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Dassault DraftSight Unlocks DWG Files

Dassault DraftSight Unlocks DWG Files

Citing its customers' need to share and manage "billions of DWG files," Dassault SystA"mes has announced the DraftSight professional grade 2-D CAD tool along with a new online community designed to support the product and facilitate collaboration with like-minded peers.

At the new, Dassault will deliver a range of collaborative services, as well as foster interaction with members who can share opinions and ideas, get training from blogs, and ask questions of the community for free upon registration. In addition, Dassault will leverage the community to offer optional, paid services, including licensing options, telephone, e-mail and remote desktop support, an API extension for customizing the platform and additional offerings going forward, according to Aaron Kelly, senior director, DraftSight at Dassault. community members will also have the opportunity to participate in the open product development process for DraftSight, the complementary 2-D CAD program.

In conjunction with the community, the release of DraftSight marks a first for Dassault, which is exploring an open business model with this product. The professional-grade 2-D CAD tool is available to be downloaded for free as a public beta at DraftSight, which generally takes only a few minutes to download, provides users with a better way to read, write and share DWG files. The program's launch is in direct response to customer requests, Kelly says, as users still have a need for 2-D capabilities along with a requirement to access volumes of DWG files.

"Our customers are demanding a 2-D solution and they have billions of DWG files on servers and computers that they want to share among different users, customers and vendors," Kelly explains. In addition, there are still tasks that are more productive with 2D than 3D, including laying out a factory floor or schematics. "There are still clearly 2-D tasks," Kelly says. "People are using 2D and 3D, not 2D or 3D."

DraftSight runs on multiple operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Mac OS and Linux support will be available later this year.

Dassault DraftSight Unlocks DWG Files
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