October 2, 2008

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Resists exposure

EP45HTMed is a two-component heat-cured epoxy adhesive that is engineered to be durable and resist thermal shock and various chemicals. It can reportedly withstand long-term exposure from -80 to 500F. It has a glass transition temperature of >185C. The adhesive is specially formulated for use in the assembly of reusable medical devices, and can withstand exposure to repeated cycles of radiation, steam, and chemical sterilants, according to the company Master Bond Inc.


Low moisture absorption

Duralco 4701 is designed for excellent electrical resistance, high bond strength, and high temperature stability. It also reportedly provides superior chemical and radiation resistance. According to the company, the product has excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, and most plastics. It is designed for sealing electrical connections, high performance bonding, potting, and repairing in automotive, aerospace, nuclear, chemical, production, and laboratory applications. Cotronics Corp.


Compact, constant torque

Available in a variety of load capacities, the company's standard line of 5-, 7-, and 9-mm cocealed-style constant torque hinges are designed for controlling motion in applications that involve positioning an object. Used for laptop computer screens, enclosures, office and medical equipment, and automotive storage panels, they are capable of providing up to 19 lb-inch of constant torque throughout their full range of motion. Reell Precision Manufacturing Corp.


For direct skin application

The MG Series of high molecular weight rubber-based medical adhesives is designed for direct skin applications, such as bandages, monitoring sensors, and personal care items. Composed of a gelatinous thermoplastic material that behaves like a solid, they still conform like a liquid. Resembling hydrogels, the products are not water-sensitive and will not dry out. They can be used on a range of substrates, including non-woven fabrics, polyurethane films, and polyethylene foams. Scapa North America



Featuring superior bonding qualities, particularly on foams and films, the AB2 Adhesive reportedly produces strong bonds that maintain full integrity, even after prolonged submersion in water. Full water resistance is developed through a self-curing period of 24 hours. It can also be used as a contact-bond adhesive by applying the product to both sides of the substrate to be laminated, drying until clear, then direct mounting to obtain an immediate bond. ADM Tronics


For automotive assembly

Dublfilm® S812A is a thin polyester film that is coated on both sides with a high-tack, high-peel acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is designed for automotive assembly, bonding to EPDM rubbers, and for fabricating foam parts used in NVH applications. It reportedly adheres well to low surface energy plastics, including untreated polyolefins, and bonds well to ether and ester foams. Scapa North America

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