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Fastening, Joining &Assembly, and Materials

DN Staff

December 1, 2003

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Fastening, Joining &Assembly, and Materials


Metallic look for plastic

DuPont's Delrin(R) decorating solution is reportedly a complete system of molding resins, etching solutions, coatings, as well as application technology that allow designers to achieve an unplastic appearance of metal-plated parts. According to the company, this breakthrough polymer and coating technology can open up new ways to design products for aesthetic appeal, functionality, and low cost. In addition, Delrin can provide flexibility in matching colors and achieve appealing metallic effects that are not possible with color plastic. Dupont Engineering Polymershttp://rbi.ims.ca/3090-600


Precise positioning, smooth operation

The constant-torque friction hinge from Southco reportedly combines precise door-positioning capabilities with smooth hinge operation, eliminating the need for a secondary mechanical support. Designed for industries such as aerospace, food equipment, and industrial machinery, this hinge is available in two sizes to meet different strength and space requirements, and each size offers four constant-torque options, according to the company. Southcohttp://rbi.ims.ca/3090-601


Greater holding capacity

The new DE-STA-CO toggle clamp uses a unique linkage design that reportedly handles more than twice the holding capacity of other clamps. Features include a handle and bar that eliminates additional pinch points, and accommodates a safety release lever. DE-STA-COhttp://rbi.ims.ca/3090-602


For a broad range of communications

The Universal contact from ITT Industries, Cannon has been designed to overcome interconnect constraints for a broad range of telecommunications and industrial applications. With a minimum pitch of 1.35 mm, the contact is plated with beryllium copper and has a maximum current rating of 2A nominal and 3A peak at 3V dc. ITT Industries, Cannonhttp://rbi.ims.ca/3090-603

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