Pick the MVP of Engineering--Vote for the Design News Engineer of the Year

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November 22, 2004

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Pick the MVP of Engineering--Vote for the Design News Engineer of the Year

Cast your ballot today for one of the following nominees, each of whom has had a career full of breakthroughs in design.

Each year, Design News, with the help of Timken, recognizes the best and brightest engineering professionals-those who have made their mark on their profession and on society as a whole through their skills, vision, imagination, leadership, focus, and determination. These are the engineers who have changed their companies and their industries, and have led to the development of new products that have caught the imagination of their peers. Eric Ridenour, for example, has successfully launched nine new products-in a single year. Jim Tighe headed design efforts that led to his company winning the coveted Ansari X Prize in aerospace technology. Mike Lazaridis has given people who are constantly on the go technology for always staying in touch-with the office or home. And Mead Killion has developed technology that is helping people hear.

They are all role models from whom we can learn a great deal. But only one can be the Design News Engineer Of The Year. And it's up to you to choose.

As it has for many years through its generosity and industry commitment, Timken will donate $25,000 to the engineering school chosen by the winner.

Where to vote

To cast your ballot for Design News Engineer Of The Year, either fill out the pop-up voting ballot and check the nominee you think best exemplifies engineering leadership and innovative spirit or click here to vote for the Engineer of the Year . Deadline: January 5, 2005.

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