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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Motion Control/Power Transmission

Aluminum profiles

Robust, smooth surface

The company's nine new high-strength profiles feature inch-based cross sections, and range in size from 1 x 1 inch to 3 x 6 inches. With T-slotted design and large center bore to handle heavy loads and tough applications, the products are designed to offer faster, flexible alternatives to welded steel in structural framing applications. They also are designed to provide for flush mounting of profile strips to create a smooth, finished surface. Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Switching mat

With deck plate surface

The Diamond Plate safety mat is constructed with 3/16-inch aluminum deck plate. Engineered to handle factory vehicular traffic, such as forklifts, steel-wheel carts, and pallet loaders, the product's durable metal surface makes it suitable for use around welding debris, hot parts and chips, and applications with abundant sparking. The product's surface is non-sparking and non-magnetic, according to the company. Tapeswitch Corporation

Brushless dc system

High power, low noise

As part of the company's BX series brushless dc speed control systems, the expanded products come in high output power models of 200 and 400W. They are reportedly available with quiet GFH gearheads or in a round shaft version. Electromagnetic brake models are also available and are designed to allow a load to be held in a stationary position. Two package configurations are available, and the complete product family features four frame sizes with five output powers. Oriental Motor USA Corp.

Material handling and inspection

Various mechanical configurations

Designed for press machine loading and inspection of component parts, the company's material handling and inspection system uses Cognex, PPT, DVT, Keyence, and other vision system suppliers for online and offline inspection systems. Each system reportedly includes the application engineering for lighting, optics, and inspection setup on the customer's part. Mechanical configurations vary but include pick-and-place, vision-guided robots, and feeder bowls. Cincinnati Automation

Cylinder and roll storage

Saves time in material handling

Reportedly used by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving to store the rolls used in the machines for currency printed, the company's cylinder and roll storage units are designed to save two or three steps in material handling. The product's tapered cradling eliminates the damage that can be caused by bumping the cylinders into each other, according to the company. Custom units are available, and shelf sizes range from 24 to 240 inches long. Proper Storage Systems Inc.

Cost-effective and versatile Encoder

TR Electronic Inc. has introduced the ZI-58 series encoder. With an output of 5 to 32,768 pulses (131,072 steps), it can be programmed to any value and mechanical zero pulse position required, even after online installation. The encoder reportedly provides a cost-effective and versatile tool to machine designers and maintenance personnel and elminates the need for incremental encoders. TR Electronic Inc.

Brushless motor line

With more torque

Expanding on the company's BSMC-series brushless motor line, the new products feature a recorded 50 percent more torque and are available in a smaller size than previous models (up to 2 inches). They offer the highest torque and are packaged in the smallest size, according to the company. The C series is available in three frame sizes: BSM80C, BSM90C, and BSM100C, which reportedly provide up to 780 lb-inch of peak torque and 260 lb-inch of continuous stall torque. Ideal applications include packaging, material handling, labeling, and registration, among others. Baldor Electric Company

Rotating torque sensor

Robust design

The company's rotating torque sensor is reportedly capable of withstanding very high radial loads to the rotating shaft structure. The bearing design is engineered to allow the sensor to be sensitive for low torque measurements. Typical applications include CV and U-joint performance evaluations. Various torque ranges and other custom designs are available, according to the company. Sensor Developments Inc.

Rotary encoder

For large hollow shafts

Created for use on large shafts such as the C-axis or lathes, spindle drives, and electric motors, the ERM 2x0 series of magnetic modular rotary encoders include a reduced scanning head size and improvements to the measuring standard. The scanning head reportedly measures 20 mm, and the maximum permissible speed has been increased from 24,000 to 40,000 rpm. The products also offer a larger scale drum, with the largest featuring an inside diameter of 410 mm and an outside diameter of 452.64 mm with 3,600 poles. Heidenhain

