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May 5, 2010

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Stock Shapes Feature CNT Composites

Quantum Polymers of Newark, DE introduced Quantano extruded stock shape plastic products made with TEGO polymers, which feature carbon nanotube technology.

The new product line provides improved mechanical strength, homogenous controlled electrical conductivity for superior ESD (electro-static discharge) performance, higher operating temperature, superior dimensional stability and better aesthetics for several applications.

TEGO polymers are supplied by Entegris of Billerica, MA.

"TEGO polymers are manufactured using proprietary technology to enhance the dispersion of the carbon nanotubes in the polymer," says Shawn Cheesman, general manager for Entegris. "As a result, stock shapes have very consistent ESD, excellent dimensional stability and improved toughness that can be used in many new high-performance products for the semiconductor, data storage, aerospace, and medical industries.

The partnership with Quantum Polymers results in a broader range of options for the polymers.

While carbon nanotubes provide benefits to stock shape plastic products, they do not adversely affect the base resin material, as may be the case with carbon powder or carbon fiber. TEGO polymers can be processed on conventional thermoplastic equipment, such as injection molding, extrusion, and compression molding processes.

The stock shapes can be used to replace metal parts for applications in semiconductor material handling, chemical cleaning systems, sockets, gaskets, rings, bushings, bearings, seals and valves.

Matrix maetrials include polycarbonate, polyetherimide, and PEEK. Quantano rods are available from 3/8-inch to 6-inch diameter and plates are available from 3/8-inch to 5-inch thickness.

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