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Power Transmission & Motion Control

Article-Power Transmission & Motion Control

Power Transmission & Motion Control


Lightweight, variable speed

Designed to operate more efficiently, the premix combustion system of the Windjammer variable speed premix blowers delivers a measured air-gas mixture to a burner for more complete combustion. The variable speed control has two options: an internal adjusted speed control with onboard potentiometer and an external dc control that actively varies blower performance. Applications include residential and commercial furnaces and boilers, water heaters, gas-fired food service equipment, kilns, and fuel cells. Ametek Rotron


With vector control

The HARmonica digital servo drive is reportedly the most compact and intelligent drive of its kind in the industry. It is designed for use with brushless motors or dc brush motors, operating in digital current, velocity, position, and advanced position modes. Featuring flexible sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation, it can operate as a stand-alone device or part of a multi-axis network in a distributed CANopen configuration. It accepts a range of motor feedback, including resolver, encoder, and analog encoder, combined with digital and analog I/Os. Elmo Motion Control


Hollow shaft

The Frame E342 direct drive brushless motor has a 17-inch diameter and is 9 inches long. Able to be directly mounted on a 4.5-inch shaft (or provided with a shaft output), the product is the first of a series of hollow-shaft motors to be used for direct drives. It has a peak torque output of 2,685 lb-ft and a continuous RMS torque rating of 264 lb-ft in the standard enclosed configuration. The product's shaft mount is designed to provide the stiffest possible machine mounting. Powertec Industrial Motors


High torque

Reportedly providing 20 to 50% more torque than the previous models, the PK-P stepping motor is a two-phase motor. By applying power to the coils in a predetermined pattern, the magnetic poles of the rotor are attracted to the opposite poles of the stator, causing the rotor to rotate at fixed increments. All motors are fitted with a connector to make assembly simpler and faster. The product is available in several frame types: 1.10 inches 2, 1.38 inches 2, and 1.65 inches 2. Oriental Motor USA Corp.


Provide complete coverage

Available in two cross sections, the Metric Power(TM) V-belts are designed to provide single sourcing of nearly 400 part numbers in standard sizes for imported machinery. They are available in three classical sizes and eight narrow sizes. The classical belts reportedly provide long-lasting performance on heavy-duty industrial drives, while the narrow belts are designed for drives requiring high speeds, high-speed ratios, or small diameter pulleys. Features such as molded notches and straight sidewalls are included to reduce equipment maintenance and downtime. Gates Corporation


Compact housing

The newest model of the Hyponic Gear Motor features a modular housing with maintenance-free grease lubrication and high efficiencies. The patented gear technology is reportedly 90% efficient across all ratios and requires no cooling fan. The grease lubrication means that there is no oil to change, and the product's hollow bore makes installation and retrofit effortless and quick. The offset, all-steel hypoid gear design transmits torque more efficiently for more torque in a smaller size, according to the company. Sumitomo Machinery


Multiple configurations

The DPG Directconnect Modular Parallel Gripper has dual double-acting pistons that are connected to both a jaw and a synchronizing bar. They are connected by a drive pin actuated in opposite directions when compressed air is applied. A variety of product configurations can be selected by the user. It has four sets of air ports on four faces, two sensor styles, four sensing positions, two jaw mounting surfaces, and top and back mounting surfaces. Robohand


Reduces cost and time

The fully integrated Planetary Gearboxes (PLGs) are designed to increase the application range for the company's MDrive product line by increasing torque at lower speeds, producing fine positional resolutions, and enabling better inertia matching. The gearboxes come fully assembled and integrated with every version of MDrive. PLGs are available for each size MDrive and 1-, 2-, or 3-stage gearboxes can be selected. All come with an optional mounting flange and shaft keys for MDrive sizes 17, 23, and 34. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.


Reduces system requirements

Designed specifically for machine control and OEM needs, the InteractX(TM) is a Windows-embedded HMI system that increases reliability and application ease, and reduces long-term ownership costs. It can run on Windows98/2000/NT/XP and Embedded NT/XP operating systems. The company provides unlimited tags, saving up to $1,000 on many installations. The "Pack and Load" feature is designed to simplify project management by making it easy to deploy HMI applications to a CTC PowerStation or Industrial PC. Also included are more than 30 standard communications drivers and an OPC interface. CTC Parker Automation


Long stroke

The new BLMA120 material handling actuator features a modular design allowing multi-axis mounting capability with other BLMA modules or HPLA belt-driven actuators, according to the company. Integrating linear motor technology into an industrial hardened actuator with strokes up to 6.3m, it reportedly offers twenty times better positioning precision than the typical belt and pulley actuators, and provides three times the stroke distance normally available with other linear motor tables. Parker Hannifin


Increased system stiffness

The AB and AF Series servo-gearboxes are designed for direct attachment to popular servomotors. Power is transmitted from the motor to the sun gear, and the sun gear drives a three-planet carrier, contained within an internal toothed ring gear. A speed reducer, the product also creates a better inertia match between the load and the motor. The speed-reducing effects of a gear head also serve to increase system resolution. The products can run at up to 10,000 rpm maximum and up to 5,000 rpm nominal with a 30,000 hour L10 bearing life. Apex Dynamics, Inc.


Enables continuous operation

Ideal for controlling systems that ensure vital services such as detention facilities, wastewater processing, and semiconductor labs, the CS1D duplex programmable controller builds on high speed reliability by adding redundancy. If a problem arises in a primary CPU, it will automatically switch control to a second unit within one program scan to enable continuous operation. Omron Electronics Inc.



The Mini-Rail miniature linear guides are designed to provide smooth and quiet linear motion. The self-lubricating design reportedly requires no sealing, emits no particles, and tolerates high temperature extremes. The patented Frelon(R) liner embeds particulates and wipes away grime, making the product able to tolerate harsh environmental conditions. It is available in lengths up to 12 ft and is ideal for such applications as medical devices, material handling applications, semiconductor processing, and pick and place machinery, among others. Pacific Bearing


Flexible and cost-efficient

The Unidrive SP from control technologies is a complex ac drive that functions as a variable frequency, open loop and closed loop vector, and brushless servo and regenerative ac module. Other features a wide fieldbus option range, a universal encoder feedback that accepts 14 different types of signal, and a 200V to 575V ac global voltage supply. Emerson Control Techniques

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