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February 17, 2003

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Printable films

Combines film and paste adhesive features

ABLEFLEX(R) 6200 series printable films, used in flex or laminate based packages, are B-staged before die-attach and cure, and may be pre-applied to substrates or a wafer's backside. Meeting the tight tolerances of 3D packaging, the films feature reportedly good bondline, fillet, and flow, as in a preform film. Like a paste adhesive, films have void-free bondlines without substrate pre-dry, due to surface topography on laminate and flex. Ablestik Laboratories, www.ablestik.com Enter 654

Miniature circular connectors

Blind mateable, scoop proof

The MICRO-C(TM) Series of miniature circular connectors, made with a metal shell construction, features 4, 7, and 13-pin insert arrangements, with a choice of threaded or J-lock bayonet coupling mechanisms. Offering 400V ac at sea level in operating temperatures of -55 to +125C, the autoclavable, field serviceable connectors have reverse gender capability, with in-line, panel, or box mount receptacles, with ground integrity in mated condition. Applications include the medical, aerospace, geophysical, and sensor industries. Array Connector Corp., www.arrayconnector.com Enter 655

Shielding gaskets

Low contact resistance

Dual elastomer D-sub shielding gaskets feature low compression-set silicone sponge core D-connector shields for grounding and RFI shielding. Made to fit standard 9 through 50 pin layouts, gaskets offer rear or front mount versatility with adhesive assembly strip options. Gaskets consist of a co-extruded, highly conductive outer layer, and a reportedly resilient inner sponge core with low contact resistance. Vanguard Products Corp.www.vanguardproducts.com Enter 656

Hex head bolts

These hex head and flanged hex head industrial bolts, available in diameter sizes from 0.31 to 2 inches, are engineered with such material options as 300 and 400 series stainless steel, INCONEL(R) 718 and 625, K-500, and MONEL(R) 400. Bolts may be used in the shipbuilding, defense, automotive, heavy truck, and farm equipment industries. GREER Stop Nut Inc., www.greerstopnut.com Enter 657

VFD cable

UL and CSA TC approved

Reported to be the first of its kind to be UL and CSA TC approved, the OLFLEX(R) VFD SLIM shielded motor supply cable has a reduced diameter, intended for variable frequency drives. Ranging in size from 16 to 2 AWG, the cable has a specially blended PVC jacket that meets UL and CSA standards for 600V, as well as 1000V. According to the company, stranded copper is smoothed out by specially formulated semi-conductive insulation, which also disperses increases in voltage caused by wave reflections, harmonics, and spikes preventing conductor and cable failure. Lapp USA Inc., www.lappusa.com Enter 658

Thrust washers

Low friction coefficient

The line of Teflon(R) thrust washers offers a bearing surface with a low coefficient of friction by matching the inside and outside diameter dimensions of the company's shaft collars. Washers measure 0.06-inch thick and come in sizes from 0.5-inch ID x 0.13-inch OD to 2-inch ID x 3-inch OD. Chemically inert and non-flammable, Teflon(R) may operate in a temperature range of -450 to 500F. Effective in harsh environments, washers may be used in rotary applications to prevent galling from direct stainless steel-to-stainless steel contact. Stafford Manufacturing Corp.www.staffordmfg.com Enter 659

UV curing coatings

For flexible, rigid substrates

This line of UV curing dome and decorative coatings is designed to cure in seconds, adhering to metal, plastic, and ink surfaces. Standard dome coatings measure 0.25 x 0.5 inch up to 1 x 8 inches, are scratch resistant, and spring back from dents for soft dome coatings. Water clear coatings come in a hardness range from D 85 to A 70. Available viscosities for decorative coatings reach grades as low as 100 cP, while dome coatings have a grade range of 600 to 6,000 cP. Dymax Corp., www.dymax.com Enter 670

Encapsulant underfill

Fast cure, rapid flow

ABLEFILL(TM) UF8807 encapsulant underfill offers excellent adhesion and moisture resistance, as tested. The cyanate ester chemistry offers fast cure and rapid flow, and insulates when cured. Designed for chip-scale packages, UF8807 helps reduce thermal and mechanical stresses between packages. Features include superior adhesion after moisture testing, high glass transition temperature, and a variety of package sizes that include syringes, jars, and cartridges. Ablestik Laboratories, www.ablestik.com Enter 671

