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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Motion Control/Power Transmission

Position sensor line

Advanced design capabilities

Responding to customer requests for additional functionality at a lower total cost, the company has introduced the Temposonics G series linear position sensor product line. They offer improved magnetostrictive sensing performance and are compatible with the company's existing installations of L series and Temposonics II series sensors. In addition, the company says, the products can provide better linearity, EMI immunity, and signal to noise performance in harsh electrical environments. Enhanced packaging provides improved shock and vibration resistance, according to the company. MTS Sensors

Lead screw assemblies

Compact design

The NTB series anti-backlash lead screw assemblies are designed for high load applications. According to the company, they maintain axial stiffness while system torque is held to a minimum, reportedly providing smooth operation and long life throughout its load and speed range. This is intended to eliminate the need to highly preload the nut to compensate for load. Available with a triangular flange, round flange, or thread mount, the products can handle a dynamic load of up to 200 lbs. Kerk Motion Products


Compact size

The AMP-19540 is a 4-axis amplifier that is reportedly capable of driving up to four brush or brushless motors up to 500W each. It can attach to the company's DMC-18xx pci bus, DMC-21x0, or any of the company's controllers using a 100-pin scsi connector and cable. Measuring 6.8 x 8.75 x 1 inches, it sits outside of the PC, interfacing to the PCI bus motion controller with a single, 100-pin high-density SCSI cable. The signals for each axis are extracted through D-type connectors. Galil Motion Control

Block style I/O modules

For automation systems

Inline Block I/O modules are a family of block style I/O modules that include 16- and 32-channel digital block modules. They are compatible with a variety of fieldbus protocols and the compact design (a height of 2 inches) allows them to be installed in distributed control panels or control cabinet doors. Installing the product is designed to be easy and communications are integrated into one reportedly low-cost unit. Phoenix Contact

Speed sensor

Speed switch functionality

Designed to operate in demanding, hazardous, and industrial environments, the SpeedTalker DN sensor is reportedly the first DeviceNet-enabled speed sensor with speed switch functionality. It incorporates sensing and shaft speed analysis for real-time maintenance feedback and machine diagnostics, according to the company. The sensor features an "open style" connector and is designed to be easy to install and configure. Electro-Sensors Inc.

SSI LED display

Switches between gray and binary codes

The "Kubler by TURCK" SSI LED display features six 15-mm digits and adjustable brightness control. It can reportedly be used with either an ac or dc power supply and is suitable for all SSI formats up to 25 bits; it can also reportedly be used for SSI clock frequencies ranging from 100 Hz to 1 MHz. The product is available either with an analog or with two programmable transistor outputs. TURCK Inc.

Multi-featured parts

Saves assembly time

HELI-CAL(R) Flexure is the basic helix constituent of the company's coupling and machined spring lines; it integrates the functions of several parts and can be designed and manufactured in a range of materials, coil thicknesses, and number of colors. Its physical properties make it suitable for a variety of applications. Helical Products

Parallel shaft gearmotor

Custom mounts available

The PS2300 parallel shaft gearmotor reportedly features high continuous duty torque ratings up to 320 inch-lbs and compatibility with the company's ac, pm, and dc brushless motors. It also has powder-coated cast aluminum housing and standard face and foot mounts. Available in 13 ratios from 5:1 to 300:1, the product is ideal for industrial conveyor or commercial garage door applications where high start and stop torque is mandatory. Groschopp

Digital measuring system

Simplifies factory alignment

The company's two new digital Microgage receivers are designed to improve machinery and equipment alignment directly on the factory floor. They connect to the Microgage 2000 Display and can reportedly be used up to 80 ft from the laser source. The recorded 0.0001-inch accuracy makes them suitable for such applications as checking machine tool runout, aligning rotors, positioning shafts and gear drive systems, and other factory projects. Pinpoint Laser Systems

Brushless dc servo motors

Responsive, customizable

Available in two popular frame sizes (22 and 36 mm), the length of the motor is designed to be easily customized to meet specific customer requirements. It reportedly features a very low inertia, with typical operating speeds between 2,000 and 8,000 rpm. Continuous stall torques range from 2 to 20 oz-inches. Examples of ideal applications include XY positioning tables, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, high-speed servos, and flow control valves. Servo Magnetics Inc.

