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May 17, 2004

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Wire saddle

Removes risk of rotation

The side-mount wire saddle is designed as a versatile solution to routing and managing cable in confined spaces in metal chassis. It enables side entry into a pre-punched/pressed slot without any under-board protrusion. According to the company, the product removes the risk of rotation, avoiding stress and pressure on routed cabling. The clamp can be easily removed from the chassis by pressing on the locking tab. Richco

Urethane Adhesive

Low viscosity

Designed for bonding glass, metal, polycarbonate, PVC, and other plastics, Loctite(R) Hysol(R) U-09LV is a low viscosity, industrial grade urethane adhesive. Once mixed, the two-component product reportedly cures at room temperatures to form an ultra-clear, highly flexible bondline. It offers superior peel strength and moisture resistance, according to the company. It is intended for applications requiring an optically clear, non-yellowing adhesive. Henkel Loctite Corp.

Adhesive and sealant

Resistance to corrosives

Engineered to provide enhanced adhesion to steel, iron, most metals, ceramics, and tadpole gaskets, 907GF 2300F dries in 4-12 hours to form a hard ceramic. It is targeted for any high-temperature production, assembly, repair, or maintenance application. It reportedly offers excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres aging, thermal cycling, and electricity. It comes packaged in standard 11 oz, caulking cartridges (4 oz dispenser tubes also available). Cotronics Corp.

Nylon Fasteners

High wear properties

The Shutter Pins are Nylon fasteners molded in a Nylon 6/6 material that is designed to have high wear properties, low coefficient of friction, and good chemical resistance. The fasteners will not rust and are engineered for use in shutter assemblies. The material comes in a translucent off-white color. Micro Plastics Inc.

Male tabs

Open barrel design

The company's full insulated male tabs feature an "F" crimp wire attachment that reportedly encapsulates the wire without crushing it, and has a Nylon insulator to eliminate the need for shrink tubing or hand blocking. It has an open barrel design that resists vibration. The products are offered in brass and tin plated brass, and in three sizes to accept wire ranges from 20-10 AWG. The male tab mating part dimensions are 0.032 x 0.250 inches. ETCO Inc.

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