Swinghandle card reader

One card, access all

A new swinghandle and keycard reader system allows only authorized personnel to lock/unlock cabinets and other secured enclosures. Cards that are not programmed will be denied access and the system audits all users. The preprogrammed keycard offers a second layer of security to the company's E-LINE swinghandle products and is faster than using standard keypads. DIRAK Inc., www.dirak.com Enter 672

Conductive gaskets

Compression or injection mold

A conductive elastomer for shielding applications requiring EMI gaskets is available. CHO-SEAL(R) 6371 elastomer material can be fabricated in any shape by compression or injection molding, with no post-curing needed. This nickel/graphite-filled silicone product effectively shields above 80dB from 100MHz to 10GHz. CHO-SEAL 6371 gaskets are reportedly ideal for shielded housings used on servers, base stations, and communications switching equipment. Chomerics, www.chomerics.com Enter 673

Glue stations

Flow over 100 ft

Users can feed single or multiple glue stations from one container using a stand-alone system that offers consistent flow of thermoplastic adhesive via pellets or adhesive chips. The system transports solid hot-melt glue over 100 ft from a bulk source to a melting unit, offering consistent flow to production line packaging applications. The glue line eliminates build-up of products by preventing chips from being left in the conveying line after each cycle. ALL-CON World Systems Inc., www.all-con.com Enter 674

Rubber-based adhesive

Won't harden, requires no cure time

A flexible, rubber-based solid adhesive strip for general purpose mounting and bonding features an aggressive rubber adhesive that will not harden. Reportedly offering excellent bond strength and requiring no cure time, this solvent-free material replaces liquid adhesives in many applications. Scapa 0485 is also available in high-tack and instant bonding types. Applications include aerospace, automotive, electronics, and assembly. Scapa North Americawww.scapatapesna.com Enter 675

PCB retainers

Protect from heat and damage

Series 57 and 58 circuit board retainers are designed for various communication electronics and telecommunications applications. These Wedge-Lok(TM) series protect circuit boards from heat and mechanical damage in harsh environments. Standard lengths range 4 to 12 inches and features include a cover that encloses the expanding wedges, 6.61-T6 aluminum components, nickel plating, and stainless steel actuator screws. APW Electronic Solutionswww.apw.com Enter 676

Swivel luer fitting

Secure, strong connections

Quick disconnect swivel luer fittings provide a more secure lock than standard luers, ensuring that connections are strong and complete. Features of swivel luers include universal connections, interchangeability, ANSI-ISO standards, internally thread collar, and standard barbs for 1.5, 2.25, 3.0 and 4.75 mm tubing. All luers are pressure tested to 125 psi and are available in nylon or polycarbonate. A unique feature is the swivel-locking nut, which disassembles with one counterclockwise turn, the company says. Ark-Plas Productswww.ark-plas.com Enter 677

Assembly bolts

12-pt, flanged 12-pt heads

Industrial assembly bolts are available in 300 and 400 series stainless steel, A-286, K-500, INCONEL(R) 718 of 625, and MONEL(R) 400. These 12-pt or flanged 12-pt industrial bolts are designed for heavy assembly industries including automotive, defense, shipbuilding, heavy trucks, and farm equipment. Both bolt types are available in 0.31- to 2-inch diameters in all standard lengths. SPS Technologieswww.spstech.com/aero Enter 678

Hinged shaft collar

Won't dimple, damage shafts

Hinged shaft collars are ideal for assembly and disassembly applications in hostile environments or to save time. Hinged collars offer equal clamping strength to 2-piece collars, but feature a hinge and captive screw for easy positioning and removal. The smooth bore will not dimple or damage shafts and special bores or ODs are available. Steel or stainless steel collars are offered in 24 standard sizes, 0.375 to 6 inches ID. Stafford Manufacturing Corp.www.staffordmfg.com Enter 679

Cable, hose carriers

Create no wear particles

Gortrac(R) cable and hose carriers reportedly help clean room operations because they do not generate significant wear particles. According to the company, independent testing confirms carriers help prevent cable and hose wear in robotics and other automated equipment. Carriers include hinge-type non-metallic link, high-speed, low friction, fully enclosed and stainless steel conduit-type. Tests showed either no particles detected or very few particles detected, making carriers compatible with Class 1 and Class 10 clean rooms. A&A Manufacturing Co. Inc.www.gortrac.com Enter 680

