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Fastening/Joining/Assembly 12541Fastening/Joining/Assembly

DN Staff

August 4, 2003

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Structural adhesives

Improve finished appearance

A line of structural adhesives replaces rivets, screws, and welds, and improves the finished appearance of many products. The line includes one- and two-part epoxies, structural acrylics, and methyl methacrylates. Available in many viscosities, sheer strengths, and set times, the line is reportedly ideal for all metal bonding applications. Substrates include metal-to-metal, and metal-to-glass or plastics. Permabond, www.permabond.com Enter 610

Microvia material

Meets most performance requirements

MICROLAM(R) 630 dielectric low-loss microvia material is made from BT resin in a continuous toughening matrix. Designed for high-frequency modules and PCBs, the material has a low dielectric constant and improved ratios. Laser drilling is reportedly three times faster than those in glass prepregs. The material is supplied in standard sheets or rolls. Applications include WLAN, Bluetooth(R) , RF modules, wireless transceivers, and high-speed telecom. W.L. Gore & Associates www.wlgore.com Enter 611

Epoxy preforms

Eliminate pot-life concerns

Uni-form(TM) low-cure epoxy seals components that cannot withstand high temperatures. DC-202LT cures in five minutes at 175C and in two hours at 100C. This epoxy maintains low flow during cure. Its high viscosity prevents the sealant from unwanted spreading. DC-202LT is a one-part epoxy, solid at room temperature. When cured, it protects components from dust, moisture, oil, solvents, coatings, and other contaminants. Multi-Seals Inc. www.multi-seals.com Enter 612

Assembly tape

Water soak resistance

Unifilm(R) U650A acrylic adhesive transfer film improves aging on foams, plastics, metals, and fabrics in automotive assembly. A high-tech acrylic U650A laminates to a variety of substrates including gasket materials, nameplates, interior trim, and instrument panel components. This product is also used to assemble leather-covered seats and steering wheels. Application markets include aerospace, construction, electronics, medical, printing, and industrial assembly. Scapa Automotive, www.scapaautomotive.com Enter 613

Pipe rail clamps

Extends without dismantling

Three Kee Klamp(R) configurations are available for railings and other tubular pipe structures. Model A12, a split 45-degree single socket tee, connects braces and struts. Model A35 split three-socket cross ties 90-degree uprights. Model A40 split four-socket cross ties uprights with horizontal pipes in four directions. These items feature hinge-and-pin cast-iron, slip-on pipe fittings, galvanized at 2 oz/ft 2. Kee Industrial Products, www.KeeLite.com Enter 614

UV flood systems

5x5- or 8x8-curing area

ADAC Systems(TM) UV flood lamp for laboratory evaluation and bench top assembly are reportedly ideal for manual applications or automated processes. Equipped with shielded access doors for safety, the CURE ZONE 2 and CURE ZONE HO2 lamp systems are used for curing UV adhesives and coatings. Features include height adjustment, replaceable work surfaces, reflector housing, and compact footprint. Each system allows complete viewing of the curing process. Dymax Corp. www.dymax.com Enter 615

Captive screws

Various styles available

Magic Groove(TM) structural captive screws feature a grooved design and rigid retaining ring that slips onto bolts without breaking or distorting. The groove-pattern design eliminates the need to force the retaining ring over the end of the bolt, which withstands push-out loads up to six times those of similar fasteners, the company reports. Available in A286, 300 Series, and alloys, the bolts can be supplied in various lengths, finishes, head styles, and grips. Fastener Technology Corp., www.ftc-usa.com Enter 616

Adhesives package

Trim nozzle to desired opening

A built-in reservoir and innovative nozzle design highlight threadlocking and retaining adhesive products. The nozzle has a translucent tip allowing users to view product flow during dispensing. Reservoir prevents adhesive from dripping down the bottle. Rather than a standard snip-off tip, the nozzle ships with a 0.7-mm opening that can be widened for higher viscosity products. Henkel Loctite Corp., www.loctite.com Enter 617

Powdered fastener coating

For indoor, outdoor equipment

A thread masking coating made of White Teflon(R) powder eliminates manual masking, plugging, or capping of threads. The solid powder contains no liquid and also helps eliminate slave bolts and re-tapping operations. Masking coating helps reduce torque versus tension scatter and improves lubricity in assembly operations. Applications include agricultural, automotive, electronics, HVAC, marine, outdoor power equipment, and telecommunications. Nylok Corp., www.nylok.com Enter 618

Foam grips

Comfort and durability

VynaFoam Grips enhance the look and feel of power equipment and hand tools. The soft, comfortable finish is reportedly as durable as vinyl, but non-slip. VynaFoam is available in many colors and sizes and can be printed. Applications include lawn and garden tools, exercise equipment, and other hand tools. GripWorks, www.gripworks.com Enter 619

Wrenching collars

Less damage caused

Wrenching collars for turning pipes and shafts eliminate the need for a pipe wrench, which can scratch, gouge, or crush fragile parts. The Solution Series two-piece steel wrenching collar has wrenching flats on the OD. Install with a standard open-end wrench. Smooth bore collars are available from 0.5 to 1.25 inches ID. The series is available for a variety of pipe sizes and are supplied individually or in kits of six. Stafford Manufacturing Corp.www.staffordmfg.com Enter 620

Acrylic adhesive

Viscosity is 20,000 cP

F246 two-part, no-mix, acrylic adhesive is applied with an initiator and withstands vibration and fluctuating temperatures. The product cures rapidly at room temperature, fixtures in 30-60 sec, and has high impact strength. Applications include bonding steel and glass in sunroof manufacturing, appliances, speakers, antennas, and window frames. F246 bonds metal, glass, and plastic combinations. Permabond, www.permabond.com Enter 621

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