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New and Notable Product Design

New and Notable Product Design


Global Marketing Network StartMeUp2 Emergency Jump Starter. A stack of Thin Format 6V P80 Polapulse, environmentally friendly batteries, developed by Polaroid Corp. ( to power its film packs, is the basis of this automotive emergency starter. Plugging the compact device into a cigarette lighter with the key in the accessory position begins recharging the car battery, which the 36V pack accomplishes in less than five minutes. The StartMeUp2's microcontroller eliminates any electronic surges to protect electrical and computer systems. Inventor:Patrick Dixon, ([email protected])


Access CardioSystems AccessAED Defibrillator.

Embedded algorithms allow non-experts to use this 7.3 x 3-inch defibrillator. Software adjusts current to match the impedance of the patient when the 200J shocks are administered. Non response of the patient will boost shock energy to 360J. Another algorithm monitors heart signals detected by the self-adhesive electrodes. If these waveforms do not indicate patterns of a heart attack, the defibrillator will not fire . The AED user interface contains nearly 20 languages for both display and voice cues. VP of Engineering:Kyle Bowers, ([email protected])


Carefree Tire. A patented, roughly 50/50 A and B polymer mix, centrifugally cast, produces this flat-free tire for industrial, construction, and garden equipment. Once the high density Arnco ( polyurethane blend is mixed, it is spun in a mold for distribution. Meanwhile, an exothermic chemical reaction generates microscopic gas cells throughout the polymer elastomer matrix of the resulting tire. This "solid" tire is resilient like an inflated tire but does not lose its load carrying ability or shape if punctured. Marketing Assistant:Norman Smyth ([email protected])

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