressure Blast System is for screw cleaning and molding cleaning using non-abrasive plastic blast media. It is completely self-contained to provide a dust-free, non-toxic cleaning environment and is equipped with a high efficiency dust collector. Molders can save money by eliminating slow hand cleaning and expensive chemical processes.

Maxi-Blast Inc., 630 E. Bronson St., South Bend, IN 46601, FAX (219) 234-0792.


A composite EMI/RFI and EMP gasket is constructed from a closed-cell sponge-rubber assembly with a monel wire-mesh insert. A rubber-based adhesive secures the mesh to the rubber after the die cutting and assembly of the rubber; a dry-back adhesive is applied to one side for installation. The gasket is suitable for connecting two electronic enclosures where the junction requires an environmental EMI and EMP shield.

PressCut Industries, 2828 Nagle St., Dallas, TX 75220, FAX (214) 350-4713.

PC board

PC-board indicators EA203, EA205, and EA206 provide two colors of illumination from each LED: red/green, red/yellow, or green/yellow. Considering each Bi-level LED is with three leads, a third color of illuminations is possible when both LED chips are energized simultaneously. Bi-level packaging doubles the number of possible indications to six and maintains a maximum height of 3/8 inch. Operation is at 20 mA or less with a forward voltage of 2.1. Peak wave lengths are 625, 590, and 565 nm with mcd ratings of 50 at 20 mA.

Gilway Technical Lamp, 800 W. Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801, FAX (617) 938-5867.

Surface coating

MAGNAPLATE HCR(R) multi-step proprietary coating process produces a harder-than-steel surface on aluminum and aluminum alloys. The coating offers maximum corrosion resistance, permanent dry lubricity, and a low coefficient of friction. It can be applied to parts of any configuration, any weight, and virtually any size or thickness, including threaded members or other close-tolerance parts. Coated parts cannot be damaged in normal use. The coating is integrally bonded to the substrate parent metal, therefore its impact resistance is limited only by the structural strength of the base metal to which it is applied.

General Magnaplate, 1331 Route 1, Linden, NJ 07036, FAX (908) 862-6110.

Contact springs

Miniature gold-plated bellows contact springs are for flexible interconnections. Diameters range from 0.037 to 0.125 inch OD. A convex conical or concave conical tip allows the contact springs to be used in critical interconnection applications where reliability, flexibility, and low force are a must. Contact springs can be used individually or as pairs. They are manufactured from electrodeposited nickel and are gold-plated to MIL-G-45204 to enhance their conductivity and provide extremely low dc resistance with a minimum insertion loss.

Servometer Corp., 501 Little Falls Rd., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009, FAX (800) 785-0756.

Check valves

Check valves are for use in demanding environments. They are molded in Kynar, a polyvinylidene fluoride that is chemically resistant to hot acids, halogens, alcohols, aromatics, oxidants, mild bases, and aliphatics. Check valves are assembled utilizing a non-toxic bonding technique. These valves feature a single sharp barb with no parting lines on the sealing surface of the barb. This design virtually guarantees a leak-proof seal when properly assembled.

Ark-Plas Products Inc., Hwy. 178 N., Flippin, AR 72634, FAX (501) 453-2567.

Core module

PC on a StickTM is a PC-compatible core module that combines a 386 processor, RAM, flash EPROM, real-time clock, serial ports, DMA, chip selects, and a parallel I/O on compact DIMM module. Familiar PC software tools and languages can be used for programming. A wide-operating temperature range, low standby current, and small size make this product suitable for use in industrial controllers, battery-operated systems, and anywhere PC compatibility is needed. PC on a StickTM is based on a 33 MHz Intel 386EX CPU with three 16-bit timers, 2 or 6 serial ports, a Watchdog Timer, DMA controller, Interrupt controller, and Programmable chip selects.

Industrial Control Links Inc., 13620 Lincoln Way, Suite 100, Auburn, CA 95603, FAX (916) 888-7017.


