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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Cylinders offer compact size

"HE" Series electronic-feedback cylinders pair a standard hydraulic tie-rod cylinder with an electronic sensing device to create a closed-loop smart cylinder that follows computer-programmed instructions and continually feeds back its own position. This permits the computer to continually re-adjust the cylinder stroke until the precise, desired position is attained. The cylinders are compact in size and fit existing applications of standard cylinders. All bore sizes are available in 11/2 inches and up, all rod sizes are available in 5/8 inch and up, and strokes are available up to 60 inches. All electronics are separated from the probe, allowing for quick and easy service.
Atlas Cylinders, 29289 Airport Rd., Eugene, OR 97402, FAX (503) 688-6771

Valves provide reduced lead content

Enviro-Check(R) series control valves meet the most stringent proposed EPA guidelines for reduced lead content. The Enviro-Check valve trim material reduces lead content without compromising the strength of the valve. Both Full Port "C" series valves and Reduced Cavitation Configuration "CF" series valves feature a NSF-approved, epoxy-coated, cast-iron valve body with unleaded Enviro-Check(R) trim, NITRILE seals, and a diaphragm with stainless-steel stem and fasteners. The "C" series is available in 11/2 to 6 inches with a variety of options. The "CF" series is available in sizes 3 to 8 inches. An Angle Pattern valve is also available in a limited size range.
Flomatic(R), Box 100, North Hoosick, NY 12133, FAX (518) 686-5670

Valve provides high-abrasion resistance

The Flexgate Slurry Knifegate Valve is a heavy-duty, rugged valve engineered for operator dependability, low maintenance, and high abrasion resistance. A heavy-duty, stainless-steel gate passes through two heavy-duty-cartridge, reinforced, rubber slurry sleeves. These rubber slurry sleeves provide a compression interference fit resulting in a droptight seal. When the valve is in the open position, the full port design eliminates flow obstructions, keeping abrasive wear to a minimum. Designed for on/off service, the valve is suited for use in mining operations, power plants, pulp mills, wastewater treatment, sludge, and abrasive slurry or solids handling plants.
Red Valve Co. Inc., 700 N. Bell Ave., Carnegie, PA 15106, FAX (412) 279-7878

Detection system checks flux flow rate

A Low Flux Flow-Rate detection system for the AT&T Spray Fluxer product line alerts the operator if the flux flow rate drops below the desired level. The system allows the user to set the lower limit for flux flow. Based on an optical sensor, the system indicates the relative flux flow rate, and alerts the operator via an audible and a visual alarm if the flow drops below the set point.
AT&T, Box 900, Princeton, NJ 08542

Valve eliminates manual draining

EDV-2002 Terminator(TM) solenoid drain valve automatically removes condensate from compressed air equipment such as receivers, refrigerated dryers, separators, aftercoolers, drop legs, and filters. This eliminates the need for manual draining or leaving manual valves "cracked" in the open position. Features include a panel-mountable timer, an optional remote installation kit, LED status lights and test function, and NEMA 4 enclosure of durable nylon. The EDV-2002 can be installed indoors or out and is available in ac or dc voltages. Standard connection sizes are 1/4 and 1/2 inch. All standard units are rated for 300 psi maximum working pressure.
Van Air Systems Inc., 2950 Mechanic St., Lake City, PA 16423, FAX (814) 774-3482

Press provides compact form

Two-column Powerpackage Press is a pneumatic cylinder with an integrated air-to-oil intensifier that combines the forward stroke into the pneumatic fast approach and resistance-activated powerstroke. It is available in capacities from 1 to 100 tons. Standard clearance between posts ranges from 8 to 17 inches for the standard models. The press provides a strong design in a compact form and operates on 900 psi shop air. The load is absorbed by the two-column frame with minimum deflection. Typical applications include riveting, bending, punching, steelrule die cutting, nibbling, lancing, notching, blanking, shearing, coining, marking, sciving, drawing, clamping, and pressing.
Tox-Pressotechnik, LTD., 730 Racquet Club Dr., Addison, IL 60101, FAX (708) 543-4420

Pumps offer no seal wear

Seal-less, magnetic-coupled, self-priming centrifugal pumps have a suction lift capability of 10 ft, 57-ft head. They are for applications where liquid is below pump level, and gravity feed is not available. The pumps, of all polypropylene construction, have a self-priming chamber. No opening in side of tank or other fluid container is necessary. They offer the advantages of a seal-less magnetic coupled centrifugal pump: surface-to-surface contact, seal wear, power robbing friction, or leakage through the seal.
March Mfg. Co. Inc., 1819 Pickwick Ave., Glenview, IL 60025, FAX (708) 729-7062

