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June 3, 2002

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Fastening, Joining and Assembly

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Molded-in inserts

Brass hexagonal molded-in inserts are intended for use in high pull-out/through resistance applications. Series 40 through-hole, molded-in inserts and Series 44 blind-end molded-in inserts may also be placed in the plastic mold before plastic injection. Requiring no insertion tools, the inserts reportedly reduce possible scrap rates and increase productivity. Spirol Int'l Corp., Enter 615

Coating process

The ECOPLATE(TM) metallic conformal coating process uses a pure metal coating application over metal or plastic electronic housings. The process involves robotically spraying an atomized metal film onto enclosure parts with controlled particle size, speed, and temperature conditions. The company reports coatings are solvent-free and corrosion-resistant for use in thin-walled, plastic injection-molded parts and as an alternative to conversion coating on metallic enclosures. Parker Hannifin-Chomerics, Enter 616

Epoxy resins

Master Bond EP30-2 epoxy resins are designed for sealing, bonding, and laminating applications requiring low viscosity and dimensional stability. Offering resistance to thermal cycling and chemicals, the two component epoxy resins operate at a temperature range of -60 to 250F. Other features include a 100:10 mix ratio by weight, reportedly low shrinkage upon cure, and durable high-strength bonds. Master Bond Inc., Enter 617

Spray marking system

Made to cut down on skipped shots, as well as automated and semi-automated production line downtime, the MicroMark(TM) precision spray marking system reportedly uses a precision spray valve to create 5- to 30-mm wide spots and stripes with Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) air. A microprocessor-based controller eases system setup and operation. EFD Inc., Enter 618

Torque analyzer

The TorqueMate Plus torque analyzer is designed to interface with brushless rotary transducers and to record torque and angle readouts from pulse tools. It features software that tests dynamic tools with three Low-Pass filter options and recognizes smart-enabled transducers. It is suitable for quality control, production, and R & D. Mountz Inc., Enter 619

Gasketing material

The company's gasketing and sealing material features UL-listed clip-on compression gaskets, UL 94 flame retardant clip-on compression gasket profiles, and EMC conductive coated clip-on EPDM gasket profiles. The UL 94 flame retardant neoprene closed-cell sealing tape has adhesive backing and internal cross-threading, intended for medical and food processing equipment and harsh chemical applications. DIRAK Inc., Enter 620


Used for metal to glass bonding, Loctite(R) 3345 is an ultra-violet (UV) cure medical grade adhesive. Available in a 25-ml-syringe package, the single-component acrylic adhesive is designed to offer sterilization resistance, and performance following temperature aging. Medical device assembly applications include filters, syringes, needle assemblies, and oxygenators. Loctite Corp., Enter 621


The company's AutoFeeder(TM) technology is designed to combine a common transport mechanism with the handling of SMT pins and interconnect components. It provides plug-and-play compatibility with SMT placement platforms, such as air connections, power interfaces, and waste-removal systems. The technology reportedly handles both continuously-stamped interconnects and components in high-density tape and reel packaging. Autosplice, Enter 622


The Araldite(R) 2000 adhesives product line is designed for fastening plastics to metals, concrete, or stone, and for thermoplastic bonding, such as PVC, ABS, polystyrenes, polyester, and acrylics. Offering chemical and water resistance, Araldite 2021 adhesive joins ferrous metals and thermoplastics. Araldite 2022 is an oil- and gas-resistant, two-component material, used for bonding plastic and composite substrates. Araldite 2024 strength adhesive reportedly provides strong, flexible bonds on substrates. Vantico Inc., Enter 623

Epoxy preforms

Uni-forms(TM) epoxy preforms serve as an alternative to liquid epoxy in providing a sealing or potting process for electromechanical components. The solid, one-part epoxy resins melt and form a protective sealant that resists oil, dust, flux, moisture, conformal coatings, and other contaminants. Designed with a dispense rate of 200-600 ppm, the preforms come in different shapes, sizes, and materials for a variety of uses. Multi-Seals Inc., Enter 624


These RIF Microbridge die-cut elastomer shielding gaskets are designed for use in I/O panels, providing 100 dB, 1 GHz shielding effectiveness. The gasket's body consists of parallel conductive stripes, which reportedly places conductivity only in the necessary areas, thus maintaining its compression and longevity properties. Vanguard Products Corp., Enter 625

Adhesive mix technology

External Mix technology is a system that blends two-part, structural acrylic adhesives for joining metallic substrates and magnets. According to the company, the system cures adhesives at room temperature, reaches handling strength within 60 seconds, and fills up to 0.1-inch gaps. The technology, used by loud speaker and magnet motor manufacturers, reportedly offers more reliability in blending adhesives than standard bead-on-bead systems. Permabond, Enter 626

Heat staking system

The .50AS Bench Top heat staking machine operates as an alternative to standard heat assembly equipment. With a front-mounted touch screen display for machine programming, the system features two standard temperature controls on the operator interface and four standard heater outputs. The system is designed with a temperature auto tuning and gauging feature, a parts counter, a machine cycle counter, and multiple project memory storage.

Plastic Assembly Systems, Enter 627

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