Series 4460 PC workstation is for use in Class 1 and 2, Division 1 (groups C-G) hazardous areas and Series 4480 is for Class 1 and 2, Division 2 environments. Totally sealed within a continuously welded NEMA e/4x stainless-steel enclosure, complete with two internal dc fans, the package includes a 14-, 17-, or 20-inch SVGA color monitor, a parallel port, an RS-232 port, an 8-slot passive backplane, up to a Pentium 200 MHz with 128-Mbytes RAM, and up to 2- GBytes hard drive. The Division 1 Series incorporates a microprocessor-based purge system with self diagnosis, while Division 2 units are continuous purge.

Daisy Data Inc., 333 S. Enola Dr., Enola, PA 17025, FAX (717) 732-8806.


A-max 22-mm (0.87 inches) diameter motors feature a rhombic moving-coil design for long life, low electrical noise, fast acceleration, and high efficiency. An ironless rotor allows for zero cogging and the motor is available with either precious-metal or graphite brushes, power ratings from 3.5 to 6W, and a single shaft or passing shaft. Other standard options include ball bearings/sleeve bearings, and terminals/leads. The motor length is 31.9 mm (1.26 inches) and weighs in at 54 g (1.9 oz). Windings are available to match desired speed with available voltage. Ambient temperature range is -30 to 85C.

Maxon Precision Motors Inc., 838 Mitten Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010, FAX (415) 697-2887.

Air ring

Saturn Maximizer air ring is for extrusion of Polyethylene, LLDPE, m LLDPE, and blends of LDPE. The unit can run higher blow-up ratios with very few limitations. The design and control can be retrofitted into the standard Saturn chambers replacing original lipsets.

Future Design Inc., 38 Holtby Ave, Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6X 2M1, FAX (905) 453-6089.


Model 8010 1/8 DIN indicator provides visible indication for most applications, and is available in a choice of red or green LEDs. It can be configured for up to 30 different engineering units, including temperature, weight, pressure, flow, power, and current. A simple operator interface, offers straight-forward menu-driven commands enabling setup and operation. A comprehensive alarm strategy is available including latching or non-latching options, standard relay output, and second and third alarm outputs if required. A RS-485 communication board can be fitted, offering full integration with most instrumentation, including industry standard MODBUS. A 24V dc transmitter power-supply PCB is available as a plug-in option.

West Instruments, 1900 S. County Trail,East Greenwich, RI 02818.


FFV Series drawer magnets protect mini-vacuum drying/loading systems from ferrous contaminants. They mount on the throats of processing machines, and feature O-ring seals designed to withstand pressures up to 15 inch-hg without leaking. Flanges are drilled to OEM or customer specifications. More compact units are made from 304 stainless steel and use a single high-energy Rare Earth Power Balanced Magnetic CartridgeTM to collect ferrous scrap and fines.

Bunting Magnetics Co., Box 468, Newton, KS 67114, FAX (316) 283-4975.


The 8000 Series of temperature controllers offer the use of either 5A output relay or SSR drive, both complete with replaceable plug-in module. Other features include a second set-point option for alarm or cooling, five-step process error display, and hi-definition scale with ranges for applications from -100 to 1,600C or F. A practical design combined with choice of connection method, clear indication of control and stability and dimensions make the units a suitable replacement control when analogue controllers are a must.

U.S.A. Cal Controls Inc., 1580 S. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville, IL 60048.

Medical device assemblies

HEPAfiltered manufacturing environment is dedicated to medical device sub and finished assembly. Capabilities include slitting and punching, trimming and bevelling, tipping, bonding, marking, sking, and cuffing. Assembly equipment and facilities include specialty jigs and fixtures, multiple assembly stations, environmentally controlled clean rooms, and flow booth. Inspection, bundling, packaging, and leak testing is also performed.

Vesta Inc., 5400 West Franklin Dr., Franklin, WI 53132, FAX (414) 423-0562.

