Faulty Fan Assembly Produced Error Code

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January 17, 2014

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Faulty Fan Assembly Produced Error Code

We have an Electrolux dishwasher that started ending every wash cycle with an error code 6. According to the manual, this is a failure to get feedback from the lower fan. A call to customer support got a familiar set of instructions: Turn off the power for 30 seconds, reapply power, issue a factory reset using a special key sequence. That worked, for a while.

When the error code returned, the reset instructions were followed again, but they no longer produced the desired results. Reluctantly, a local service company was called, but they no longer serviced that particular model.

Assuming that it could just be a collection of dust built up on the fan, the dishwasher was pulled from its nook, opened up, and the clean fan was located. It did turn, but had a significant magnetic hump to be overcome as it was turned. The fan connector to the control board was well secured, so no other testing was done. A replacement fan assembly was found on the Internet and ordered.

The replacement arrived and the replacement commenced. Shortly after, all was buttoned up and a short wash cycle was started in order to test for the dreaded error code 6. While the cycle was running, there was time to give the removed fan a closer look. A 12V DC source unfortunately caused it to run. The error code did reference the feedback from the fan, so another test monitoring the third wire from the fan referenced to the 12V DC ground showed some kind of signal. Hope was fading for the short cycle test that was running upstairs, and the price for the controller board was being researched. Then the short cycle finished and there was no error code.

The replacement had worked and it was fortunate that a more rigorous test of the fan in place had not been done. The bench test of the fan suggested that there was nothing wrong with it. That information prior to the ordering of the replacement part would have led down the wrong path to a more expensive, and inappropriate, replacement of the control board.

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