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October 1, 2001

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Fastening, Joining, & Assembly


SK1 safety coupling is designed to prevent torque overload in machines, using a backlash-free ball detent system that detects overload and detaches in 1 to 3 msec. Single-position, multi-position, load-holding, and free-wheeling versions are available for applications in sprocket wheels, sheaves, and timing pulleys. Coupling offers shaft mounting and a torque range of 0.1 to 1,500 Nm.

R+W America L.P.,www.rw-america.com.

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Label applicator

The 360 applicator is made to dispense pressure-sensitive labels at up to 1,500 IPM, due to its dual microprocessor control and stepper motor. Available in merge, blow-on, or tamp form, the applicator does not need change parts in order to switch dispensing mode from right to left hand. Pre-wired external connectors are suited for rate/velocity compensation encoders, loose loop control, and hot stamp imprinters.

CTM Integration Inc., www.ctmint.com.

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The TOPFLEX-EMV-3 PLUS cable is made with 3 ground wires and 3 control conductors up to 150 mm2. A dual shield of aluminum foil, with an outer tinned copper shield, achieves EMI protection. The cable is used in automotive, food, packaging, and printing applications.

Hi-Tech Controls, Inc. www.hitechcontrols.com.

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Pallet holder

The H5.50.301 3-P Pin Holder Pallet series is intended to avoid constant replacement of pallets and shanks. Available in six sizes and compatible with electrode materials, the pallets require that only one side qualifies with three dowel pins, positioned within .25 inch of the intended location on the electrode.

Hirschmann Engineering, www.hirschmannusa.com.

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Bonding welders

SeamMaster 86 has been developed for applications where the operator needs increased access to guide material through the bonding equipment. The machine features a larger wheel with more clearance above the bench. It is suitable for applications that require manual feeding, enabling both hands to be near the pattern wheel during the assembly process.

Sonobond Ultrasonics, www.sonobondultrasonic.com.

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Fiber network saddle

Arrowhead, a mini optical fiber network saddle, is designed for tight board space and board storage restrictions, as well as thicker than 1/16-inch standard board. It fits in a 0.093-inch thick panel and into a 0.125-inch diameter hole, enabling airflow over the circuit board for cooling components. Other applications include use with heavy or multi-layered boards.

Richco, www.richco-inc.com.

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According to the company, 300 Series lever handles and hubs are useful in situations where maximum leverage is needed, such as in a drill press. Available in stainless steel, the lever bars come in different types and sizes, and the hubs come in single- or triple-handle types. The company offers a variety of knob and handle options.

Carr Lane Manufacturing www.carrlane.com.

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Cutting tool

MINICUT, a reinforced hose and unreinforced tubing cutting tool, reportedly cuts up to 5/8-inch O.D. soft or semi-rigid material. Made of lightweight polypropylene and a steel blade, the cutter measures three inches long and one inch wide. It is designed to cut nylon, polyurethane, flexible or semi-rigid PVC, rubber, silicone, PTFE, FEP, and PFA. Applications include OEM, food and beverage, laboratory, medical, processing, maintenance, and automotive industries.

New Age Industries www.newageindustries.com.

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TRA-BOND 2106T is a fast-setting, thixotropic epoxy adhesive designed

for applications where initial handling strength is required. This medium-viscosity and solvent-free system provides adhesion to such substrates as metal, glass, ceramic, and most plastics. It is electrically insulating and chemically resistant, reportedly making it useful in casting, potting, and sealing applications. TRA-BOND 2106T gels in five minutes and is said to offer most of its mechanical strength within one hour.

Tra-Con Inc., www.tra-con.com.

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Ejector pins

True-Hard(TM) ejector pins are made from M-2 high-speed steel and uniformly hardened to Rc 60-63 from surface to core, useful in glass-filled molding applications. Combining flexibility and wear resistance, they are supplied in stock in straight and shoulder types 6 and 8 inches long with .50-, 2-, and 4-inch shoulder lengths. Diameters range from 1/32 to .25 inch in 0.0001-inch increments and metric sizes from 0.8 to 2.5 mm.

Royal Diversified Products Inc., www.royalpins.com.

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Filter bags

GORE-TEX(R) High Durability Filter Bags utilize a new generation of membrane and polyester backing engineered for dimensional stability and flex endurance. For use in dry particulate capture systems, the filter bags are presented in either 16 oz/yd2 or 12 oz/yd2 polyester needlefelts. For applications requiring static dissipative properties, GORE NO-STAT(R) filter bags are also available.

W.L. Gore & Associates, www.gore.com/electronics.

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J-Series continuous clamp-cover enclosures feature an oil-resistant gasket that protects against oil, dust, and water entry. They are manufactured from 14-gauge mild or stainless steel with continuously welded seams. External mounting feet, a grounding stud, and weld nuts are also provided.

Control Engineering Co., www.jervisbwebb.com.

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