Gas line heaters

A standard line of gas line heaters is made from a silicone-rubber heating material insulated with closed-cell silicone-rubber sponge to prevent condensation. An optional thermocouple for temperature control is available. The standard line features a 2.5W/in2 on gas line O.D. and can be daisy chained to a maximum of 10A. Features include positive locking heater connectors, snap closures, and quick on/off installation.

Watlow Columbia, 2101 Pennsylvania Ave., Columbia, MO 65202, FAX (573) 474-5859.

Welding tool

TRIAC PID hand welding tool offers a high welding capacity, temperature indication by digital display, cooled adaptor tube for increased operational safety, light weight, and a small-diameter handle for fatigue-proof working. The tool is available with a screw-on draw nozzle for round and profiled welding rods as well as with the complete range of push-fit standard nozzles for welding of rods and films.

LEISTER Elektro-Geratebau, 6056 Kagiswil, Switzerland, FAX +41 41-6607816.


Model 25DL thickness gage can make measurements from just one side of almost all plastic parts with varying degrees of thickness, geometries, or temperature. The Application Auto-Recall feature permits the operator to recall standard or custom-stored application setups that simplify switching among a large selection of ultrasonic-contact, delay-line, and immersion probes. An extensive internal datalogger allows the operator to store and recall more than 5,000 thickness-reading 10-character alphanumeric Identification Codes. An RS-232 port permits fast test documentation.

Panametrics, 221 Crescent St., Waltham, MA 02154.


Flex tube diverter valve is for use in either pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems with up to 15 psig pressure differential. This product allows continuous conveying--the ability to shift on-the-fly when handling low-abrasive materials. The sliding flexible tube design is suitable for handling medium- to low-abrasive products such as food stuffs, plastic pellets, and fine materials. The unit can be installed in a vertical or horizontal conveying line. Available in tube and pipe sizes from 2 through 8 inches, the Flex Tube Diverter comes with a choice of aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless-steel metal material contact.

Salina Vortex Corp., 3024 Arnold Ave., Salina, KS 67401, FAX (913) 825-7194.


Table-top SA-01 "S" cutter is approximately 16.5 x 9.2 x 14 inches, has a power consumption of 100W, and weighs approximately 77 lb. Features include a small footprint, quiet operation, low energy use, a patented rotary cutter, and no sizing screen.

Nissui Corp., 3510 West Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823.

Hot stamp machines

Vertical hot stamp machines are for small-area decorating. The line includes the SPT 1000 with 1/2 ton stamping force, SPT 2000 with 1 ton of stamping force, and SPT 5000 with 21/2 tons of stamping force. Also offered are the SPT 8000 with 4 tons of stamping force, the SPT 15K with 71/2 tons of stamping force, and the SPT 24K with 12 tons of stamping force for stamping larger surface areas.

Silicone Products & Technology Inc., 1600 Commerce Parkway, Lancaster, NY 14086, FAX (716) 684-0310.

Vacuum pump

COBRA single-stage, direct-driven dry-screw vacuum pump is for the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries. It requires no intercoolers and offers efficiency and easy maintenance due to its simple screw design. The pump provides vacuum down to 5x10-3 torr and displacements to 1,590 cfm. Advantages include oil-free operation for easy product recovery and no disposal costs; a simple screw design for easy maintenance; single stage with no intercoolers; small footprint for less space requirements; non-contacting parts for longer pump life; and a straight, short flow path for quick discharge so product cannot accumulate in the pump.

Busch Inc., 516 Viking Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23452, FAX (757) 463-7407.


Portable color-measurement spectrophotometer has 10 nm resolution over the visible color spectrum. Results are reported directly via built-in software and an LCD display. All popular color scales, observer angles, illuminants, and indexes are provided. Quality-control results are directly displayed with user-adjustable limit settings. Up to 1,000 measurements can be identified and stored. The instrument also has an RS-232 port for connection to a printer for direct output of results, or for interface to a computer for downloading and analysis by advanced quality control, color formulation, or point-of-sale software. A docking station is also available for incorporation in a double-wide drive bay in a PC.

Color Instruments Inc., 319 Mola Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301, FAX (954) 525-5963.

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