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New Fastener Technology Can Boost Productivity 13169New Fastener Technology Can Boost Productivity

DN Staff

June 15, 2009

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New Fastener Technology Can Boost Productivity

Fastener producers are pushing hard to develop technologythat allows engineers to reduce assembly costs.

For example, the PEM Cost Savings Program introduces a freeservice to assist companies in potentially reducing their total "assembledcost" of products and designs. Programteams will completely disassemble any supplied product and document everyprocedural step in writing and with photographs as evidence.

When the investigation is concluded, a comprehensive andconfidential report is developed and submitted with recommendations to helpimprove overall assembly costs. Strategiesmay include reductions in loose hardware, production steps, and/or assemblytime, among others.


DIRAK's new 3-310Swinghandle FS Offset-Duo saves space inside an enclosure. The stylized,low-profile design of this new swinghandle reduces protrusion off the enclosuredoor as well as on the inside panel of the door so it does not interfere with tight quarters insideenclosures. The swinghandle gear actuates a slider that controls the closingmechanism. This mechanism is offset from the main body of the swinghandle. Thisdesign eliminates the space-consuming wide rod-latch mechanism found instandard swinghandles. The new 3-310swinghandle uses just 30 mm of space between the door edge and gasket.


PEM C.A.P.S. accesshardware incorporates a captive screw and plastic colored cap in aspring-loaded assembly to promote secure attachment and enable lateraccess. Captive-screw design reducesparts count, minimizes handling issues, and prevents screws from falling out ordamaging internal components. Thefasteners are offered in self-clinching, flaring, and floating mounting stylesto install permanently in a wide range of panel materials of varying hardness.These panel fasteners meet EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The Southco R4-EMelectronic rotary latch combines security and electronic access in anintegrated system. Unlike a standard mechanical latch linked with a separatesolenoid actuator, the gear-motor drive in the R4-EM delivers a better feel tolatch actuation and requires lower power requirements and higher load capability.Target applications include storage compartments on truck, bus, off-highway,construction, and agricultural vehicles, RV baggage doors, and storagecompartments or access doors on medical, electronics, self-service, andindustrial equipment.

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