Insulation coupling

For refrigerants, water, plumbing

Insulation couplings that create a 360 degrees vapor barrier also improve assembly appearance and reportedly require less time to install. These high-strength, plastic couplings can be placed around tubing when insulation is used. The basic coupling is used to connect two lengths of insulation and supports tubing at clevis hangers. A second version is designed for strut-mounted suspension devices. With reported installation time less than one minute, the product saves two minutes or more over adhesive securing devices. Klo-Shure Co., www.klo-shure.com Enter 681

Electromagnetic gaskets

Simple mounting, provides shielding

Quietshield(TM) electromagnetic gaskets feature UL94V-0 rated material for use in applications requiring flammability ratings. Pressure-sensitive adhesives allow simple gasket mounting in products like telecommunications, medical, military, aerospace, and industrial controls. They are ideal for products that are highly sensitive to electromagnetic interference. EMI shielding prevents transient signals from leaving or entering enclosures and is vital to proper equipment function. Spectrum Control Inc.www.spectrumcontrol.com Enter 682

Brass inserts

Press fit, good pull-out

Press-In brass inserts for cold plastics are designed for installation with an arbor press or automated machine. Helical knurls hold the inserts firmly with reportedly good pull-out and torque resistance. Through-hole or headed through-hole series are available, both with pilots for proper alignment. Applications include ABS and polycarbonate plastics for circuit boards and displays. Spirol International Corp.www.spirol.com Enter 683

Flux-cored wire

Stays hard to 1,000F

McKay(R) ArmorWear(TM) flux-cored wire is designed to be overlaid on carbon and low-alloy steels. The welding product deposits premium martensitic alloy steel of H12 tool steel composition and maintains hardness up to 1,000F. Applications include bucket, lips and teeth, cultivator chisels and sweeps, plowshares, scraper blades, knives, spindles, and pump components. According to the comapny, a steady arc and smooth spray transfer are optimal features, along with minimum spatter and noise. ITW Hobart Brothers Co.www.hobartbrothers.com Enter 684

Rapid release caps

Positive lock, quick insert

Sky-Loc rapid release receiver caps provide positive locks of ball lock pins. Receiver caps increase the holding areas of pins and provide maximum pullout strength. Designed for applications where the hole is not in tolerance or is out of round, the receiver caps are suitable for quick-change fieldwork where a hitch pin or nut and bolt are normally used. Caps come standard in 303 stainless steel with plain ends or tapped holes, to fit .25, 5/16, 3/8, .50 and 5/8 quick release pins. BIG SKY DISTRIBUTIONwww.bigskydistribution.com Enter 685

Assembly adhesives

Invisible bonds, moisture resistance

A line of nine glass assembly adhesives offer a wide range of properties that include bonding glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal, or glass-to-plastics with invisible bonds and resistance to moisture. Features include high-clarity, toughness, durability, and resistance to thermal cycling. These glass adhesives cure in a few seconds under UV light, making them ideal for automated or hand-assembly applications. Moderate to non-flowing viscosities are available and the products are solvent-free and will not bond to skin. Dymax Corp.www.dymax.com Enter 686

Pneumatic spray applicators

Adjustable flow controls

The Hysol 175-SPRAY hand-held, industrial grade pneumatic spray applicators dispense EVA hot melt adhesives with 180C temperatures, while the Hysol 175-SPRAY-HT unit dispenses polyamide hot melt adhesives with 195C temperatures. Both 500W units dispense 1.75-inch diameter areas, and feature adjustable flow controls for tailor spray patterns and small or large spray patterns. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the units also have pneumatically powered actuation for reduced operator fatigue. Henkel Loctite Corp.www.loctite.com Enter 687

Parallel gripper

Finger mounting surfaces

The DirectConnect(TM) Parallel Gripper gib-style gripper features a one-piece DPG body mounted on its top or side to the company's linear slides without the use of adapter plates. Available with finger mounting surfaces on the sides and bottom of jaws, the gripper also has standard tapped air ports on the front and both sides, as well as top air ports with counterbores for o-ring manifold operation and threads for screw-in type fittings. Gripper provides 50 lbs of grip force, may be fitted with fingers up to 4 inches long, and comes in four stroke lengths. Robohand Inc.www.robohand.com Enter 688

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