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May 5, 2003

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Snap rivets

No-tool installation

This line of snap rivets has expanded its size range to feature a 0.25-inch diameter hole and panel thicknesses from 0.07 to 0.39 inch, as well as other offered sizes. The two-piece fastener is molded in high dielectric (UL 94V2) Nylon 6/6 and can be installed without tools. According to the company, when the rivet is placed in the hole and its oversized head pressed in, the legs expand and lock components in place. Micro Plastics Enter 646


Simplifies automation of ungapped cores

Multi-Cure(R) 621-VT one-component adhesive cures at room temperature in 1 to 10 seconds upon exposure to the company's BlueWave(TM) 200 spot light curing system, which eliminates the need for cool-down time, ovens, and the handling that comes with heat cure epoxies. When chemically cured for high-strength bonding, the adhesive cures in 30 to 60 seconds, and low viscosity activators may be sprayed or applied with felt pads when interfacial bonding is required. Able to cure with visible and UV light, it may be used in dc motor-assembly uses like strain relief, flange attachment, motor sealing, and wire unitizing, as well as ferrite and metal bonding applications. Dymax Corp., Enter 647

Pressure Sensitive Tape

Bonds low energy surfaces

Bond-Ply 400 un-reinforced, thermally conductive, pressure sensitive adhesive tape features reportedly high bond strength during long-term exposure to heat and high humidity. Made with strong wetout characteristics and thermal performance to supported materials, the adhesive tape may be used in securing heatsinks and heat spreaders to BGA graphics processors, computer processors, power converters, and motor control PCBs. The tape comes with easy-release protective topside tabs and is available in roll form, sheet form, and die-cut parts. The Bergquist Company Enter 648

Needle bonding line

Prevents fluid leaks

This needle bonding line consists of 18 products, divided into light cure acrylics, light cure cyanoacrylates, and one-part heat cure epoxies. The products feature reportedly fast cure times and high needle pull strengths, and are highly fluorescent for automated in-line inspection. The adhesives are designed to bond cannulae to hubs in needle assemblies and to keep fluids from leaking from the needle assembly. The 13 on-part, solvent-free light cure acrylic adhesives have viscosities from 150 to 10,000 cP, with cure depths over 0.5 inches. The two light cure cyanoacrylate adhesives come in 20 and 900 cP viscosities, and the three one-part heat-cure epoxies, available in three viscosities, provide high adhesion, environmental resistance, and good sterilization. Henkel Loctite Corp., Enter 649

Glass transfer tape

Achieves uniform thickness

The G-1015 Glass Transfer Tape, designed for sealing quartz (fused silica) parts, features a pure borosilicate glass type frit material with a low expansion value. The unfired frit layer reaches reportedly uniform 0.001- to 0.002-inch thickness, with final seals reaching 0.0005 to 0.0001 inch thick upon firing. With a working temperature of 900C, the quartz parts assemble easily due to thermal expansion mismatch. Applications include optical cells, transducers, scientific glassware, lamps, assembly lasers, and other optical and electronic devices. Vitta Corp., Enter 650

Grommet sleeve

Prevents wire chafing

The Richco Grommet Sleeve (RGS) series offers support for wires and cables passing through panels and complements the company's line of grommets and bushings. Made of flexible PVC, the grommet snaps into the hole panel and the cable or wires are then fed through the grommet. The grommet sleeve also may keep the wires from chafing against rough panel hole edges. Grommets come in 13 sizes and four styles to accommodate different cable sizes, hole diameters, panel thicknesses, and applications. Richco, Enter 651

Polyurethane tubing

Low compression, natural flexibility

With no plasticizers to contaminate critical streams, Superthane(R) brand transparent polyurethane tubing combines the high tensile and elongation values of rubber with the abrasion and tear resistance of plastic. The tubing is engineered to provide chemical resistance, durability, and good weathering for use in oil and fuel supply, air and gas lines, insulating sleeves, fluid feeds, nuclear power facility uses, and powder and granular transfer. The tubing is available in an ether-based version for moisture resistance and an ester-based material for resistance to most oils, gasolines, kerosenes, and other petroleum-based chemicals. New Age Industries Inc. Enter 652

Transfer film

Gasketing, NVH applications

Intended for TD-1 automatic tape gun and other tape dispensing systems, Unifilm(R) U658A is a reverse-wound, acrylic adhesive transfer film that bonds to steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyurethane foams, and ABS plastics. It offers good peel and cohesive strength, as well as temperature, humidity, and water soak resistance. Applications include assembling leather-covered seats and steering wheels, applying decorative parts, and bonding interior trim and instrument panel components. Scapa Automotive, Enter 653

