Reader Vote Round 6: Gadget Freak of the Year

Design News and Allied Electronics are looking to crown the first-ever Gadget Freak of the Year, and we need help from you, our readers.

November 11, 2013

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Reader Vote Round 6: Gadget Freak of the Year

This is the sixth round of voting, and the final round before we pit our six finalists in the ultimate showdown. So, choose your favorite of the four Gadget Freak entries below. Will it be the keyboard on your fingers? How about the gadget that remembers what you do? Or do you prefer the warmed up telescope? Perhaps it's the rocket that records its own flight.

All of the Gadget Freak projects in this competition ran in Design News over the past year. They are all great, so you have a tough task. You have to choose the best one.

In two weeks, we'll take the winners from each of the six voting periods and present them in a final showdown. The winner will become the Gadget Freak of the Year and will win an all-expense-paid trip to the Pacific Design and Manufacturing show in Anaheim, Calif., in February, to show off the gadget at the Design News booth.

Allied Electronics, a longtime sponsor of Gadget Freak, is celebrating its 85th anniversary. The company had this to say about our inaugural contest:

As a sponsor of the Design News Gadget Freak of the Year Contest, Allied salutes the creators and innovators who, like Allied, continue to push the boundaries of technology to make the world a better place through innovation. You’re the pioneers who will develop the next great life-changing 'thing,' and we’re proud to stand behind you every step of the way.

Watch the videos below, and then cast your vote.

Gadget Freak Case #225: Moving the Keyboard Onto Your Fingers

Gadget Freak Case #224: Gadget Remembers What You Need to Do

Gadget Freak Case #223: Rocket Records Its Own Flight

Gadget Freak Case #222: Warming Up the Telescope

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