Touchscreen HMI

Compact size, 256 colors

The 6-inch touchscreen HMI, product number HMI520H, is designed as an alternative to the company's 5.7-inch STN display. It offers 256 colors and a 5.7-inch TFT display, allowing it to fit into small spaces. Other features include Ethernet, compact flash, macro scripting, multi-language labeling, high-speed 200-MHz processor, and 4-wire analog resistive touchscreen technology, created for reported design freedom. Maple Systems

Aluminum dollies

Corrosion resistant

Available in two styles, the company's aluminum dollies are designed to be used in a range of material handling applications and to free tow motors from handling small loads and short hauls. The products are reportedly corrosion resistant, lightweight, and durable for use in a variety of transport applications. They can be ordered in two designs: lips up or lips down. The formed angle aluminum deck is bolted together with galvanized fasteners and supports loads up to 1,200 lbs, according to the company. Akro-Mils

Position transducer

Mounted in steel box

Engineered to provide dancer roll position feedback signals, the high-precision geared potentiometer is rated for 1W and will reportedly provide better than 1-percent linearity with essentially infinite resolution. It has a large stainless steel input shaft that is supported by double-sealed and pre-lubricated ball bearings. All units are designed to operate from -65 to +125C. Datatran Labs Inc.

Brushless servo motor

Features electromotive coil technology

The TG2300 series NEMA 23 frame brushless dc servo motor features peak torque of 574 oz-inch for quick acceleration and deceleration of heavy torque loads at up to 7,200 rpm. The motor also features the company's patented high-efficiency electromotive coil technology that is designed to eliminate the need for gearbox reduction in many applications. It also reduces backlash, cost, heat buildup, noise, and space requirements, according to the company. ThinGap Motor Technologies

M2M system

Combines required elements

Reportedly the first M2M system to market that supplies all required sensor interfaces, wired or wireless communications, and a software portal application into a single package, Nvio offers a low-risk, easily deployed method to monitor, message, control, and acquire operational data from the extended enterprise, according to the company. Applications can include remote monitoring and management of data points for tanks, pipelines, and manufacturing equipment. They can also include status and on/off control for lights, motors, generators, and other equipment. Opto 22

Lift table

New bore size

The Pneumatic Lift Table is designed as a short, stable cylinder that incorporates four guide shafts for maximum rigidity. It is engineered for lifting applications where other non-rotating cylinders cannot handle an overhung load, and space is at a premium. The product is available in three sizes: 50, 80, and 125 mm. Options include internal bumpers, magnetic position sensing, and high-temperature operation. Stroke lengths are offered in 5-mm increments to 100 mm. Bimba Manufacturing Company


Reduce costs, improve reliability

The company has expanded its Allen-Bradley(R) GuardPLC(TM) , and new products include two new controllers: the GuardPLC 1600 and GuardPLC 1800. The 1600 reportedly offers 20 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs; the 1800 offers 24 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. Also included in the family are new programming software and three I/O blocks that are designed to bring distributed I/O to safety applications. Rockwell Automation

Universal network controller

Improved performance

Designed as an embedded, application-ready platform, the UNO-2160 small footprint universal network controller runs a Celeron 400-MHz processor with two PC/104 expansion slots and powerful backup features. It can reportedly be used as a controller, communication gateway, or thin client running Windows(R) CE.NET 4.2 or Windows XP Embedded. Advantech Corporation

Brushless dc servo motor

With neodymium magnet

The 4490B and 4490BS series of brushless dc servo motors feature dimensions of 44-mm diameter x 90 mm. Both offer the combination of skew-winding and high-performance neodymium magnets. The B series have delta-connected windings, reportedly resulting in higher motor currents with lower voltages. The BS series features star-connected windings and high torque; the motor currents are lower, and the voltage is higher, according to the company. Faulhaber Group


Simplifies complex dashboards

The SAE J1939 controller/gateway is designed to use the standardized application layer protocols CANopen and SAE J1939 to control the functions of special purpose applications on a vehicle,enabling the exchange of data between the applications and the vehicle's powertrain. It reportedly controls special purpose applications, such as moving/lifting mechanisms, remote hydraulics, timing/sequence control, load sensing/limiting, monitoring analog inputs, and proportional control of outputs. It can simplify complex dashboards by giving operators clear and concise feedback from one central location, according to the company. ifm efector inc.