Position transducer

Small package

The MT2A cable-extension position transducer measures less than 2 inches in diameter and features a flexible, high-tension, durable measuring cable that provides a measurement range of 30 inches. Its flexible mounting bracket allows 2-axis rotation, making the product reportedly easy to install. It is ideal for a variety of testing applications, including wheel displacement, wing deflection, pedal variance, and robotic control. Celesco Transducer Products, Inc.

Stepper motor

Ultra fine precision

The NEMA size 11 precision 5-phase stepper motor series is designed for automated device and machinery OEMs requiring nano-speed precision and high torque in a stepper motor. Its compact structural size is reportedly the smallest motor frame size of the 5-phase stepper variety on the market. The series consists of two types of motors: PEE533A(B) and PEE535A(B). Both are able to operate from 500 steps-per-revolution, when using the company's general 5-phase ac or dc driver, to 500,000 steps-per-revolution. Nyden Corp.

Pre-driver IC products

Wide operating temperature range

The company has introduced a family of pre-driver IC products designed to drive external N-Channel MOSFETs, and fill the need for driving either dc brush or dc brushless motors in systems with motor supply voltages as low as 7V and as high as 60V. The automotive market is ideally suited for these products. Features include fault diagnostics and reporting, and operation over a wide supply voltage range. Each is available in a variety of surface mount packages. Allegro Microsystems Inc.

Torque transmitters

High safety margins

The MCRT(R) 39000X series 2-wire, 4-20 mA torque transmitters are reportedly robust, non-contact devices that measure the torque, speed, and power of rotating machines. Features include hardening against electromagnetic interference generated by IGBT-based adjustable speed drives, higher accuracy, extended torque ranges, and higher operating speeds. With bi-directional operating from stall to maximum speed, the products have stainless steel shafts, splash proofing, and permanent lubrication. Standard models are available in capacities from 25 to 2,000,000 lb-inches with both shaft and flanged types offered. S. Himmelstein and Company

Deburring tool

Radially compliant

Designed as a patented, radially compliant deburring tool that satisfies 90 percent of all robotic and automated deburring applications, the Flexdeburr(TM) 340 has a "floating" motor and spindle arrangement. This allows the deburring tip's radial compliance to perform consistently on irregular part patterns. The pneumatically controlled product allows the cutting bit to follow the part profile, and features a spindle arrangement mounted within a housing, using a pivot bearing to provide the radial movement. It is suited for removing flash and parting lines on die cast parts. ATI Industrial Automation


Improves performance

The company's 600V 50A non-punch-through diescrete IGBTs for motor drive applications in D2 Pak and TO-220 feature a "square" reverse bias safe operating area. They are also designed with a 10 microsecond short-circuit capability, improving the motor drive's reliability and durability. They are ideal for hard-starting motor drive applications with high in-rush currents with power levels up to 6 kW, such as vacuum switches, switch reluctance drives, and UPS systems. International Rectifier

Cooling fans

Low noise

An addition to the MRS series of ORIX(TM) axial flow fans, the MRS20 reportedly provides a maximum airflow of 547 cfm with a maximum static pressure of 1.06 inches of H20 (model MRS20-BUL), with a single-phase 115V ac, 60-Hz power input. Other standard models include the single-phase 230V ac, 60-Hz (MRS20-DUL), and the three-phase 230V ac, 60-Hz (MRS20-TUL). All share equivalent air-moving performance and are available with a low-speed alarm. Operating ambient temperature ranges from 14 to 140F. Oriental Motor USA Corp.

