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Power Transmission and Motion Control

Article-Power Transmission and Motion Control

Power Transmission and Motion Control

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Motion controller

The MAX 3040 4-axis motion controller, including power amplifier and integrated networking, is designed for applications in semiconductor automation equipment, industrial robots, and high performance machinery. With six current patents in place, the motion controller features a DSP engine encompassing the company's digitalPOWER technology, in order to integrate digital control with power electronics. Agile Systems, Enter 628

Optical kit encoders

The HEDR-542X series of miniature optical incremental encoders is designed to develop a two-channel TTL-level digital output from rotary motion. The company's reflective encoder module is used to minimize the package size, measuring 23 mm in diameter and 17.9 mm in height. The encoders measure rotational direction, speed, and motor shaft position in applications such as vending machine dispensers, ATMs, paper feeders, and security camera pan-tilt heads. Agilent Technologies, Enter 629

I/O Expansion Module

The HSSI-IO16 module, an I/O expansion module based on High-Speed Synchronous Seal Interface communication protocol, features 16 opto-isolated sink/source configurable inputs and 16 opto-isolated source outputs with overload protection. Designed to expand and distribute I/Os, it communicates with the controller via Ethernet cables. The I/O gives users the option of a machine 24V power supply or an isolated dc power source. ACS-Tech80, Enter 630

Motor controller

Designed for high speed or high torque motor drive applications, the CFI-4050 High Speed Brushless dc motor controller includes a circuit topology to limit PWM ripple and waveform distortion. Measuring 3 x 6 x 9 inches and rated for 20 kW, the motor controller offers six-step phase currents, intended to reduce brushless dc motor power losses. Comprehensive Power, Enter 631

Drive and control system

With no need for NC programming, the Indramat OPTIFEED-C prefigured, flexible drive and control system reportedly maximizes the number of press line strokes, improving press productivity. According to the company, the system controls roll feed and offers digital synchronization from the start time to the main press drive. System functions include automatic feed adaptation, start-point displacement, and coil processing setpoint output. Bosch Rexroth Corporation, Enter 632

Linear actuators

The size 17 hybrid linear actuator features a 0.9 degrees step angle for higher resolution and 1.5 degrees of full step linear movement. Designed to offer long life, rapid motion, and accurate positioning, the actuator comes in four designs: captive, non-captive, external linear, and linear rotary. Applications include semiconductor handling, medical equipment, X-Y tables, valve control, and telecommunication equipment. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., Enter 633

Brushless motor

This new high speed brushless dc motor is engineered for quiet operation, quick acceleration with little system impact, and cool operating temperatures. Suited for handheld power assembly tools, machine tool spindles, and centrifuges, the motor measures 1.75 x 4 inches, with up to 190 oz-in torque, and is rated for up to 155C ambient temperature. Electrical and mechanical options include windings and custom mounting configurations. Servo Magnetics Inc., Enter 634

Digital amplifier

The SMA9815 DSP-based digital amplifier is designed with both current (torque) and velocity (rpm) modes, 3 kHz current loop bandwidth, reportedly silent 23 kHz servo loop operation, differential quadrature encoder input, and encoder output with divider. Other features include programmable analog output, four programmable second-order control loop filters, and the company's MotionMaestro(TM) setup and tuning software, which may be used to automatically configure an amplifier. Glentek, Inc., Enter 635

Positioning stage

The LC-9.5 is considered the company's smallest automated positioning stage, which reportedly fits into a 10- x 40- x 10-mm envelope, with the motor included. Made with a lightweight aluminum base, the stage offers 0.0005 inch per inch straight-line accuracy. Applications include robotic sampling, adhesive deposition, lens positioning, and invitro diagnostic instruments. Del-Tron Precision Inc., Enter 636


The New Stealth "Advanced" Gearhead reportedly extends seal and gearhead life by increasing internal lubrication and reducing heat. It offers oil for better lubrication, low friction Viton seals for lower start up torque, and magnetic drain plugs for attracting metal wear debris. The front cover design eases field service and seal replacement. Bayside Motion Group, Enter 637

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