Pump offers rigid, PTFE tubing

Peristaltic pump uses rigid, PTFE tubing.As a result it can be used in pharmaceutical and biotech applications where organic solvents, caustic solutions, and high-purity biologicals must be pumped. It delivers flow rates of 0.06 to 70 ml/min at pressures up to 100 psi. It features an operating range of 1to 300 rpm.
Barnant Co., 28W092 Commercial Ave., Barrington, IL 60010, FAX (708) 381-7053

Pumps offer easy transport

Fixed- and variable-rate sampling pumps are easily portable for use in the field or in the plant. A rechargeable, 12V dc battery with a front-panel, low-battery light is built into the pumps. The battery allows for continuous operation up to 21/2 hours on each charge. The pumps also feature a rustproof, chemical-resistant, coated aluminum housing; 28-feet water lift; and silicone or C-flex tubing. Included with the pumps is an adapter for a 12V battery and 115V ac. Both pumps weigh 151/2 lbs and measure 111/2 x 8 x 7 inches. Variable flow rate is up to 1,100 ml/min.
Barnant Co., 28W092 Commercial Ave., Barrington, IL 60010

Diaphragm offers long life

One-Up(R) single-piece Teflon diaphragm consists of an advanced form of PTFE and neoprene with a nylon reinforcement. This combination eliminates the need for a conventional two-piece diaphragm system that consists of a Teflon overlay and an elastomer backup diaphragm. Because of the chemical resistance of Teflon and the flex lifeof the rubber, the One-Up dia-phragm will last longer in the harshest applications.
Versa-Matic(TM)Pump Co., 6017 Enterprise Dr., Export, PA 15632, FAX (412) 327-4300

Scale-removal system handles tough jobs

Heavy-duty, portable scale-removal system requires only two connections and can easily remove scale from instantaneous water heaters, heat exchangers of all types, booster heaters, and pumps. The system comes with an easy-to-fill, 15-gal, polypropylene tank mounted on a steel-frame hand truck. With a rugged ceramic-seated pump and 1/2 HP 115/230V motor, the system can handle applications where lime scale, rust, and mud have adhered to heat-exchanger surfaces.
Armstrong International Inc.,
Box 408,Three Rivers, MI 49093

Actuators feature wide-stance bearing

LSA Series, non-rotating, weld-immune, linear, straight actuators deflect less than 0.0010 inch in high side-load applications. The actuators are available in 1.5- and 2.5-inch strokes and can be used in either pneumatic or hydraulic service up to 1,000 psi. LSA units feature a wide-stance bearing system that provides rigidity, as well as a minimized size permiting easy application in hard-to-reach areas. To maximize the LSA's ease of application, the entire unit complies to AUTO/STEEL Partnership interface standards. Both AUTO/STEEL locating-pin systems are supported, as well as the standard hard-metric spacer-mounting plates.
ZAYTRAN Inc., Box 1660, Elyria, OH 44036, FAX (216) 324-3552

Pump provides low sound levels

The MP 15/35V Integrated Motor Pump (IMP) has a very low operating-sound level. The oil-cooled motor and vane pump configuration achieves a sound level equivalent to that of an average office environment and is 16 dB(A) lower than conventional air-cooled electric motor and vane pump combination units. This equates to an operating sound level approximately 85% quieter.
Vickers Inc., 3000 Strayer, Maumee, OH 43537

Honorable Mention

Slides provide high output

HBT Series pneumatic thrust slides for guided linear-motion applications combine the thrust output of pneumatic cylinders with the load-carrying ability of linear bearings and guide rods. Two parallel-precision, ground Rc 60-65, case-hardened support shafts are guided by four linear bushings and incorporated into an H-Body assembly. The bearings are prelubricated and sealed to provide millions of trouble-free cycles. An out-board wiper seal protects the bearing from contamination and retains lubrication. This ensures long life with reduced maintenance. Maximum operating pressure is 150 psi and stroke tolerance is plus or minus 1/32 inch.
Parker Hannifin Corp., Automation Actuator Div., 135 Quadral Dr., Wadsworth, OH 44281, FAX (216) 334-3335

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