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September 17, 2001

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Fastening, Joining, & Assembly

Ejector pins

True-Hard(TM) ejector pins are made from M-2 high-speed steel and uniformly hardened to Rc 60-63 from surface to core, useful in glass-filled molding applications. Combining flexibility and wear resistance, they are supplied in stock in straight and shoulder types 6 and 8 inches long with .50-, 2-, and 4-inch shoulder lengths. Diameters range from 1/32 to .25 inch in 0.0001-inch increments and metric sizes from 0.8 to 2.5 mm.

Royal Diversified Products Inc.,

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TRA-BOND 2106T is a fast-setting, thixotropic epoxy adhesive designed for applications where initial handling strength is required. This medium-viscosity and solvent-free system provides adhesion to such substrates as metal, glass, ceramic, and most plastics. It is electrically insulating and chemically resistant making it useful in casting, potting, and sealing applications. TRA-BOND 2106T gels in five minutes and offers most of its mechanical strength within one hour.

Tra-Con Inc.,

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Filter bags

GORE-TEX(R) High Durability Filter Bags utilize a new generation of membrane and polyester backing engineered for dimensional stability and flex endurance. For use in dry particulate capture systems, the filter bags are presented in either 16 oz/yd2 or 12 oz/yd2 polyester needlefelts. For applications requiring static dissipative properties, GORE NO-STAT(R) filter bags are also available.

W.L. Gore & Associates,

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A 12-cc syringe incorporates a double o-ring installed at the end of the plunger to prevent the contents from escaping out of the back. Used in industrial and health applications, the syringe can be specified in either clear or white. Imprinting services can be used to enhance the appearance. The 12-cc syringe is available in quantities of 1,000 pieces or more.

Mil-Comm Products Co.,

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Gap-filling adhesive

LITE LOK(R) 482 adhesive is designed primarily to bond ultraviolet-light absorbing plastics, such as polycarbonate. It is a thixotropic, gap-filling material that cures using an ultraviolet light source. Cure time can be as quick as six seconds with direct exposure to a 300W-inch UV bulb emitting light in the 380 to 420 nm wavelength range. Specific cure times depend on the substrate type and gauge.

National Starch And Chemical Co.,

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Locating patch

A temporary locating patch holds fasteners in place during transport and while on automated assembly production lines. It can be applied to both threaded and unthreaded fasteners. The polymer is pre-applied 360 degrees around the fastener and allows the user to pre-install certain components. This patch can be used to replace methods that require the use of plastic washers to hold solid rivets.

Nylok Fastener Corp.,

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Rivet nuts

SpinTite(TM) threaded rivet nuts are specially designed for use in blind attachment applications where only one side of a workpiece is accessible for fastener installation and final component assembly. Installed from the accessible side of a workpiece, these rivet nuts provide metal threads in panels as thin as 0.02 inch. The fasteners can serve as alternatives to weld nuts and rivets.

Atlas Engineering,

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J-Series continuous clamp-cover enclosures feature an oil-resistant gasket that protects against oil, dust, and water entry. They are manufactured from 14-gauge mild or stainless steel with continuously welded seams. External mounting feet, a grounding stud, and weld nuts are also provided.

Control Engineering Co.,

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Leveling mounts

For leveling and height-adjustment needs, nylon-base machinery mounts have a tapped socket and swivel 15 degrees in all directions. The tapped socket is manufactured from hex bar stock that acts as a stop when moving the socket beyond the 15-degree swivel point. Available in steel and stainless steel with or without lag holes, the mounts have a glass-filled nylon plastic base and a non-skid elastomer rubber pad that resists many acids, chemicals, alkalines, and salts.

J.W. Winco Inc.,

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Splicing tape

Scapa 598 is a single-coated polyester tape that uses a modified silicone adhesive to withstand high temperatures. The product unwinds smoothly and leaves no adhesive residue. The film's blue color allows for easy splice identification. Functional for splicing silicone-coated backings and pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated tapes and labels, Scapa 598 can also wrap idler rolls that come into contact with tacky surfaces.

Scapa Tapes,

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Zip Grip(R) 404 is a clear-drying cyanoacrylate adhesive that offers a 20-30 cps viscosity for bonding close-fitting parts with gaps less than 0.002 inch. Used for splicing o-rings, rubber weatherstripping, or gaskets, it permanently bonds metal to metals, plastics, or rubber. A medium-viscosity version, Zip Grip 4495, fills gaps to 0.006 inch.