Insertion equipment

Thermoplastic installation

Heat insertion equipment is designed to provide preset temperature setting and air pressure for consistent, uniform insert installation. Using heat insertion enables repeatable set-ups, consistent insertion, and reportedly easy in-process control. The equipment line includes: Automatic Insert Drivers (Model HA) for self-contained insertion; Semi-Automatic Insert Drivers (Model HP) for manual part loading and automatic insertion; and Manual Insert Drivers (Model HM) for manual part loading and operator-activated installation. Spirol Int'L Corp., Enter 654

Custom reels

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum

These custom-designed hose and cable reels feature pillow block ball bearings, evacuation drains, power units, heavy duty pinlocks, and self-contained hydraulic caliper disk brakes. Users may choose from such drive options as #50 chain and sprockets; hydraulic, air, or electric motors with gearbox and dog clutch; hydraulic motors with chain drive; disk sprockets in 96, 156, and 256 teeth; and line pulls up to 2000 lbs. Hannay Reels Inc., Enter 655

Quarter-turn latching

Design simplicity, flexibility

This modular latching system is available with quarter-turn latching options, which feature compression of up to 6 mm with a variety of cams, standard single-point latching and optional multi-point latching, and activation with a range of tools. Intended for water-tight and dust-tight applications, the latching models are composed of materials made of zinc die cast with chrome and E-coated finishes, polyamide and AISI 316 stainless steel. Quarter-turns come with housing lengths for doors up to 50 mm and grip lengths over 92 mm. DIRAK Inc., Enter 656


Heavy parts clamping

Made with a wide throat jaw, the Series PFC Clamp has a rugged cam design intended for consistent clamping force for heavy parts clamping. The clamp features a force of 11,250 lbs, which remains constant as the jaws close, forming a 0.135-inch wide power window. Jaws and bushing block can be removed for changes, and internal mechanisms are protected from flying debris with a welding cover. An ac or dc Weldfield immune switch fastened to a protected housing reportedly provides optional open and close sensing. Other features include quiet operation in less than 0.6 seconds, orifice communication for the body, and full field maintenance with four metric hex wrenches in less than 30 minutes. PHD Inc., Enter 657


Interleaf design

This line of Institutional Hinges for overlay doors measures 2.75 inches in length, and fits 0.75- and 0.8125-inch door thicknesses and frame offsets, with an extended leaf for wider applications. The hinges feature hospital tips, elongated screw holes for horizontal and vertical alignment, and an interleaf design for close fitting doors. Applications include hospital cabinets, office furniture, electronic enclosures, decorative doors, and metal and wood cabinetry. H. A. Guden Co., Enter 658

Clamping knob

High strength, wear resistance

Clamping Knob #2970, the company's addition to its "5" Star line, is molded from high-impact thermoplastic, measuring 1.25 inch (diameter) x 0.75 inch (height) x 0.75 inch (hub). The knobs come with a through-hole for extended adjustments in clamping, as well as two additional knobs with diameters of 2.25 and 3.5 inches. According to the company, the clamping knobs come in fifteen standard colors. Davies Enter 659

Floor locks

Secures in fixed position

Flexello TLCH Series floor locks are engineered to secure mobile equipment, like a truck, without raising it. The locks fasten to the underside of a truck with the top face 7-7/8 inches above the ground, while a foot pedal may be used to restore the freedom of movement. Dimensions of the floor locks include a top plate of 6 x 4.5 inches overall with a 5- x 2.5-inch bolt pattern, and an overall free-standing position of 63/8 inches. Revvo Caster Enter 670

Adhesive dispenser

Reduces refilling, hand fatigue

The 752SYS dispensing system is designed to apply low- to medium-viscosity adhesives with controlled air pressure to regulate application. Made with a specially designed hand-held EFD dispense valve and pressurized adhesive tank, the dispenser does not require frequent refilling. According to the company, the valve allows for unrestricted movement by connecting to the one-liter adhesive tank via a flexible feed line. Both air pressure and dispense tip size are designed to determine adhesive flow. EFD Inc., Enter 671

Dual-stage adhesive

Replaces liquid epoxy adhesives

This developmental, dual-stage, pressure-sensitive adhesive is made to encapsulate rigid and flexible OLEDs, LCDs, electronic paper, and other display technologies with controllable, consistent thickness. It achieves instant bonding for a pliable PSA in the first stage and exposure to UV light in the second stage, transforming the PSA for high-strength bonding. Eliminating the need for post-heat processing, UV-curing changes the PSA to a bonding agent. The adhesive is available in roll form, for roll-to-roll high-speed manufacturing, and pre-cut uses. Adhesives Enter 672

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