Coordinated motion control

Facilitates set up

The company's CMO works with LabVIEW graphical programming software to make distributed motion systems commissioning fast and simple. The development of low-level code is reportedly eliminated. Trajectory generation, network management, and CANopen message formatting are automatically taken care of, according to the company. Coordinated motion is designed to be as easy as single axis point-to-point. Copley Controls Corp.

Steel disk seals

All-metal, non-contact

Designed to provide protection for grease-lubricated rollers bearings in applications where wash-down or regular exposure to liquids may be required, NILOS-Ring steel disk seals incorporate a VITON(R) gasket. These all-metal, non-contact labyrinth seals (Type LST-L rings) reportedly serve as a practical and easily used method to help improve performance and extend service life. They are ready-to-install, compact, and feature a low profile of 4 mm high. SKF Motion Technologies


Large field of view

With a large measurement area that offers greater versatility when measuring width and height of solid and opaque targets, the Big Beam Sensor's functionality is reportedly not affected by target surface color or reflectivity. When interfacing to a system controller, the device can reduce non-conforming parts shipment and increase production line efficiency and quality control, according to the company. It features a compact size with sensing lengths up to 1m apart without effective accuracy. LMI Technologies

M2M communication system

Provides additional coverage

The 200 telemetry module has been integrated with the SNAP I/O hardware to form a comprehensive machine-to-machine communications system for remote asset monitoring, management, and data acquisition over CDMA networks. The integration is designed to provide additional coverage and new communications options for customers seeking to remotely manage and acquire operational data from their extended enterprise and incorporate it into existing business applications and databases. Opto 22


Features speed, ruggedness

The direct drive ServoTube actuator is designed to deliver speed with the ruggedness of pneumatics, the controllability of ballscrews, and the inherent reliability of direct drive linear motors. It is reportedly the first three-phase linear motor designed specifically as an actuator. Paired with a matching Xenus indexer, the product provides complete low-cost positioning, according to the company. Its continuous force ranges from 51 to 104N. Peak force is 662N. Copley Controls Corp.

Ethernet switch

With ESD protection

The company's ADAM-6520-A industrial Ethernet switch has been upgraded and released as ADAM-6520-B. The new product reportedly supports 4,000V ESD protection and a solid screw terminal design to ensure power lines are secured. Applications include assembly lines, semiconductor factories, and automated factories. Advantech Corp.

Digital kit encoder

Very small, high resolution

Reported as the world's smallest optical encoder to provide 50-nm resolution from the sensor, the Mercury(TM) 1800 digital kit encoder measures 8.9 mm tall. It is available in two resolutions: 50 or 100 nm, linear or up to 6.5 million CPR rotary. It features high resolution designed to minimize clogging and an exclusive 1-LSB optical index, allowing system repeatability and easy setup. It is designed for high-noise, industrial applications. MicroE Systems

Motion controller

Power processing increase

The ZMP motion controller features a 10X increase in processing power (when compared to the rest of the product family) and double precision to enable the product to run advanced control algorithms. It is compatible with the Motion Programming Interface and is a PMC form factor SynqNet(TM) motion controller that reportedly provides machine builders with in high-performance motion control. Motion Engineering Inc.

Brushless dc motor

Low inertia

Engineered to facilitate the simplicity of drop-in replacement of a conventional brush motor where long life and quiet operation are essential, the company's compact, low-inertia, 12V, 2-wire brushless dc motor is reportedly well suited for portable or battery-operated applications. Measuring 31 mm in diameter and 62 mm long, the product features a range of electrical and mechanical options, such as windings for specific power requirements and custom mounting configurations. It is designed to sustain applications where the motor will endure high-vibration loads. Servo Magnetics Inc.