Advanced motor control IC

For brushless dc motors

The MC73110 motor control IC is a single-axis controller designed to provide high performance digital current loop, velocity loop, and commutation for brushless motors. It operates in one of three modes: internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode with an external command signal, and torque mode with an external command signal. The product is ideal for building high performance, low-cost brushless motor amplifiers; it can be used in such applications as motion control amplifiers, medical automation, centrifuges, tape drives, machine tools, and semiconductor equipment, among others. Performance Motion Devices - PMD

Miniature triaxial accelerometer

Lightweight, easy installation

Weighing in at just 0.4g, the Model 7269 is ideal for biomechanics research, studies of head injuries, testing of sports helmets, heads-up displays, and ejection seats. Its small size enables installation in hard-to-access areas or on small electronic assemblies. By using three micromachined sensors, the product is designed to offer exceptional output and high resonance frequency. The sensor reportedly includes integral mechanical stops and internal diodes for electrostatic discharge protection. Endevco Corp.

Commutation Encoder

With fewer components

The R35i small encoder reportedly incorporates a custom state-of-the-art ASIC that includes fewer components, increased performance, and high product quality in a smaller package. It is designed to provide both brushless motor commutation and higher resolution incremental position signals in a 1.38-inch OD x 0.55-inch length package size. It is offered for 4, 6, and 8 pole brushless motors, with an output frequency response that reaches 500 kHz. Renco Encoders Inc.


Two operation modes

The AB2 amplifier is designed for use with all HR series motors. It combines two modes of operation, standard servo mode and ultra-high resolution mode (1 nm), and it provides unlimited travel with a range of velocity from 1 mu/sec to 250 mm/sec, according to the company. The dc mode, activated by an input command, reportedly converts the plus or minus 10 analog input into an ultrahigh resolution positioning with total travel of plus or minus 300 nm and sub-nanometer resolution. The product is meant to eliminate the need for two tandem axes, as the traditional configuration required for coarse and fine positioning. Nanomotion

I/O Products

Reduced cost, complexity

The company's networked I/O products for its XMP motion controllers are equipped with the CANOpen master interface. The SLICE I/O product line includes over 60 different digital and analog I/O configurations, and is designed to provide machine builders a single controller solution for all I/O and motion control requirements. Integrating the I/O function on a high performance motion controller reportedly reduces cost and complexity in wiring, programming, and troubleshooting. Also enabled by the close coupling of data are advanced servo control features, such as position latching and accurate on-the-fly registration. Motion Engineering Inc. (MEI)


Programmable alarms for low signal alert

Reportedly the first high-performance position feedback encoder to operate maximum speed and resolution, the Mercury(TM) 3500Si can achieve recorded speeds of 7.2 m/sec, while operating at 4-nm interface. Encoder position values are digitized and sent directly into the controller's DSP, providing a connection ideal for encoder interfacing. At 8.4 mm tall, the product also features LED indicators for instrument-free sensor alignment. MicroE Systems

Digital LCD readout

Programmable scaling factor

With a reported low cost, the ED3 is designed to display an encoder's incremental count values. It features count speeds up to 1.2 MHz, programmable decimal point, bidirectional count, a sealed front panel, and X1 or X4 count mode. It also retains configuration when power is removed and accepts TTL quadrature and index signals, according to the company. Possible applications include milling machine digital readout, shaft angle position indication, XY table positioning indication, and inclinometer angle indication (digital level). US Digital Corp.

Adjustable linear drive assemblies

Remote control knobs

Using optional remote control knobs located outside of the pillow block end supports, the drive head stroke length on the Model RG liner drive assemblies may now be adjusted. The end stops can be moved together or apart by turning the knobs; this sets the stroke length because the position of the end stops determines the drive head reversal points. They are available in nine sizes: 15 to 80 mm, meeting various thrust and payload requirements. Amacoil Inc.

