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Webasto Multifunction Roof Sensor Module

Automated driving sensors embedded into the roof module are less obtrusive than when added on.

DN Staff

November 8, 2023


Webasto combines and integrates multiple sensors into the roof module, achieving large-scale industrialization of solutions for automated (level 2) to fully autonomous driving (level 4).

In a prototype for autonomous driving, Webasto has integrated a total of 25 sensors from Bosch with a variety of additional functions: Four radar sensors, four lidar sensors, and 16 cameras of various types from Bosch are integrated into Webasto's Roof Sensor Module.

The sensors monitor the vehicle's surroundings with the aim of enabling level 4 autonomous driving in the future: To ensure functionality in all weather conditions, Webasto integrates cleaning, de-icing, anti-fogging, and sensor cooling functions.

In addition, a Bosch Vehicle Movement and Position Sensor is integrated, which uses Safe GNSS receivers (for navigation satellite data) and accelerometers (inertial sensors) to determine the vehicle position.

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