Programmable IC

Low RF emissions

Engineered to offer automotive electronics engineers with a means to implement programmable PWM motor control without external EMC filters, the AS8444 PWM dc motor driver/controller is for electric motors from 200-700W. The IC features low RF emissions over its entire frequency range, and the integrated EMC compliant driver eliminates the need for external EMC filter components. Applications include automotive uses, as well as radiator fan controls, HVAC blower and compressor controls, and water and oil pumps. Austriamicrosystems AG

Servo motor amplifiers

Free setup, tuning software

The Geo iDrive family of programmable 1- and 2-axis universal servo motor three-phase amplifiers is designed to provide the flexibility and power to support a range of motion control applications. Features of the product include eight digital inputs at 24V per 1- or 2-axis drive, direct line connections for either 240 or 480V ac (single or three-phase), and dc operation from 24 to 740V. It comes with free setup and tuning software that makes it easy to use, according to the company. Delta Tau Data Systems

Elevator positioning table

Meets strict requirements

Designed to meet the strict requirements of semiconductor inspection, fiber optics assembly, and machine vision applications, the PZA25 elevator positioning table offers users vertical positioning capability with sub-micron resolution. It reportedly does this in a high-access, space-saving package that incorporates a precision-machined wedge and recirculating bearing mechanism. Vertical position resolution using the 25-mm linear encoder is 0.25 mm. Primatics

Induction motor


Created to perform in harsh environments, the company's induction motor meets NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure specifications. The product's design reportedly incorporates several high-quality construction features to ensure dependable operation and long service life. It is configured with two or four poles, and achieves operating speeds up to 3450 rpm, according to the company. It is rated up to 60 Hz and provides power output from 1/20 to 1/2 hp. EADmotors

Machined springs

Predictable, repeatable

The company has applied its flexible coupling, helical beam know-how to the design and manufacture of high performance, "machined" springs. Customer-specified end attachments can be integrated into a single machined spring, including clamps, tangs, flanges, or threaded ends. The attachment features are designed to have an impact on system performance production efficiencies and overall cost savings. Helical Products Company Inc.

Industrial PC

For harsh environments

Created for use in operator consoles with flat panel displays, the CyBox(R) 8 reportedly provides a rugged and versatile systems platform for industrial and machine control applications in harsh environments. It features a solid stainless steel enclosure and an intelligent environmental control system that is designed to ensure the safe operation of its 2.0-GHz Pentium-4 Celeron processor and power supply in temperatures up to 50C. The PC integrates directly into the operator console, and its cover enclosure may be hermetically sealed against the outside environment. American Eltec

Ethernet switch

With layer 3 support

The RM920 is a managed layer 2/3 switch designed for VME applications, with reportedly full wire-speed performance. This allows the fastest quality-of-service processing, coupled with layer 2/3 based switching, according to the company. It is a high-level solution with fully managed capability via SNMP or Telnet. It is available in two variants, and is designed to be used as a high-speed interconnect within a server blade chassis or as a core switch in fault-tolerant clusters of embedded systems. GE Fanuc Automation


With real-time clock

The BX Controller is designed to allow users to program with one open software package, choose from 100 different I/O signals, and stock one type of I/O for all their various machine types. IP20 rated, the product features standard fieldbus port for Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP/IP, CANopen, and RS232/RS485. It also features a real-time clock and multi-tasking capability. Beckhoff Automation LLC

Linear actuator

Miniature size, reduced drag torque

As part of the company's ScrewRail(TM) linear actuator line, the Mini ScrewRail is available in a 0.375-inch outside diameter. Ideal for medical, data storage, semiconductor, and photonics equipment applications, the product uses the company's proprietary Kerkote(TM) TFE coating on the both the lead screw and guide rail. This is designed to minimize drag torque and extend wear life. It is available with a variety of screw leads in both standard and self-compensating anti-backlash assemblies. Kerk Motion Products


Low energy consumption

CAT21 electromechanical linear actuators are designed to enable cost-effective and easy customization by using a modular design and standard internal external components, such as screws, motors, and attachments. They can reportedly be engineered for a variety of medical and industrial equipment to perform a range of functions, including opening/closing, gripping/clamping, raising/lowering, and pushing/pulling. According to the company, they are compact, corrosion-resistant, maintenance free, and reliable. SKF Motion Technologies

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