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April 7, 2003

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Explosion-proof enclosures

Bolt-on lug mounting

Bi-directional bolt-on mounting lugs are available on explosion-proof enclosures, allowing vertical or horizontal mounting. Made of ductile aluminum alloy, lugs conform to irregular shapes, are alternatives to cast lugs, and can be tightened without damage to enclosures. Certifications include UL standard 1203, NEMA 4, CSA standard C22.2 no. 30, IP40 without O-ring, IP66 with O-ring, and various groups of Class I, II and III. Adalet, Enter 605

Cable-tie tool

Tension adjustment included

The GTH ergonomic cable tie installation tool is reportedly comfortable to use and lightweight. Cable-tie tools are designed with a tension adjustment located for easy changes and a narrow nose for access to confined areas. The tool exceeds industry standards for operation and consistency, the company says. Panduit - Cable Tie Products, Enter 606

Nylon handles

Non-corrosive, impact-resistant

These polyamide handles resist basic chemicals, impact, and corrosion, and have dimensional stability and high thermal resistance. Models include mounting with self-tapping, hex head, or crosshead screws, or screwless mounting. Flat handles mount with M6 or M8 hex head screws. Round handles are 15, 16, 20, or 21 mm high. Round handles are standard black plastic, with plastic/aluminum options available. Bulte Plastics; Enter 607

Cordless glue gun

For most assembly materials

GG-100 Portapro(TM) cordless glue gun adds flexibility to many applications since it is self-contained, powered by butane, and can be taken anywhere in the plant. Glue gun fastens plastics, light metals, and corrugated materials, and does electrical potting and staking of parts. Features include pushbutton piezo ignition, 140-minute run time and 20-second refilling. Applications include automotive, electronic, industrial, woodworking, and packaging. Master Appliance Co., Enter 608

High-temp putty

Resists chemicals, steam

Pyro-putty(TM) 950 high-temperature sealant was developed for steam and gas turbine casing applications to 950F. The formula combines resins with ceramic fibers and powders, creating a putty that fills irregular surfaces as replacement gasketing. Applications include boilers, compressors, heat exchangers, pumps, exhaust flanges, vents, and valves. Putty resists chemicals, steam, and high pressure. Aremco Products, Enter 609

Inorganic adhesive

High-temp, chemical resistant

Ceramabond(TM) 503 alumina-filled adhesive bonds fiberoptic bundles into ferrules and housings. It is inorganic, disperses in water, and is reportedly easily applied by spatula, syringe, and brush. Available in pint sizes and up to 5-gal drums, this adhesive reportedly will not outgas in ultra-high vacuum. Applications include ceramic assembly and repair, and bonding platinum/rhodium resistance wires to aluminum oxide heater cores. Aremco Products, Enter 610

Hot-melt applicator

For large, flat surfaces

A bulk, hot-melt adhesive transfer machine is available to apply most EVA products. The HYSOL(R) Wheelcoater features an adhesive reservoir, three heaters, and a variable speed transfer roller. Applications include large surface bonding such as foam inserts for cardboard boxes and other materials. Wheelcoater uses three heaters for consistent temperature control of the adhesive. The system applies a band of adhesive up to 6 inches wide. Henkel Loctite Corp., Enter 611

Binder head screw

Combination drive, non-magnetic

Combination drive binder head screws are made of nylon 6/6 and are available in thread sizes of 256 through .25-20 and lengths of 3/32 to 2.5 inches. Applications include electronics, electrical, automotive, appliances, and other industrial uses. These fasteners reportedly resist vibration, abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion, and have high strength-to-weight ratios. Nylon 6/6 has low thermal conductivity and is non-magnetic. Micro Plastics Inc., Enter 612

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