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February 3, 2003

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Double nut design

Improved ball screw accuracy, rigidity

The UNILOCK double nut design for the large precision ground ball screw product line consists of two nuts preloaded and locked together with a high strength epoxy. According to the company, the design eliminates the conventional need for spacers or connecting hardware, resulting in enhanced ball screw accuracy, rigidity, and life. With fewer parts, the design also reportedly eliminates angular errors in the nut assembly. Steinmeyer Inc., Enter 613

Tape sealant

Reduces cost in construction applications

MACtac(R) Technical Products are made up of a line of rubber- and acrylic-based transfer tapes and single- and double-coated tape systems, intended for the construction industry. The pressure sensitive adhesives family includes: GS Series for vibration control, sound dampening, strong mounting, even application, and easy assembly on irregular surfaces; MACfilm(R) free films used in low surface energy bonding and insulated glass unit construction; and Black Grit Safety Tread for creating non-skid surfaces and permanent bonding to a high-strength plastic carrier film. MACtac, Enter 614

Panel fasteners

Flat head style minimizes distortion

These window plugs are the latest addition to the company's line of panel fasteners and hole plugs. They are designed in clear Copolyester material, and they have a flat head style for less distortion. These window plugs feature multiple locks to positively snap in panel thicknesses ranging from sizes 1/64 to 1/16 inch, and 1/64 to 1/8 inch. Hole diameter sizes of parts offered include 0.187, 0.250, 0.375, 0.437, and 0.500 inch. Micro Plastics Inc., Enter 615

Wire harness tape

Non-flammable, heat reflective

Scapa 250, a high performance aluminum-backed glass cloth tape, provides high temperature resistance for protective harness wrapping and automotive wire harness applications. The tape is single coated with a high temperature silicone adhesive system and reportedly withstands harsh temperatures up to 500F or 250C. Made with hand tearing capability for easy application, it offers high tensile strength, meets Delphi specification ES-M-2283, and is non-flammable. Scapa Automotive, Enter 616

Proximity card reader

Provides secure area access

The E-LINE proximity card system allows users to gain access to a locked cabinet equipped with the company's E-LINE family of swinghandles and enables customers to use their existing ID cards to access DIRAK secured enclosures. The cards provide an audit trail while offering quicker access to restricted areas than a standard keypad. Unprogrammed cards are denied access. DIRAK Inc., Enter 617

Solder paste

For high-speed printing processes

The Loctite(R) Multicore(R) 63S4 MP200 no-clean solder paste consists of the 63S4 alloy, designed to eliminate tombstone defects and lower component misalignment from reflowing boards with small components. Replacing standard lead alloys, the paste offers slump resistance, extended abandon time, increased tack life, and long open time. Solder paste applications include gold over nickel, OSP copper, HASL, and silver immersion. Loctite Enter 618

Epoxy adhesive

High impact resistance, peel strength

Master Bond EP72M3 two-component, elastomer-modified epoxy adhesive is made to cure at room temperature, or faster at high temperatures with a one-to-one mix ratio, weight, or volume. Offering high impact resistance and peel strength, the adhesive also resists thermal cycling and chemicals such as gasoline, water, oils, greases, and other petroleum products. Operating as an electrical insulator when hardened, the adhesive bonds to ceramics, wood, glass, metals, vulcanized rubbers, and many plastics. Master Bond Enter 619

Self-locking patch

Eco-friendly, vibration resistant

True Blue(R) self-locking and self-sealing patch spray-bonds onto fastener threads. Operating at temperature ranges of -70 to 250F, the patch compresses and produces a counterforce to mating threads, creating metal-to-metal contact and positive resistance to vibration and loosing. Made to prevent fluid leakage around the threads, the patch is non-toxic, compatible with different mating part materials, and resistant to fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and many commercial solvents. Nylok Corp., Enter 620

Weld stud mount

Reduces part numbers

Using a pre-installed stud, this weld stud mount streamlines production in the transportation and heavy equipment manufacturing industries. Made of heat-stabilized, impact-modified nylon 6/6, the weld stud mount, using a cable tie, may fasten hoses and wire harnesses to a frame, without rusting or abrading it. The installation process does not require that holes be drilled through metal frames in order to mount it. Enter 621

Caps and plugs

ESD protection for electrical connectors

The MSC-Q2 Series caps and plugs consist of an inherently conductive polymer (ICP) compound and feature a volume resistance of 105 ohms/square. Engineered to resist sloughing and "crayoning," the caps and plugs are marked with material code information and the required electrostatic discharge symbol per ASTM D 5445, Symbol 28. According to the company, the caps and plugs meet NASM5501/31 requirements. Niagara Plastics Co., Enter 622

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