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Power Transmission and Motion Control

Power Transmission and Motion Control

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Ball screw

The Series 2446 ball screw virtually eliminates noise because its ball nut uses end-cap ball returns made of durable plastic. The ball screw is available in 12- or 16-mm diameters with 10-mm pitch. The screws are available with or without backlash and in T5 or T7 accuracy grades. Because the diameters are small, this new screw exhibits low inertia for high-speed applications. Steinmeyer Inc., Enter 611

Servo amplifier

Working with CME2(TM) programming software, the all-digital Junus servo amplifier reportedly simplifies system setup and commissioning with automated functions such as current-loop tuning and operating-mode selection. The DSP-based system eliminates manually adjusted potentiometers and interconnection jumpers. The device features low current ripple, IR compensation velocity control without a tachometer, energy monitoring for thermal protection, and elimination of zero crossing non-linearity. Copley Controls Corp., Enter 612

Rodless cylinder

The RexMover(TM) rodless pneumatic cylinder incorporates high-speed capability (up to 16 ft/sec), virtually leak-free operation, and user-friendly installation and maintenance. An oval-shaped piston design allows greater resistance to side load, and saves space due to a low overall height. Three choices of air connections are available: on the side at both ends, on the rear of the end covers, or on one end cover. Bosch Rexroth Corp., Enter 613

Positioning stages

TLC series linear positioning stages provide accelerations to 10g and velocities to 6 m/sec (load and configuration dependent). Standard features include sub-micron resolution and repeatability up to 1 micron. TLC stages also feature a lightweight, compact carriage incorporating a high-performance direct-drive linear servomotor, an optical linear encoder, and precision-grade mechanical bearings. With ranges from 100 mm to 2m, the stages are for precision positioning and automation applications. ETEL Inc., Enter 614

Logic controller

The FP Sigma logic controller has built-in linear and circular interpolation functions. Other functions include a 0.02-msec start time for an execution of jog operations, a 30- or 60-step option for accel/decel periods, support for CW/CCW operations, and a maximum pulse output of 100 KHz. Aromat Corp., Enter 615

Linear actuator

The LC Series includes a 15-mm captive linear actuator with a step increment of 0.02 mm (0.00079 inch) per step. It features a patent-pending motor design that reportedly reduces costs without compromising performance, and delivers more than 4N (1 lb) of thrust. Applications include use in medical instruments, hand-held devices, office equipment, appliances, optics, and machine automation. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., Enter 616

Linear slides

Featuring Simplicity self-lubricated bearings, these slides have a Frelon(R) bearing surface that reportedly increases load capacity to more than five times that of traditional rolling element bearings. The bearing material absorbs vibrations and shock loads, and is said to eliminate the need for external lubrication. The slides are designed to stand up to harsh environments and heavy-loaded applications. Pacific Bearing, Enter 617

Guidance components

Linear ball bearings feature recirculating balls to provide low friction and unlimited stroke. Profile rail guides provide precise linear positioning together with high load-carrying capacity, high stiffness, and unlimited stroke. Speedi-Roll is an easy-to-mount, low-maintenance, cam roller-type rail guide system. Precision rail guides, which are designed for applications requiring high stiffness and position accuracy with limited strokes, are also available. SKF Motion Technologies, Enter 618


NEMA gearhead ratings are from .25 to 3 hp and reductions range from 3:1 to 595:1. The pin gear construction accepts and transmits force from either direction. The rollers, bushing, and pin spread the force of the load across three different lubricating surfaces. Gearing Solutions, Enter 619

Speed reducers

MAXIMIZER D-90 TYPE SE worm gear speed reducers are designed for severe environments. These stainless-steel devices are suitable for applications requiring frequent wash-down duty, such as in food processing and packaging plants. The reducers are available in three sizes, in either a solid or hollow-shaft configuration. Peerless-Winsmith Inc., Enter 620

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