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Lexan Sheet for Train Window FramesLexan Sheet for Train Window Frames

DN Staff

November 11, 2010

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Lexan Sheet for Train Window Frames

SABIC Innovative Plastics' LexanF6000 sheet delivers color and texture retention after thermoforming andprovides durability for the demanding public rail environment. The materialcomplies with railway fire protection requirements: UL94 V0 at 1.5 mm flame retardance accordingto ASTM E162, low smoke (ASTM E662) and toxicity (BSS 7239 and SMP 800 C)performance.

Lexan F6000 sheet offers a number of importantadvantages over traditional SMC for window frames. First, it is significantlycost-effective, even though only the periphery of the sheet is used, the centerportion is recycled. Second, by streamlining the production process, the SABICInnovative Plastics material cuts cycle times by up to 80 percent vs. SMC.Molded-in color avoids the need for secondary operations such as painting andsanding; thermoforming does not require gluing or hand work; and the materialdoes not need a curing step - all of which were required with SMC frames.

Lexan F6000 sheet also offers sustainabilityadvantages over SMC, including reduction of volatile organic compound (VOC)emissions associated with conventional painting and curing. Because Lexan F6000sheet is approximately 30 percent lighter than traditional SMC, windowframes for railway carriages made with the material can potentially contributeto fuel conservation.

This opaque PC sheet is producedwith a special, durable texture that avoids the appearance of abrasion andfingerprints, helping to maintain an attractive appearance under heavy useconditions.

SABICInnovative Plastics' ColorXpress can deliver custom colors.

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Lexan Sheet for Train Window Frames

Lexan Sheet for Train Window Frames

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