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Solder paste

A no-clean solder paste reportedly suitable for fine-pitch, high-speed stencil printing up to 200 mm/sec does not produce solder balls after reflow. For easy visual inspection, the solder paste leaves a minimal, colorless, non-corrosive residue after reflow. It is classified as Type RO L0 to ANSI/J-STD-004 standards. It functions with a range of alloys, including lead-free and high-temperature materials, and provides good wetting on difficult to solder materials such as OSP copper.

Multicore Solders Inc.,

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UV curing potting compounds provide an instant UV curing feature that allows curing at room temperature to a depth of 1 inch or more in areas under components where light does not reach. Designated 960A/B and 961A/B, these 2-part plus UV curing potting materials provide the fast cure benefits of light-curing products with the chemical cure of traditional potting compounds. The resins are suitable for a variety of electrical and electronic applications including the potting of sensors, printed circuit boards, and LEDs.

Dymax Corp.,

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Metal Welder(TM) is a methacrylate structural adhesive formulated to bond metals and dissimilar substrates. It produces permanent load-bearing bonds that are resistant to weathering, humidity, temperatures up to 250F, and thermal shock. With impact and peel resistance, the product provides durable bonds to a variety of metals, including aluminum, cold rolled and stainless steel, copper, and brass.


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Cable markers

Grabber(TM) cable markers identify indoor and outdoor cables and are constructed of UV resistant, rigid plastic that completely wraps around the cable. The legends on the Grabbers are printed in alternate directions for 360 degrees readability. Stock legends include "Caution-Fiber-Optic Cable" and "Caution-CATV Cable"; they are available in lengths from 4 to 8 inches for cables with outside diameters of 0.375 to 2 inches.

VIP Division,

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Fasteners for use in wet environments provide an airtight seal against liquids, air, and other gases. They are designed with a groove under the head to accommodate a rubber O-ring that, when compressed, forms a complete seal and permits full metal-to-metal contact. Made of 18-8 stainless steel, the fasteners are passivated per QQP-35.

Zago Mfg. Co. Inc.,

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MXR DIN overall length roll form taps displace material without generating chips and are said to produce stronger threads with a thread finish. Able to operate at higher spindle speeds, the result is lower cycle times without risk of failure due to ineffective chip evacuation. Features include "Cam Form" lobe design generating lower torque requirements, and coolant feeding for horizontal and deep hole applications.

Union Butterfield,

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RF-equipped electronic hand torque wrenches include TTI-EKDS-RF models that transmit an accept or reject status signal via a 433-MHz carrier frequency. The signals from the wrenches are transmitted more than 100 ft to a receiver equipped to process the information, display the status, and count the number of accepts and rejects. Each wrench stores 2,000 torque readings for uploading to a PC or interfaced to a PLC.

TorqTec Int'l.,

Enter 620


Different colored cables can make the assembly process faster, easier, and safer, particularly in complicated installations. These customized color cables improve functionality since the jacket colors can identify certain cable characteristics. These colorful options have been used such areas as industrial robots, measurement and control devices, and medical equipment.


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Poly-Tite(R) Sidelatch Couplings are designed for sealing in pneumatic control and instrumentation circuits, and for many pneumatic-powered devices, such as handheld tools. The devices are available in through- and shutoff-type inserts and in a range of bulkhead quick-coupler configurations. These compact brass fittings are said to have an exclusive acetal copolymer sleeve that offers excellent dimensional stability and prevents creeping and stress caused by compression.

Parker Hannifin,

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"S" series connector systems feature a patented clamping mechanism that reportedly will replace traditional screw and wire wraps. It allows a straight-in application that squeezes the wire, forming a tight connection and a clean, strong signal. Additional features include ASTM color coding for identification, compensated alloys for accurate readings, and glass-filled thermoplastic to provide high-impact strength.

Watlow Electric Mfg. Co.,

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The basis for the increase in efficiency on the PGN-plus Gripper is reportedly the newly designed jaw guidance. Forces and moments of the gripper-or acting on the gripper-are spread over several surfaces of a multiple-tooth guide, allowing finger length increases of up to 30% and more than doubling the maximum payloads. The gripper can be mounted and plumbed from three sides and offers sensing options from inductive and magnetic switches to a Flexible Positioning System.


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