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December 2, 2002

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Fastening, Joining, & Assembly

Spring clip joint

Designed for use in material handling and assembly, the one-part spring clip joint replaces the spring clamp joint, a two-part disc spring type device held together with two levers. Moveable in all directions, it may be assembled from the outside without interference from cutting and welding. Additionally, the joint reportedly reduces weight and interior noise levels, and may be used in automotive exhaust systems applications. Bauer Springs Inc., Enter 584

Blind rivet

The HuckLok(TM) blind rivet features a .25-inch footprint, or "bulb," designed to spread the load over a broad area, avoiding pull-throughs in joining plastics, composites, and pliable metals. A double-locking system locks assemblies from both sides for additional security. A shear ring also extrudes a support ring from the rivet sleeve's inner surface. Huck Fasteners, Enter 585

Mesh system

The dual-rod mesh system is made of welded high-strength steel wire and attaches at any angle with dual-rod mesh hangers to form a stable protective fence where swing door elements may be used. Eliminating the need for framing or fabricating, this system has a narrower design and reportedly installs easily and inexpensively. item MB Kit Systems, Enter 586


The Plexus MA557 structural methacrylate adhesive has a working time of 90 minutes at room temperature, making it applicable for larger parts and assemblies, such as in airplanes, boats, bridge decks, railings, and large signs. Requiring no surface preparation nor grinding, the adhesive cures at 2200 to 2500 psi tensile strength and resists fatigue, impact, salt solutions, hydrocarbons, and acids and bases in solution. It bonds to such substrates as PVC, ABS, acrylics, thermoplastics, thermosets, polyesters, urethanes, vinyl esters, styrenics, and gel coats. ITW Plexus, Enter 587

Acrylic film

The Unifilm(R) UF Series of acrylic adhesive transfer films require low heat and pressure in bonding a variety of foams, including melamine, EPDM, fire-retardant urethanes, polypropylene, and polyethylene, as well as stainless steel, styrene, and aluminum. Available in thicknesses of 2, 3, and 4 mils, the adhesive features a specially coated moisture resistant liner for minimizing product waste and offering easy handling. Scapa North America, Enter 588

Servo gripper

Engineered to make difficult components more manageable, the PT-AP70 servo actuated gripper has fully integrated controls, eliminating the need for external controller cards. Fully flexible and coupled to a gear driven ball bearing spindle, it has 70 mm of total stroke, 0.9 kg overall weight, and less than plus or minus 0.05 mm repeatability. Preprogrammed parameters downloaded to the gripper control stroke, grip force, and actuation acceleration. SCHUNK Inc., Enter 589

Expansion inserts

Spirol(R) Series 18 Reverse Expansion Inserts eliminate burrs and shags, due to its re-tapped internal threads. With its slotted head at the bottom of a hole, these inserts may be used in post-molded, press-in installation applications in any type of plastic. The head at the bottom of the hole also improves pull-through performance in reverse-entry installation applications. Spirol International Corp., Enter 590

Enclosed clamps

Models 8021, 8071, and 8101 enclosed, pneumatic hold-down clamps are made for resisting dirty workholding environments. Designed with a low, narrow mounting profile, the clamps have an enclosed, protected cylinder rod and linkage for low maintenance. Available with a switch-sensing magnetic ring, the clamps may withstand 250F maximum intermittent temperature and holding capacities of 390 to 700 lbs. De-Sta-Co Industries, Enter 591

Sanitary clamp

Offering up to 750 lbs of clamping force, this sanitary clamp mounts on food and dairy processing, packaging, and material handling equipment, but retracts to allow for access during cleaning or inspection. Made with an FDA-approved 303 stainless steel or aluminum frame and with a yoke and roll pin mounting assembly, the clamp reportedly meets USDA regulations and 3-A standards for the food and dairy industries. Applications include screeners, mixers, dryers, conveyors, ovens, vessels, and tanks. The Witte Co. Inc., Enter 592

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