Modular hybrid step motor

High resolution

The 3609Z is a miniature size 14 modular hybrid step motor that is designed to be integrated into a wide range of interchangeable "press-on" size 14 or 17 housings, allowing users to easily customize the motor's mounting configuration for their applications. Its ceramic resin integral housing and end cap configuration reportedly provide a strong mechanical structure with enhanced thermal capabilities. The low inertia motor develops an acceleration of 57,100 radians/sec2. Lin Engineering


Enhanced system integration

The MSA66 is a full bridge, 4-quadrant PWM amplifier that is reportedly capable of driving dc brush motors in the 1/3 hp range and smaller. It is designed to operate with ground referenced inputs that swing from -10 to +10V, matching the output characteristics of many motor control ICs and eliminating the need for an additional power supply. Rated at 5A output with motor supplies up to 80V, the MSA66 can deliver 400W of continuous power to the load, according to the company. Apex Microtechnology

AC motor speed controllers

Offers range of functions

The ES01/ES02 series of compact ac motor speed controllers accepts input power of 110/115V (ES01) and 200/230V (ES02) to control ac motors and gearmotors over a range of 90 to 1,400 rpm and 90 to 1,600 rpm. They can be used with the company's World K and V series ac induction or reversible speed control motors. Included functions are controlled acceleration and deceleration and instantaneous stopping capability. Oriental Motor USA Corp.

Gear head

With custom lubrication

The Micron EverTRUE continuous duty planetary gear head has a reported life of at least 30,000 hours, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is designed for higher speeds, longer life, and continuous duty operation and is featured in three frame sizes: 100, 140, and 180 mm. Ratio availability ranges from 4:1 to 100:1. Danaher Motion

On-board PLC

Adds intelligent, precise control

The 3G3MV-P10CDT-E on-board PLC is designed to install directly on the company's 3G3MV inverter, offering the benefits of a fully-featured CPM2C-S PLC embedded in the inverter. It measures 68 x 128 x 38 mm and reportedly eliminates the costs and delay of point-to-point wiring. A direct, dual-port RAM connection enables complete access to inverter parameters, which results in enhanced speed, positioning, and function control for the application being controlled, according the company. Omron Electronics Inc.

Belly box remote controllers

With aluminum case

Created as a new standard in belly box remote controllers, the T34A is reportedly smaller, lighter, and more ergonomic than the company's predecessors. The side-mounted battery case is designed to make AA battery replacement more convenient. The guard bar has been strengthened so that it may now be used as a handle, and the lever handles allow operators to discern the controls without looking down. The product is ideally suited for proportional or multi-speed control of cranes and other industrial material handling equipment. Remtron

I/O Processors

Highly programmable

The SNAP-ARL-ASDS brain is the first product available in the company's SNAP OEM I/O family of I/O processors. It is reportedly a highly programmable, Linux-based I/O processor for OEMs, IT professionals, and others wishing to develop and use custom software applications to interface with the full line of Opto 22 SNAP I/O(TM) modules. The product is an ARM-based, compact processor that mounts on standard Opto 22 SNAP B-series mounting racks and interfaces with a mix of analog, digital, and serial SNAP I/O modules. Opto 22

Pushbutton solution

Compact, rugged

The FDN20-4S-4XSG-E pushbutton solution is compact and rugged and has a built-in DeviceNet(TM) eurofast(R) connector. The device powers its input and outputs from DeviceNet(TM), so no other cables are needed. It has an operating temperature range of -25 to 70C and the printed circuit board is coated to protect electronics against condensation within the enclosure. InterlinkBT

Energy chain

Smooth contours, tubular design

Released as an addition to the company's Triflex(R) line of flexible Energy Chains(R), the Triflex R is designed for robotic applications requiring 3D and multi-axis freedom of movement. It is constructed with a trailer-hitch-style modular assembly, which is meant to provide high tensile strength and flexibility without the need for steel cables. Other features include uniform bending radius in every direction, torsion bars fitted into specific guide openings, and easy assembly, installation, maintenance, and access to cables. igus

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