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December 16, 2002

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Fastening, Joining & Assembly

Mounting clips

The Easy-Mount clips are designed to install accelerometers in the analysis and structural testing of satellites, aircraft, trains, automobiles, and large channel-count vibration testing applications. To measure vibration, accelerometers may be snapped into the clips, and sensors may be moved to the clip locations. Single-axis, cubic-shaped accelerometers may take triaxial measurements by changing the axis orientation for each measurement. Clips rotate and pivot, and allow for installation on curved or sloped surfaces. PCB Piezoelectronics, Enter 609

Epoxy compound

Master Bond Polymer System EP30BN curing epoxy adhesive is a lightweight, two-component Boron nitride epoxy resin system, which has good bond strength, electrical insulation, and chemical resistance. Other features include high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and high compressive strength. A low specific gravity makes it suitable for use in aerospace, military, and microelectronic assemblies. Master Bond Inc., Enter 610

Screen adhesive

This pressure-sensitive system, Arclean(R) Electronically Clean Double-Coated Film, was intended to replace standard adhesives which add to oxidation and corrosion in touch screens. Low-outgassing and acrylic-acid free, it may be used as a perimeter spacer in touch screens. These adhesive films are available with low extractable ions and with excellent environmental aging resistance. Adhesives Research, Enter 611


Made to protect against moisture and harsh chemicals, LX10072 is a one component solventless UV light and moisture cure conformal coating. Coating is said to apply to all surfaces without foaming for bubble-free coating and to cure upon brief exposure to UV light. Based on conformal coating and packaged in a range of syringes, the adhesive may used for high-speed dip, spray, and flow conformal coating equipment. Tra-Con Inc., Enter 612

Enclosure ventilator

This enclosure ventilation device, used with both metallic and nonmetallic enclosures, achieves a tight seal with its molded-in-place gasket and eliminates the separate gasket needed in older models. Operating in pairs on opposing exterior sides, the UL 94 V-0 polycarbonate plastic device allows for passive cross flow ventilation. Device measures 50 x 70 x 20 mm and is rated at IP 44. Fibox Inc., Enter 613


The Contact Belleville Spring washer features a patented "four-in-one" combination design intended to eliminate looseness with nuts and fasteners on a bearing surface. The washer is heat-treated and offers improvements such as an annular body and a relief formed in the upper part of the body next to a circumferential wall. Applications include turbines, power generators, sonar detection systems, automatic actuators, petrochemical pumps and valves, and pipe support systems. Fan Disc Corp., Enter 614

Control knobs

The Phenolic Plastic Five-Lobed Control Knobs with Revolving Handles offer a heat tolerance of up to 150C and may be used for light to medium duty adjusting and clamping applications. Knobs consist of a black, phenolic plastic body and zinc-plated steel and molded-in hub insert, with a revolving black phenolic plastic handle with a zinc-plated steel spindle. According to the company, the knobs may be customized with metric and inch blind bores and threaded bores. J.W. Winco Inc., Enter 615


New bracket kits, intended for the heavy-duty 9301 drawer slide, provide four bottom-mount and two side-mount options for platform installations. Brackets are suitable for industrial/electronic storage platforms and automotive applications like battery storage trays and luggage compartments. Accuride International Inc., Enter 616


This line of counterbored workholding serrated grippers adds metric sizes from 12- to 24-mm round and square to its existing line of 0.5- to 1-inch round and square sizes. Grippers are available in coarse, fine, and extra fine tooth patterns, as well as in high-speed tool steel, heat treated to Rc 62. Grippers provide holding power without wear on clamp fingers, jaws, and positioning points. Fairlane Products Inc., Enter 617

Fastening tool

The P803 pneumatic/hydraulic tool installs Rivnut(R) brand fasteners in single, variable, or multiple thickness materials without adjustment. Operating with a push-to-start mandrel and single trigger, the tool works with fasteners from 6-32 to 5/16-18 and M4-M8 thread sizes. Designed with an ergonomic handle and weighing 4.4 lbs in aluminum, the tool also features a timed reverse thread off system. Bollhoff Rivnut Inc., Enter 618

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